20+ Best Whimsical Fonts Free To Use For Sparkled Projects

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It is always great to have as many fonts as possible to use when you need to, especially when you are searching for something a client may describe as whimsical fonts. Creative fonts like these creative projects and situations to use for both personal and commercial. Sometimes you just need that little extra finish or touch to something that can only be described as whimsical or sparkly. The following fonts usually use handwritten style with some loopy lettering and accent decorations as well as some of what can only be described as "fun frills: that add a little something to their design. Some of these include different styling options for regular, bold, italic and general accents. Here are some of the best whimsical fonts I could find, I hope you enjoy the list. If you’d like to add more to this list, please feel free to contact me.

1. Fairy Tale Font

With whimsically embellished letterforms considering the different styles available, the Fairy Tale Font one of the best-handcrafted typefaces. It arrives with two alternates for the uppercase glyphs and there is one available for the lowercase. The Fairy Tale Font comes with a series of dingbats and alternates along with a particular set of extra stock files.

You can download the font here

2. Ahra Family Font

This is one of the more upright hand written type fonts which showcases decorative and swirly word art that comes available with authentic calligraphic styles as well. Along with the Ahra font files/styles, the family also comes available with sets of greetings and a number of handwritten swatches and swirls to accentuate the artistic nature of the script.

You can download the font here

3. Gypsy Font

This is handwritten type of script font which provides swirls and curls and allows for a lighthearted scene. Along with the Gypsy font, the set would come inclusive of a number script styling for both extras such as ‘and’, ‘to’, and other particularly smaller text. The capitalized letters do not have a lot of curvature to them with the exception of the curls that permeate he edges. There are rounded curls on the edges of one or both ends of each letter. This functions to create more wonder in the aesthetics of the script itself.

You can download the font here

4. Leafy Tales Font

With leaf and inspired types of flourishes and swirling styles, the Leafy Tales script allows for the combination of a number of font styling with the look of fairy tale books provided to children. the font sets include both regular and light approaches, two alphabets and a bonus set of floral ornaments.

You can download the font here

5. One Starry Night Font

This is a great typeface which is accompanied by a playful type of design aesthetic. It can be downloaded and used for personal and commercial use. The profile structuring for this font though could be said to be rather out of control. The uppercase formations for the font have a lot of curvature and they are over emphasized when compared to the other lower case lettering. The latter also has these particular formations but they are not cursive and this brings a form of chaos to the whole structure because it is not as elegant, and not as simple. The spacing is also irregular as something that would be better placed in children’s books or elementary guides.

You can download the font here

6. Unicorns are Awesome Font

This is a beautiful whimsical script style font. If there is a need or request to use it for commercial purposes then you can contact the author. The uppercase format is much larger than the lowercase lettering which makes it a bit unique. There is a lot of curvature as well to the letters and the spacing is standard but it is not exactly cursive. That improves the level of simplicity for the lettering and makes the child-like aspiration to it legible. The simplicity of this text makes it a candidate to be used for such things including bullet journals, handwriting practice and improvement, and letter writing.

You can download the font here

7. Magic Curls Font

This is one of the hand crafted decorative display fonts which brings to mind the vintage circus posters and shows. The Magic Curls set is also inclusive of additional carnival inspired flourishes and swirls, not to mention a bonus, vector butterfly image in the process. Regardless of the style and curvature though, the spacing seems to be standard for the script. The scripting is thick and entails internal and external strokes to each of the letters. At the end of every letter are the curls. As a handwritten font, it would be time intensive to executive but quite beautiful. This would be appropriate as such for calligraphic purposes.

You can download the font here

8. November Starlight Font

This is an elegant font which is inspired by fantasy. It features characters which are bouncy, and they have authentically hand painted edges. This particular font comes inclusive of the main font along with a special character set and November Starlight which is a second version along with a different set of lowercase lettering. The font is cursive and involves a lot of emphasis and curvature within the high profile and capitalized letters. The font would be a great fit for letter writing and bullet journals as well as personal calligraphic uses.

You can download the font here

9. Silhouette Font

This is one of the more formal whimsical fonts considering the structuring of the upper case letters. It is also about the apparently standard spacing that exists between each of the letters. It is inspired by vintage or hand drawn lettering as the Silhouette script shows embellished and distinctive letterforms in bold and regular weights. Silhouette gives support to both the Latin and the Greek alphabets and it also entails an extensive set of alternatives, as well as discretionary and standard figures. The bottom of the lettering can also be embellished to give quality that is more aesthetic to the font.

You can download the font here

10. Simsalabim Typeface Font

Simsalabim is one those handwritten vintage display fonts which combine the elements of both printed and script lettering the Simsalabim font set includes ornamental uppercase Simsalabim font both when it comes to OpenType and TrueType formats. the formatting for the SimSalabim font allows for half hazard uppercase considerations. The uppercase lettering is not that different in size from the lowercase letters. There is some curvature but it is not cursive. The simplistic nature of the script alludes to middle eastern origin and preferences for the lettering.

You can download the font here

11. Wanderlust Decorative Font

This is one of the heavier scripts with swashes and swirls. Wanderlust Decorative comes available as a hand painted type of calligraphic feel. The Wanderlust Decorative font set includes such things as the font and a set of decorative alternates along with an extensive set of vector ornaments which includes flourishes and catchwords.

You can download the font here

12. Melany Lane Font

Melany Lane arrives with a combination of the traditional letterforms and the warmth that comes with the handwritten style which gives a swashy, yet whimsical look. The whimsical font set would include such things as the base character which is set along with contextual alternate and different sorts of patterns and vector ornaments. The uppercase structuring allows for a lot of curvature to the letters. These can transform into frills at the start and the end of the wordings. There are cursive elements though but they are rather minimal considering there are no definite links for all of the letters within the words.

You can download the font here

13. Organic Fridays Font

The Organic Friday’s font may tend to combine the angled letterforms and curls in order to come up with a light and whimsical feel. The featuring of irregular shapes and letter sizes allows Organic Fridays to add a friendly and hand printed sort of look to the scrapbooks, cards and craft projects. There is a disorganized feel to the lettering. Here the uppercase letters are the only formally structured ones. There is no regular spacing between the letters and the curvature is not sufficient. It is elementarily simplistic, as a font. Therefore, it would do well for children’s manuscripts or food stands. The font may be utilized thus for both personal as well as, commercial uses.

You can download the font here

14. Herald Bouncy Font

This is one of the more versatile and geometric serifs that have a bouncy type of baseline which conveys a lighthearted and dark, feel to it. That being said, this font comes available with an extensive set of vector files including the birthday along with other such themes. The attributes of this font would act to initiate an ambience of fun in the process. Regardless of the design concept to looking fun, it may also be scary, chilling or serious. When it comes to the Herald Typeface, the design becomes quieter so you need to relax and enjoy. It comes as well with a lot of vector in order to complete the project to make it easier for adding the fun object.

You can download the font here

15. Toypin Typeface Font

As part of the casual calligraphic script fonts, that have a childish yet fantasy feel, Toypin allows for loose or loopy letters along with eccentric styling. The Toypin Typeface model includes a full character set which comes available with punctuation numerals and glyphs. You can utilize the Toypin script for every one of the projects you are doing to showcase that cultured taste and elegant nature. It would be better when it comes to logos, branding projects, product-packaging, invitations as well as, greeting cards and blogs.

You can download the font here

16. Steinweiss Script Font

The font is inspired by ornate calligraphic styling which is used by Alex Steinweiss, the creator of the modern album cover. The Steinweiss Scripting family is in three weights that have additional variations and it comes with a downloadable user manual. The three weights are light, bold and medium. At the same time, within each of the fonts, there are variations which include titling, fancy and simple. These are variations which concern the size and ration of the caps of the lowercase, the complex nature of the caps and the sizing of the descenders and the ascenders when it comes to the lowercase characters. These variations are the same which add an element of usefulness to the font and so make it accessible not only for headlines but for the longer passages of text.

You can download the font here

17. Butterfly Waltz Font

This is one of the elegant forms of handwritten fonts which feature swirly types of letters and hand drawn frills along the baseline of the script. Along with 5 butterfly waltz font files, the font set would include 4 files of extra decorative glyphs and additional types of lettering and multilingual glyphs. This is a great mix of elegant cursive, fun swirly charm and girly bounce. The combinations of the sweet swirly letters are also endless. You can use ‘left’ and ‘right’ to create the decorated word styling.

You can download the font here

18. Liam Font

This is one of the quirky types of hand drawn fonts. Liam allows for a vintage look but it also include some curls and embellishments to the model. the childlike storybook font set may feature different alternate letterforms and 52 illustrations which can be used on the posters, book covers and invitations. The cute types of cow-like curls and the different slants add some childlike charm while retaining the levels of legibility and make it the ideal option for usage when it comes to toys and storybooks as well as other child-oriented material.

You can download the font here

19. Neverland Font

With inspiration from the vintage fantasy movie posters and classic graphic novel covers, NeverLand is one of the handmade fonts with display in mind. The Neverland font would come with both shadow and regular letter settings and a full series of glyphs and ligatures. The AXR Neverland is one of the epic typefaces for one to make the design become wonderful due to the imaginative fantasy ideology. You can explore this idea and make an impressive environment for the graphic project by using these font types whether the shadowed or regular one that would represent the idea.

You can download the font here

20. Rustal Typo Font

This handmade typeface is reminiscent concerning the wooden storefront signs so the rustal typo may feature different curls, widths and embellishments to the level of the storybook feel. It also includes a number of glyphs and continuous email support from the creator. The font allows for a vintage typeface consideration. it is recommended to utilize this font when it comes to illustrations or programs where it is possible to see all of the concerned glyphs.

You can download the font here

21. Unicorn Letters Font

Unicorn letters is one of the fancy, swashy types of scripts which feature individual SVG letters for the unlimited combinations involved. because the unicorn letters allows for the focus on the individual letters, the set does not include any punctuation or numbers or any other glyphs. This is created with the crafters or the creators in mind as the Unicorn letters would be exactly that which is a bouncy and fancy type of font. The download also includes some individual SVG letters which allow for infinite amounts of combinations. There seems to be no punctuation or numbers when it comes to this font as the main fonts would be the individual lettering.

You can download the font here

22. Typo Garden Demo Font

This is a playful script which entails creative designs with beautiful coloring to them. it is also hand written as a particular style and that design is what makes it optimal for children’s books. The uppercase text is informal as there is no baseline nor is there any standardized spacing between the letters. There are stems underneath each letter which is to signify the letters being grown from a garden. That is the reason why they are not on the same level in order to make it more realistic. This text would be utilized optimally for children’s books and related texts.

You can download the font here

23. Wolf in the City Font

This is one of the best typefaces which can be used in your current or even future designs. They can only be used for personal purposes though. Even when the scripting is in an uppercase format, it still entails a lot of curvature and could be said to be cursive. there is an element of style and elegance to this script which makes it optimal to be used for letter writing or novels and bullet journals. It is quite attractive for the artistically oriented.

You can download the font here


Clearly whimsical fonts can be lighthearted and childlike or they can take on a dark and mysterious discourse. It all depends on what you prefer. They can also be used for both personal and commercial purposes. Know that these vintage and fantasy inspired fonts though may add a sense of wonder and fun to each design project you may have.

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