Truly Bad Pick Up Lines (75+ Funny, Cheesy, and Cringe for 2022)

Bad pick up lines are often used to start conversations on several dating apps or can be used to up your flirting game.

At first sight, bad pick up lines might seem shabby but it is worth the try. Although if the receiver gets a misconstrued message from the pick up lines you sent, you might end up being blocked.

Notably, pick up lines have always been known to break the ice and can result in a date or something much more than a flirt.

bad pick up lines

The secret to making a pick up line work to your advantage is to write your lines in a playful manner that will not sound awful when the receiver sees it.

Are you aware that this is also another way to show this person you are flirting with that you have a witty and good sense of humor?

We understand that when you see someone that you would love to get to know and build a relationship with, there always tend to be tension based on

In this article, we will be sharing with you various forms of bad pick up lines that can try out and perhaps get that dream partner you have always desired.

Best Bad Pick Up Lines

Here we have compiled the best bad pick up lines that you can use on a dating app or in person with the one you desire to be with.

However, don't stop on the account of being rejected by one person, perhaps you might just get lucky and find something real.

bad pick up lines

I am good at Algebra, can I replace your X so you wouldn't have to figure out Y?

I am happy I already bought life insurance because as soon as I saw you, my heart stopped working

Are you a bank loan? Because you have got my interest

I heard nothing lasts forever, please can you be my nothing?

Is your name Google? Because you have all I have been looking for

horrible pick up lines

Is there something wrong with my eyes, I just can't take them off you

Are you a campfire? Because you look super hot and I want some more

Here I am, Wish 1 granted, what are your other 2 requests?

You must be from Tennessee because you are the only Ten I see

I am guessing you were recently covered in bees because you look sweeter than honey

Are you jelly? Because jam don't shake the way you do

Are you made of cheese? Because you are kinda looking gouda tonight

My buddies bet that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful here. I guess I won so how do we spend their money?

No kidding, I am not a mathematician but I am quite good with numbers, why don't you give me yours and let me show you what I can do with yours?

I hope you are a time traveler. Because I would love to see you in my future

Don't you think we would make a great pair if you and I were both a pair of socks

Are your parents' bakers? Because they made a cutie pie

If you were a vegetable, I guess you would be a cute-cumber

Well, I have got 1-ply, I just got 2-ply but what I really need is your reply

really bad pick up lines

Really Bad Pick Up Lines

Indeed we don't really know where the pick up line started from.

Nonetheless, it has nearly become similar to a form of art, particularly the bad ones.

Today pickup lines have become widely used by persons across the globe.

Here we have compiled some lines that will help you strike the balance between a LOL and a WOOF that will break all the ice and get you that beautiful person that you would love to meet.

However, note that some of these pick up lines can rub on the receiver as a wrong message or worse a turn-off, but they are still worth the shot

just bad pick up lines

I am glad I took my library card out because I am totally checking you out like words on a page

Sorry, I need to ask did you just fart? Because you blow me away

I could've sworn you work at Subway because you just gave me a foot-long

Are those space pants? cause your ass is out of damn control

I hope you have a band-aid. Because I scraped my knee falling for you

How soon can you touch my hands? I want to tell my friends that I have been touched by an angel

You would be Optimus fine if you were a Transformer

I lost my teddy bear, can I come sleep with you instead?

Hey, babe, your breasts remind me of mount Rushmore, don't you think my face should be between them?

My doctor said I am having a serious deficiency in Vitamin U, will you be kind enough to help me?

Go ahead dear, I just want you to feel my jacket, it is a fine print made of boyfriend material

Hey girl, we have a good connection together, is your name WiFi

Excuse me, you see that my friend sitting in the corner over there is a little embarrassed. He would like to have your phone number. He wants to know where he can get a hold of me in the morning

truly terrible pick up lines

Wait a minute, I think you have something in your eyes. oh, they are just sparkles

My battery is remaining 4 percent, but I chose to text just you, did I choose wisely?

Do you also believe in love at first sight? or should I walk past again?

Well I hope you like pancakes so I can make a me n u out of you

Do you love pancakes? How about IHOP on your pretty sweet ass

You don't remember me? Oh that's right, we have only met in my dreams

Hey dear, want a raisin? Oops, none left, what about a date then

truly bad pick up lines

Funny Bad Pick Up Lines

Remember it's all about portraying the first impression with a great sense of humor so that you won't look stupid or be called a jerk for sending a funny pick up line to who you are trying to hit on.

However, you should be confident and choose wisely when using a funny pick up line to start up a conversation.

Here, we have compiled some funny pick up lines that you can try out.

If you were a triangle you would certainly be an acute one

Are you an orphanage? LOL..Cause I want to give you kids.

Do you seem to be my appendix? Because I don’t know what you do or how you work, but I feel like I should take you out

Check your pocket, there is a mirror there because I can see myself in your pants

Is your name banana? Because you look very appealing

Somebody call the cops because it is so illegal to look this good, you are drop dead gorgeous

Can I call you fruit? Because you look like a fine apple

If you were a parking ticket you would have FINE written all over you.

If I flip this coin, do I have a chance of getting head?

I am not a photographer but I can totally picture us together

If you were in Star wars, I would prefer you Yoda me

I have been wondering if you are an artist cause you are damn good at drawing me in.

truly bad pick up lines

I do believe in following my dreams. Can I have your phone number?

I am not so religious but when I saw you, I knew you were the answer to all my prayers

You must be really exhausted because I had you running through my mind all day

I wanna strip off your clothes so I can see where you hide your angel wings

Your father must be an alien Because there is nothing else like you on Earth

I have totally lost my cell phone book, can I have your number?

funny pick up lines

I think you know CPR because you keep taking my breath away

You must be a dictionary because you keep adding meaning to my life

Bad Pick Up Lines for Him (Guys)

Are you looking for the best way to impress your crush and get past the awkward stage of starting a conversation?

Then look no further, as we have got you all covered. Here we have compiled some pickup lines that we assume will get guys crazy about you.

However, before sending these pick up lines, ensure that a form of communication has ensued between the both of you, else it might turn out to be the worst pick up line for you.

Remember that you have to pick wisely as a terrible pick can result in a total debacle of what you aim to achieve.

As long as I have a face, you will always have a place to sit

I hope it didn't hurt when you fell from the vending machine cause it really did look like a snack

Are you an ocean? Because I heard your body is 70 percent water and I am really thirsty. Can I drink you?

I am hoping you are a haunted house because I am going to scream when I am in you

I heard kissing is a language of love, so do you mind starting a conversation in this language with me?

I hope you like bacon because I wanna strip

Sir, can you step away from the bar, you are melting all the ice

Bad Pick Up Lines for Her (Girls)

We are aware that getting a conversation started with the woman you seem to like a lot can be quite stressful, particularly making a first impression and conveying your first words to her without messing things up.

Here, we have compiled some worst pick up lines that can be avoided.

Hey baby, are you German? Because I want to be Ger-man

I guess you are French because Eiffel for you

list of very bad pick up lines

I heard you are searching for a stud, well.. baby here I am, I have got the STD, and you are all I need

Was your mother a beaver? Cause damn.. Your body rocks

It seems you have heard every line in the book, so what's more?

I could not help but see that you look a lot like my next girlfriend

Cheesy Pick Up Lines That Are Bad

There is no harm in trying cheesy pick up lines to woo your might-soon-be partner as it might even reduce the tension and help both of you to a great kickstart relationship.

Here we have compiled some cheesy pick up lines that you can opt for whenever you feel ready to start that conversation.

I would love to take you to the movies, but you won't be allowed to bring in your own snacks

Is your middle name Gillette? Because you are definitely the best a man can get

Guess what I am doing today, I am learning about important dates in history. Would you love to be one of them?

Do you have an extra heart? Because mine was just stolen

do not use these pick up lines

Is your name Siri? You auto-complete me

I guess there is an airport nearby because I just heard my heart taking off

I guess you don't know how sweet you are, or could even put Hershey's out of business?

Cute Bad Pick Up Lines

Here, you will find cute bad pickup lines that might help you get who you are trying to hit on or flirt with agreeing to go on a date with you.

Can I follow you? Because my mom told me to follow my dreams and I think you are my dream

I am sending a complaint to Spotify to ask why you are not this week's hottest single

Am guessing you don't have a name, can I call you mine?

Assuming love was illegal, will you own risk and be my partner in crime?

Is your body good for my baby making technique? Because I see my daughter in your eyes

Do you know the best way to fall in love is to fall in love with me?

cringe pick up lines

I have a funny feeling I would send you a blizzard if kisses were snowflakes

There are no words on a page of a dictionary to describe how beautiful you are

Bad Valentines Pick Up Lines

Here we have amassed some bad valentine's pick up lines for you. Any of the pick up line can be shared with your loved ones, partners, or a special person.

Which do you want? Coffee, hot tea, or love potion 9

Did I choose right? Of all the finer things in life, I chose you

I am totally feeling sad without you on my bed tonight

Hey, you just dropped something? Guess what it is, It is my jaw

When you got shot by Cupid's arrow. Did it hurt?

funny and bad pick up lines

I know the gaps in between my fingers were meant for yours to feel

All these guys can't fit what I feel for you in a conversation heart

Will you be my valentine?

Do you wanna eat a box of chocolates or me?

Smooth Bad Pick Up Lines

If you need a smooth pick up line, those mentioned here can come in handy for you in a bar, or at a party when you have seen who you would like to try it out with.

Remember that flattery can also help start up a conversation, so it's not really a bad idea to use it as there is a high chance that it can pan out well for you.

Is your middle name boy scout? Because I keep getting totally lost in your eyes

You must be a magician because you keep making everyone else disappear whenever I look at you

If you were a term paper I am certain I would have a high test score

Do you know why there are no stars in the sky tonight? Because one is standing right next to me

yuck pick up lines

You must be quite a thief because you stole my heart right from across the room

Do you know what made the highlight of my day? YOU

Did you turn in to bed early last night? Because you still got your beauty sleep

Even if I was an octopus, my 3 hearts will still beat for you

Flirty Bad Pick Up Line

Bear in mind that using terrible pick up lines can lead to possible rejection from the onset.

Even though the whole idea of this is to flirt, it still boils down to how witty your pick up lines are and how it will sound to who you are flirting with.

Here are a few flirty pick up lines that you can make do with and see how it plays out.

pick up lines that are absolutely terrible

If you were a police officer, I don't mind getting a parking ticket every day just to see your face, so please just say yes

God bless the day your momma had you, I guess heaven had released an angel that day, and guess who that was? You

Guess who is on the top of Santa's naughty list? You, baby

Even if I was a broken pencil, I will still write fine print for you

If you were a book on a shelf, I always go out with my library card to check you out every day

super hilarious pick up lines

How was heaven when you left it?

Are you a cake? Because I want a piece of that

Your lips are looking so lonely, would you love them to meet mine?

Intentionally Bad Pick Up Lines

Here are some of the worst pick up lines that you should

I hope you have an inhaler. Because you just took my breath away

No matter how dark a room might get you are the only light switch I will always find

My bedroom floor is wide enough just for 2, do you mind joining me for a dance tonight?

really really bad pick up lines

Hilariously Bad Pick Up Lines

These pick up lines are hilariously bad.

How much does a polar bear weigh? I don't know either but it breaks the ice.

Do you drink milk? It sure did your body good.


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