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Supply Chain Managers are responsible for meeting quotas and ensuring efficiency, as well as managing resource use and overseeing supply chain procedures and strategies. They also play a crucial role in the company by maintaining positive working relationships with distributors and vendors.

Supply Chain Manager Job Description Sample

We are looking for a skilled Supply Chain Manager capable of developing and ensuring best practices in terms of our supply chain protocols and logistics strategy. The successful candidate will ensure quotas are met and oversee the optimization of all supply chain management systems and processes to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Supply Chain Manager Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Supply Chain Manager is $89,000 per year. At the lowest, the salary sits around $64,000, and at its highest, can reach upwards of $159,000 a year.

The salary depends on years of experience, education, and effectiveness in the role. This salary is also influenced by location and demand.

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Supply Chain Manager Job Description

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