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A tutor is a private educator. These private educators work in a variety of settings, either in a school setting. Or privately, directly with a family or student. Tutors have specific focus groups, functional areas like mathematics or biology. They can help those in need from grades Pre K to college level. Tutors offer a great service since they are able to learn what helps a student grasp the subject matter the best and then influence their learning through that.

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We are seeking Tutor's to help with Math & English at our Batavia location. Tutors play an integral role in the supplementary education program that we offer for our students. Great tutors should be passionate about educating and have experience working one-on-one with students in a high-capacity. Strong knowledge of all educational subjects would be required.

Tutor Salary

The national average salary is provided by The Bureau of Labor, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. In 2018, the median pay for a Tutor position in the U.S. was $24.65/hr on average.

Tutor Job Description For Resume

2+ years working inside of a school. Worked with 20+ students in a one-on-one capacity. Found the ways that they felt connected to the learning material and then designed curriculums around that.

Tutor Skills

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tutor job description
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