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A Busser is someone who helps to ensure that a dining area and eating establishment runs in optimal hygienic condition. They help to ensure that dishes are washed, tables are cleaned and kitchen needs are met. If it were not for a busser a dining experience would be nearly impossible. They play an integral role in the experience for customers.

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Busser Job Description Sample

A busser is someone who works at a restaurant and ensures food safety and cleanliness of eating areas. Bussers ensure a friendly and happy dining experience for customers of the establishment. The day-to-day tasks of the busser may include cleaning of tables, washing of dishes, managing the kitchen hygiene and ensuring that guests have everything that they need to enjoy their experience.

Busser Resume Summary

This is how you might describe your position as a Busser in a resume summary, executive summary or professional summary:

2+ years in hospitality. Attention to detail. Empathy for the customer. Willing to go above and beyond for customer service. No job is too small.

Busser National Average Salary

National average salary for a Busser is provided by The U.S. Department of Labor. National averages are a cumulative total average as seen by a non-specific geographic mean average. That means this is the average salary that you might expect to have (regardless of geographic region) when entering into this job function.

National average salary: $6.40/hr - $11.85/hr

Busser Duties & Responsibilities

Busser Skills

Busser Requirements

busser job description
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