5+ Best Concierge Interview Questions & Answers

We’ve compiled the absolute best concierge interview questions to help you with upcoming job interviews as a concierge. The role of the concierge is to be insightful, helpful, provide guidance and generally represent the establishment they work for, in an efficient way. You may recognize concierges most when you walk into a hotel. They are the ones that will help you check into your hotel room as well as provide you recommendations on where to dine or have a cocktail. Generally speaking, this role is about interacting with people and helping them with their problems.

Concierge Interview Questions & Answers

1. What would you do if a customer asks for a recommendation?

It’s vital to ask the customer what type of experience they are looking for and then provide them with as much insight as we can. That means telling them locations, distances, food types, drink types, as much as we can give them to make a great decision for themselves.

2. What if you don’t have a recommendation for them?

I should ask the other concierges if they have a recommendation. We don’t want to pull open our phones and go looking for something. We want to provide them a very tailored, white-glove type of experience. And communicating with other concierges will usually help when there’s a blind spot that I might have.

3. How would you greet a customer?

Always with a friendly smile, a welcome to the establishment and even telling them that we’re happy they are here.

4. What are some ways you can go above and beyond?

If I can, remembering everyone’s names. In a hotel setting or even a corporate establishment, this can be difficult. But if I see customers a few times, asking their name and remembering it will go a truly long way.

5. How would you help the elderly?

If they are in need of assistance with stairs, elevators, sliding doors or other. I should be on the lookout for them and asking them if they need help with that. In addition, if they have any luggage, ensuring that someone helping to take their luggage for them so they don’t have to carry heavy objects.

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