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My practice is Product Leadership. I help build strong organizations by moving a portfolio of Products into profitable directions. Either through disruptive, strategic execution. Or through technology leadership. In general, I help move charts up and to the right.

Dear reader — I consider myself a problem solver, inventor, multi-disciplinarian, gardener and leader. I'm drawn to formulating new ideas around objects, people and motives using thesis building. Then executing a series of experiments against the theses. I consider this process a user centered design approach. Design is a factor that should be articulated in a fashion that secures executive pathways to complex environments and presents that path to customers for economic gain. Accolades — My first startup was acquired by Groupon in 2011. Previous to that was named top five for The Next Web’s “Company to watch” in Chicago, IL.

I began a Company in 2013 where I contributed to the main invetions that has since scaled dramatically. Today — New ideas, select consulting arrangements and working with my advisory portfolio take up my time. See 300+ Top Inspirational Quotes & Quote Pictures | Quote Catalog on Quote Catalog. Very warm regards — Signature


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