How to Compliment a Girl (40+ Ways Over Text, On Her Looks, More) 2022

Want to know how to compliment a girl without being weird? To communicate is inexpensive but intimacy is priceless. Warm flattery can go a long way to make your woman feel relaxed. Women love compliments; because it makes them feel captivating and charming. It's more relevant when the compliments come from you. According to relationship experts, complimenting your crush every day can be effective for stronger intimacy. Here are some best methods to compliment a lady.

how to compliment a girl

How to Compliment a Girl (Best Method - Examples)

From a standpoint view, the best method for complimenting a girl greatly depends on the girl involved. Regardless, the following are the general methods of complimenting any type of girl.

You make me feel relaxed always:

when she is around you, and you feel relaxed, you should seize the opportunity to tell her always. This compliment makes her feel relaxed when she's always with you.

Your eyes hold so much warmth:

Tender-hearted girls will always treasure this compliment with high esteem. This compliment is meaningful, and she will hold it in high esteem.

You always make me whole:

This complement is mostly said to a special person. This is the greatest affirmation in the form of a compliment.

I never get tired of listening to you:

This complement is important during visible chatting. This simply implies that you love the sound of her voice.

You look more charming in reality:

This complement is elegant, romantic, charismatic and straightforward. The possibility of being right is there if she looks more beautiful in real life than picture beauty. Consider this compliment, because you'd be right.

You are amazing just as you are:

Utilize this immense compliment when she's unstable. Bounce her step up whenever she's uncertain of herself when interacting with you.

You light up my world:

This compliment tells her that she means a lot to you. It also makes her feel satisfactory about herself. This compliment holds a very pleasant meaning.

how to compliment a girl

You keep me breathless:

When a romantic connection has been kindled that is when this compliment is mostly uttered. This particular compliment shows clearly that you truly love her.

I learn a lot from you always:

When you compliment her this way, it is proof that you cherish her beyond immense pleasure. It also shows that you treasure them and their contribution to the relationship. This complement also turns up the gear in your romantic affair.

You are a rare gem:

An earnest compliment can help to impart how unique she is in your sight. Make her feel interesting and special whenever she's with you.

You are stunning and captivating:

This complement is used when the atmosphere is right. When the room is drizzling with romantic tension. This compliment also tells how sexy she is.

You've got a perfect physique:

Without saying it outrightly, a physical compliment is an impressive way to let her grasp your thoughts about her beautiful nature. An unsophisticated compliment about her eyes, lips, teeth, hair, e.t.c. can help to elevate her mood.

how to compliment a girl

How to Compliment a Girl over Text:

Girls derive pleasure in a strong flirtatious relationship as well as getting flattery from guys. Flirty compliment from a guy might be a very big way to spice things up in an affectionate relationship. To compliment a girl over text is also a way to rekindle the burning flame. Here are some jaw-dropping texts to compliment your damsel over the phone.

I love your sense of humor:

A unique way to charm her is to compliment her character, attractiveness and intelligence. When you compliment her this way, her emotional level will be high. Let her feel this self-confidence when she makes you giggle with her wisecracks.

Messages like these can be sent:

  • Without trying; you always have a way of cracking me up with laughter.
  • You are so entertaining and comical with your great sense of humor.
  • That joke you told me today was so funny. I can't stop thinking about it.

I was perplexed by your task earlier today:

When she handled something well earlier on, acknowledge her. This complement is just proof that you noticed her job, which was done earlier.

To compliment her over text, tell her these:

  • Your opinions were excellent in today's gathering.
  • Your performance was amazing earlier on. I'm so glad to have witnessed it.

You are a great attention giver:

This compliment shows how much you love her. Whenever you feel she gives you an audience, tell her. She'll feel treasured knowing that she is someone you are confident in. This complement also shows that you feel relaxed whenever she's around you.

Tell her things like:

  • "I cherish the attention you always give to me". Your thoughtfulness is too notch.
  • "All my secrets are safe with you".

Your words soothe every occasion:

This complement indicates that you appreciate all your interactions. Let her know you always take her words to heart after every conversation. This compliment goes a long way to show her that you care about her contributions to your conversation. She'll be glad that you find her conversing with you worthwhile.

how to compliment a girl

Your smile is the best:

you will always see her smile when you compliment her this way. This compliment elates more smiles from her at all times. Flattering her best features retains from sounding vague and sweet compliments like "such a beautiful smile" would surely get her blushing.

Your fashion sense is immense:

A regular remark about her appearance is complimenting and won't sound repulsive. If you saw her earlier or a photograph was sent to you, this compliment will work out just fine.

Or you can tell her something like:

  • You look attractive in this outfit.
  • You are a pretty damsel.

I've been thinking about you lately:

This compliment clearly shows that you can't get her off your head. To make your message sound more sincere, give her the awareness of your present deeds that reminded you of her. You can easily put a smile on her face when she knows that she is always on your mind. Try compliments like:

  • This show reminds me so much of you.
  • I had a tough day earlier on. And your thoughts were the first thing to cheer me up.
  • You are a spirit lifter.

Your Inspiration brings out the best in me:

This genuine compliment has significant meaning when you bring out the attributes you love about her. It would mean the world to her knowing she left an impact on you. What shows that you love her most, is highlighting the things you appreciate about her.

how to compliment a girl

To compliment her this way, send her a text that says things like:

  • "I've always admired your self-confidence. I hope one day to be confident as you, You are such a great listener. What makes me get better, is knowing that you are composed".
  • You make every day better with your positivity".

How to Compliment a Girl Physically (On Her Looks)

Extending happiness is one of the easiest paths to compliment someone. Complimenting physical attributes can go a long way to increasing someone's well-being. Here are some positive compliments that can work out in almost all situations.

When you blush, you look so irresistible.

When I take a look at you, I'm tongue-tied because you look so ravishing.

I had a request from Santa to send my wishlist. "So send me your pictures".

I forgot what I wanted to say the last time we met, because of your everyday.

Every morning, I always wish I was your mirror. So that I can always get hold of your ravishing body.

how to compliment a girl physically

I would have been fat if I had one sugar candy anytime your thought comes to me.

Anytime your thoughts come to me, my heart skips.

Though I'm not where you are, I know you are looking gorgeous.

I'm missing every part of your body

You possess all that a guy would ever want in a lady.

I value your curves and shapes.

Your attractiveness is so alluring

I adore every inch of you, the courage to tell you is not there. So I'll have to keep it to myself.

I feel like kissing every part of your sexy physical frame (body).

Your beauty evaporates daily. So I can't wait till tomorrow to catch a glimpse of my pretty damsel.

how to compliment a girl

How to Compliment a Girl on Her Eyes

Compliments about eyes are a fascinating way to move an interesting chat beyond petty subjects. In anticipation to adapt your thoughts, you must compliment something special about her. Eye compliments generate productive feedback. Do you want to compliment a girl's eyes, but you aren't sure of the exact words to use? Do not worry yourself because help has come. Tag along for some exciting compliments and relinquish them to her to sweep her off her feet.

how to compliment a girl

Make your compliments about her eyes specific:

Tell her something like "your eyes remind me of clear crystals. The intensity of your green eyes is so obvious. Your blue eyes are the brightest".

When you make compliments, look into her eyes:

This act goes a long way to show that you are being sincere in your speech. It helps you two stay connected by making eye contact as you spill out your best compliments. When your best compliments hit her directly, there is a tendency that her pupils will dilate and she'll love it.

When you both have a connection, compliment her eyes:

When the two of you are alone, pick a moment to tell her how her eyes have so much effect on you. Although, it would be a bit strange to tell her this when you two just met. This complement is very meaningful and just what is needed when the vibe is hot.

how to compliment a girl with such good taste in clothes

Add a little spice to make her giggle:

A little bit of silliness can go a long way to brighten the atmosphere. Compliment her eyes in a way that is amusing and silly. If she holds your tacky jokes in high esteem, one of these options is available.

I can see stars in your eyes. Are you an astronaut? cause it seems you stole one of the stars in the sky.

You have the same eye color as that of my granny's cat.

Your eyes and the sky are of the same colors. Just like a shade from the sky.

Compliment the way her eye changes when she's emotional:

When you notice this skillful transformation, it shows that you always pay attention to her. Are her eyes gloomy when she's sober or brighter when she's elated? Tell her these:

Your eyes are hypnotizing when you laugh.

When you smile, your eyes brighten up.

An idea brings out the sparkle in your eyes.

Your eyes are so intense and attractive when you are determined.

When you look into her eyes, tell her what you see:

A compliment will be loved by her when you tell her what you see in her look. Are her eyes harmless? bossy? puzzling? or affectionate? Inspire her with the few qualities you noticed about her. You can interpret it thus:

Your eyes are as harmless as the turtle-dove.

I love that commanding gaze I'm getting from you right now.

That gentle look in your eyes makes me quiver.

Tell her that her eyes have an effect on you:

This complement can deepen your bonding. When both of you lock eyes, tell her your sincere compliments on how she makes you feel with just one glance. When complimenting a woman, give her the best compliments thus:

I feel warm and fuzzy when I look into your eyes.

I feel relevant when I catch a glimpse of your eyes.

When you give me that look, my knees get weak.

Your eyes are so beautiful and they sparkle so brightly.

how to compliment a girl

How to Compliment a Girl on Snapchat

Instead of telling a girl that she looks beautiful, take a peep at her profile picture. Is her bio skillful and we'll draft it? Are her hobbies interesting? Complimenting these attributes is a sure way to go.

If you're dating, get a little bit dirty:

There's no shame in some erotic words when the both of you have started dating. Tell her she's beautiful and hot romantically to make her feel wet down there. Say words like "I feel like pinning you to the wall and giving you a sweet kiss. I wish you were lying close to me, so I can do dirty things to your body".

An amusing option is advised if she's a jokester:

You've gotten the clue when you make her giggle and excited at the same time when snap-chatting. Complimenting her this way can make her erupt with laughter on Snapchat. Something from her sense of humor should be grasped to really win her heart. Words like these can be said: "you are so beautiful. Children aren't allowed to gaze at you without parental guidance. I can't take my eyes off you when we are together".

Pair her personality with a compliment during Snapchat:

When talking with her on Snapchat, give her a good compliment about something meaningful. Say words like: "every time we talk, you make me feel good. How can you be so clever and attractive at the same time?. You are cute on your own, but your good taste makes you overshadow all".

How to Compliment a Girl Without Being Weird

Compliments can be a great way to flirt and make your interest known in the world of dating. Nevertheless, there is an exception. A negative compliment can make you seem weird, tactless and irritating. However, here are a few stylish ways to compliment a girl without being weird.

how to compliment a girl without being weird

Don't be too precise:

Girls are more likely to relate positively to metaphorical compliments than to real compliments, according to a 2017 study. By researchers at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. For example, articulate remarks like you are fairer than a rose flower sounds more sincere than "You are a fair maiden". What can make you more attractive, is your creativity with praises. Your intelligence level correlates greatly with your vocabulary size.

Don't use ambiguous compliments:

A delicate distinction in how you put your compliments can go a long way to define your personality. It can tell the difference between a cool headed guy and an inferior jerk. Here's an easy too to avoid ambiguous compliments: if a girl is pretty, just tell her she's pretty. Don't tell her she's pretty because of her complexion, race, ethnicity or her career path.

Uniqueness counts:

If you want your compliments to be accepted, be original and converse from your heart. Tell her what makes her so rare and unique. A nice compliment shows that your getting to know her is not a waste.

Sincerity pays:

If you don't mean the words coming out of your mouth, don't Compliment her. What can make you look deceptive, is a insincere compliment. A sincere compliment is needed to make a girl feel good.

Physical attributes is not enough to compliment:

Girls prefer genuine compliments about their intelligence, personality and sense of humor over those about their body and their physical appearance. It sounds deceptive and generic when you compliment a girl on her physical appearance according to psychologist Michele Barton.

How to Compliment a Girl Without Being Creepy

It's the nature of humans to enjoy being complimented. Without making her feel creepy or uneasy, you compliment her in the following ways:

Don't make emphasis with sexual intension:

Compliments like hot, sexy, pretty, cute e.t.c can sound creepy at first. Except she's fine with it. Don't access the whole body while complimenting women because she might feel creepy at your glances.

You are not entitled to anything in return:

A girl you complimented is not in anyway indebted to you. If she's uneasy with your compliments, you can't pressure her to be at ease with you. It's better to apologize when she's uneasy with your compliments rather than being arrogant.

Don't over hype your compliment:

Repeating same compliments over and over again sounds vague. In a case when the first compliment was not received at her pace.

Insulting girls and bringing down their morale is wrong: Actually, most girls are not in any "beauty contest" with other girls. To make her feel special, don't rubbish other girls with words like; you are more beautiful than all the ugly girls here. It clearly shows that you have an ulterior motive.

Recycling same compliments on girls is not really needed:

This compliment is one of the most creepy compliments… "ever". Like saying" I don't say this to other girls! You are excessively attractive". Whereas, you have said it a million times to other girls.

How to Compliment a Girl on Instagram

A skill every guy must learn is how to be flirty with a girl on instagram. Through the right set of compliments, you can make her feel valued. Relationship experts advice that guys should always compliment their crush or partner on a daily basis. And this method has been made easier with the use of Instagram. Here are selected flirty compliments to use on her Instagram page. Compliments that suits her body should be acknowledged.

how to compliment a girl

Anyone would die for those eyes, they are a gateway to heaven.

I can listen to you for hours. Your voice is so pure and gentle.

Everyone needs to see your smile, it's so beautiful.

You want to know who's unique, and has a pleasant smile? You.

Your smile is so healing and charming. I like it already.

For raising such a wonderful woman, tell your parents I'm sending them my earnest appreciation.

How to Compliment a Girl Without Flirting

Without being flirty, there are ways to compliment a girl. Learn more on how to compliment a girl without the wrong appearance.

Your hangouts should be occasional:

In order for her to get the idea that the compliments is not flirty, always meet up at a local bar or restaurant close to your residence.

how to compliment a girl while she's talking

Don't Compliment parts of her body:

Do not let her get the message that you are observing her looks. And don't Compliment a woman's appearance. If not, she'll get the whole idea wrong. Be specific when you want to point out something about her. Like; her shawl, wristwatch and shoes. Avoid complimenting anything that sticks to her body.

If sexual subject comes up, switch the topic: When she brings out a sexual subject unknowingly, change the topic instantly.

You should compliment her at a distance:

Close leaning is not ideal at this stage as it might make you look flirty. Keep your hands to yourself when you hang out. So that a wrong idea doesn't click on her head. A goodbye hug should not linger for long.

how to compliment a girl

Compliments should be on a neutral ground:

Being flirtatious involves teases and frolicking. When giving her compliments, talk to her like one of your casual friends. Say your words swiftly and in a casual tone. That joke you cracked at dinner earlier on was so humorous. your performance earlier was perfect.

At the end tail of it all, it all boils down to being respectful and considerate. You can also compliment her sense of humor, her creativeness, her courage, her utterances and her wisdom. All these supersedes the physical attributes of a girl as it also makes a perfect compliment.


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