Funny Names (85+ Hilarious Names, Dirty Names, Kahoot Names)

Looking for funny names? There are people out there with some pretty wacky names. And it's not just first names; last names can be just as weird. Some people go to great lengths to stand out from the crowd, from nutty prefixes to unusual suffixes and made-up words.

Anybody who has attended school knows plenty of classmates with unusual names. Some of these monikers seem more like fictional characters than real human names. While this may seem trivial, a recent study found that people with strange names face greater difficulties when applying for jobs or university programs.

An unusual name can also be positive since it makes your name memorable. Read on for some wacky names- and if you see one you like, maybe think about using it yourself!

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Funny celebrity names

Ordinary people are not the only ones with hilarious names; celebrities are known to have some outlandish names. They tend to name their kids some pretty uncommon names too. Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex-husband Chris Martin (from Coldplay) named their daughter Apple and their son Moses. That sounds pretty biblical if you ask me. Zayn Malik, the One Direction pop star, likely got his name from the Arabic word زين, which means “beautiful.”

Some other celebs’ names are a bit odder. The R&B singer Ciara; her name comes from the Scottish Gaelic word “car,” which means “dark-haired.” Or Justin Timberlake’s wife, Jessica: her parents were inspired by the Biblical character, the prophetess, Kabbalah.

Funny single-named celebrities

Celebs are some of the only people to use a single name as their main/stage name:

  • Madonna
  • Cher
  • Adele
  • Bjork
  • Bono

And still, many other celebrities have jettisoned their surnames for the shorter, simpler, single or double syllable sounds. Maybe it's a privilege of the celebrity circle that they get to go by their first (and oftentimes made-up) name!

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Names with bizarre spelling

Some people go to great lengths to find a name spelled completely different from the norm. This can be seen in how these people spell their peculiar monikers. Take the example of Dr. James McLaughlin. His parents wanted him to have a name that made him stand out from other students. In this case, it worked. Other odd spellings include the surnames of actress Jennifer Aniston (which sounds like “anniversary” instead of “Aniston”), actress Olivia Wilde (which uses “wild” instead of “wilt”), and singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus.

Sounds-like names

You may have noticed that some of the names on this list make no sense at all. This is because the people who named their children these things wanted the names to sound like something else. The actress Megan Fox, for example, acquired her name because her parents wanted it to sound like “Beautiful Meg.” The famous (or infamous) Paris Hilton’s parents wanted her name to sound like “Paris, France.” Some other examples include the actress Selena Gomez, who was named after a “hot selina”; the singer Snoop Dogg, who was named after a “hot dog”; and the actress Jenna Fischer, whose name sounds like “Jennifer’s fish.”

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Funny meaningless names

Sometimes people with wacky names go so far as to name their children after completely made-up words. A common example is the name Ursula, which means “well-known maiden.” People with this name might feel like they need to explain that it’s not pronounced like “urine.”

Other examples include the name Chloe, which is pronounced “kloe” and means “young leaf”; the name Deanna, which means “active”; and the name Tiffany, which means “tender and delicate.”

Funny inappropriate/dirty names

Ever wished you had a cooler-sounding name growing up? Well, after seeing the names you're about to see, let's just be thankful for the names we've been given. The following 30 dirty/inappropriate names are some of the most absurd and unfortunate names I have personally witnessed with my own eyes.

funny names
  1. Phat Ho
  2. Dick Assman
  3. Seymour Bush
  4. Willie Stroker
  5. Ben Dover
  6. Jack Goff
  7. Anass Rhammar
  8. Dick Smalley
  9. Jesus Condom
  10. B.J. Cobbledick
  11. Rusty Kuntz
  12. Mike Litoris
  13. Mike Wiener
  14. Brownie Shytles
  15. Jack Kanoff
  16. Mona Lott
  17. Rubbers Bruce
  18. Syder Ben
  19. Stacy Rect
  20. Dang Lin Wang
  21. Buster Cherry
  22. Moe Lester
  23. Normous Peter
  24. Dick Pound
  25. Craven Moorehead
  26. Mike Hunt
  27. Anita Dick
  28. Verbich Ben
  29. Muncher Amanda
  30. Edward Cocaine

Inappropriate and funny Kahoot names

Kahoot is a popular education-based quiz learning game where you choose your player's name. One of the best parts about the game is deciding what username to use in Kahoot. Here are some extremely funny and inappropriate Kahoot names we've found for your eyeballs to peruse.

funny names
  1. Loading...
  2. I'm with Idiot --->
  3. Karen
  4. Crystal Math
  5. Ka Ka Hoot
  6. Kim Chi
  7. Joe Mama Sum
  8. Speedy Gonzalez
  9. Karen Bonk
  10. Imagine Losing
  11. I Talk To Myself
  12. Rick Roll
  13. Obviously Cheating
  14. INeed2P
  15. Unnamed
  16. Anonymous Loser
  17. Dumb Person Playing
  18. Cam L. Toe
  19. Kahoot Pin
  20. OhMiKahoot
  21. Hugh Jass
  22. Harry Cox
  23. Richard Head
  24. Harry Johnson
  25. Kelly Ann Long
  26. Dixie Normous
  27. Willie B
  28. Todd Lerfondler
  29. Same En
  30. Osama Bin Ballin'

Dirty Kahoot names

If you didn't see any Kahoot names above that suit your fancy, here are some others for you to check out. Fair warning, some are dirty Kahoot names, and others are just funny.

funny names
  1. Kahoot Me
  2. Pill Cosby
  3. Nerdy-poo
  4. KahToot
  5. Loud Mouth
  6. Inky
  7. Sub2PewDiePie
  8. Kim Jong Uno
  9. Chungus the Fungus
  10. In Prague
  11. Deja View
  12. Kermit
  13. Johnny Johnny
  14. Summer Teeth
  15. Walking Dictionary
  16. Kool Kids Klub
  17. Married Man
  18. Ctrl W=Win
  19. Enigma
  20. Plasma
  21. Eye Candy
  22. Egghead
  23. Loaf of Beans
  24. TeKilla Sunrise
  25. Super Giggles
  26. Sassy Muffin
  27. Tragic Girl
  28. Kermit Kermicide
  29. Lee Cuminu
  30. Booger

Weird Names of Real People

We're not sure what these parents were thinking when they named their kids. For better or for worse, here are some of the weirdest, actual names that real people have, and they may be some of the weirdest names of all time.

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Dijon
  3. Edw
  4. Friend
  5. Man
  6. Omega
  7. Branch
  8. Harm
  9. Girtha
  10. Fronnie
  11. Wealthy
  12. Wing
  13. Moroni
  14. Aardvark
  15. Spicy
  16. Hortensia
  17. Apollo
  18. Aleph
  19. Moon Unit
  20. Lucifer
  21. Hitler
  22. Facebook
  23. Covid
  24. Vader
  25. Marijuana Pepsi Jackson
  26. Abcde
  27. Fredonia
  28. Aquilla
  29. Grit Hammer
  30. Steele Sidebottom
  31. Dayson Sinkhorn
  32. Cash Ulysses
  33. Bill Pataskala
  34. Epic Orta
  35. Rustin Pocahontas
  36. Homer Simpson
  37. Obedience
  38. Portabella
  39. Mordax
  40. Peridot

Unique (or weird) baby girl names

How many people have you met with the most common names like Sarah or Amanda? When so many unique, rare and uncommon names exist, why opt for what's been done before? While some of these baby girl names might sound weird, they're pretty cool and unique.

funny names
  1. Lucinda
  2. Geneviève
  3. Calista
  4. Lorelei
  5. Constance
  6. Gwendolyn
  7. Azariah
  8. Beatrix
  9. Henrietta
  10. Colette
  11. Charmaine
  12. Poppy
  13. Sienna
  14. Snow
  15. Stella
  16. Tweety
  17. Jamila
  18. Juniper
  19. Venus
  20. Meriah
  21. Odette
  22. Maia
  23. Brinley
  24. Celine
  25. Diana
  26. Gianna
  27. Indigo
  28. Star
  29. Artemis
  30. Evie

Unique (or weird) baby boy names

If you're having a baby boy, and want some names to consider that are outside the norm consider, then look no further. While some of these names might be a little too off-kilter for your taste, others might be to your liking. Otherwise, they're at least entertaining.

funny inappropriate names
  1. Gael
  2. Amir
  3. Rowan
  4. Waylen
  5. Kazimir
  6. Xandrod
  7. Rhodes
  8. Osvaldo
  9. Marcellus
  10. Cosmo
  11. Barak
  12. Basil
  13. Amor
  14. Abner
  15. Delano
  16. Cary
  17. Dakarai
  18. Holden
  19. Guy
  20. Caspian
  21. Ambrose
  22. Kit
  23. Dalton
  24. Declan
  25. Arbue
  26. Alvin
  27. Avi
  28. Iggy
  29. Arlo
  30. Harrison

Funny nicknames for your best friend

  1. Hairy
  2. Long legs
  3. Stinky
  4. Bumpy
  5. Poopy
  6. Crumby
  7. Smelly
  8. Brainiac
  9. Smarty pants
  10. Poopy pants
  11. Stinky pants
  12. Know it all
  13. Greasy
  14. Messy


As you can see from this list, people have a wide variety of reasons for giving their children odd names. Some go with names that sound odd or are meaningless; others use names that sound similar to other things. No matter the reason, it seems like wacky names are here to stay.

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