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If you’re looking to hire for the position of Office Manager or maybe looking for a new position as an Office Manager, you’re going to need to clean up your resume. Reading up on some resume job description examples and templates can definitely help you do this. It’s also wise to have some context on what office managers make salary-wise in today’s employment climate, what education is typically required, what responsibilities are common in office manager job descriptions, etc.

Let’s take a look at some job description templates for office managers, as well as some fast facts you need to know about the position before embarking on your job search.

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Office Manager Job Description Sample

An office manager is responsible for organizing coordinated office administration as well as procedures. This is done to protect organizational effectiveness for the business, as well as improving overall efficiency and security for internal employees. An office manager is usually also responsible for creating communication protocols, deploying admin procedures, controlling inventory, task delegation, and overall management of office staff. A good office manager is one who is energetic and extremely good at balancing responsibilities with excellent communication skills.

Office Manager Job Description For Resume (Resume Summary)

If you have mainly worked in office management for the majority of your career, you could place a brief but succinct description of what an office manager does, plus some things that you have personally done in the role, in a description box directly before your list of past employers. For example:

Office managers are often employed to supervise employees, as well as keeping records and supervising work that is performed within an office. Office managers are leaders and motivators that must provide very succinct operational guidance for the office they oversee, as well as administrative support to a large group of people. Office managers are also responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining security procedures. This position exists in virtually any industry with an office.

If you’ve been in other positions career-wise and have worked as an office manager previously, you could include a very brief job description next to your employer entry. For example:

Company A - Office Manager - Worked in collaboration with business partners to create a small e-commerce business and manage the employees internally.

Company B - Senior Office Manager - Handled approximately 500 payable accounts to ensure timely payouts and maintained all scheduled meetings and financial attributes for employees, vendors, and clients.

Office Manager National Average Salary

National average salary for a Office Manager is provided by The U.S. Department of Labor. National averages are a cumulative total average as seen by a non-specific geographic mean average. That means this is the average salary that you might expect to have (regardless of geographic region) when entering into this job function.

Currently, the average salary for an office manager is approximately $42,300 annually in the United States.

Office Manager Duties & Responsibilities

Office Manager Skills

Office Manager Requirements

Common requirements for office management positions include college coursework or an associate’s degree in a business-related major. Rarely will an office management position require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. More often than not, office management experience is preferred.

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