Sales Engineer Job Description: Salary, Duties, Skills

A sales engineer is a professional who uses engineering and data to help their sales teams. A sales engineer can be found in a number of industries. Ranging from software engineering to commercial sales such as HVAC or other. They play an integral role in helping to uncover information that can be utilized to portray the value of the product, service or overall company.

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Sales Engineer Job Description Sample

We are seeking a talented sales engineer to help uncover information that might be beneficial for our sales teams. Sales engineers work as a cross-functional player. They should have proficient knowledge of sales strategies as well as engineering capabilities to be able to advise clients in a way that helps them understand what products, services, and functions of our business they should utilize.

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Sales Engineer Salary

The national average salary is provided by The Bureau of Labor, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. In 2018, the median pay for a Sales Engineer position in the U.S. was $78,900 annually on average.

Sales Engineer Job Description For Resume

5+ years in a prior technical sales position. Able to understand complex engineering and combine that with asking customers their needs. Comfortable presenting sales decks which help allude to the needs of our customers.

Sales Engineer Skills

Sales Engineer Duties & Responsibilities

Sales Engineer Requirements

sales engineer job description
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