200+ Ice Breaker Questions for Life (Work, Team Building, Virtual Meetings, Events, More) [2020]

icebreaker questions

An ice breaker question is a question that’s asked from one person to another person in order to act as a conversation starter. It brings a connection between two people and begins small talk that can lead to positive business outcomes. An ice breaker question might be asked from one person to another person at a networking event, virtual meeting (like when working with a remote team), during a team-building exercise, or general conversation needs at work.

A great ice breaker question is usually a fun question versus a deep question. It should be informal in nature and make the other person feel welcome. Ice breaker questions are used when two colleagues are meeting for the first time. During a job interview between the hiring manager or candidate. Or when a new employee is meeting the CEO for the first time. It’s much better to start your conversation with a funny ice breaker than to have awkward silence when you first meet someone.

Playing an ice breaker game can also be great for new employees who are joining the workforce. This helps to spur connectivity between new colleagues and the icebreaker activity (the game) can promote team building and collaboration. This can be done in person or with a virtual team, where attendees are given instructions on how to play with the rest of the team. An icebreaker activity could be to have each member of the team come prepared with an icebreaker question to ask, then have each participant answer.

Funny Ice Breaker Questions

Below are examples of funny ice breaker questions. When asking funny ice breaker questions, remind yourself that in order for them to be funny you should deliver them in an informal way. These funny ice breaker questions are generally considered fun icebreaker questions to ask since they promote a smile and happiness from the other party.

Mental Ice Breaker Questions

Below are examples of mental ice breaker questions. While you aren’t looking for the candidate to answer the question correctly. You should be looking for them to explain their thought process behind the mental question. These fun ice breaker questions are great for those who are being tested at work (in an interview or during a promotion).

Relevant Ice Breaker Questions

Relevant ice breaker questions are going to jump-start your conversation with a job candidate. Below are fairly common ice breaker questions that you can use to jump into the interview session.

Ice Breakers on Parenting

People can connect over parenting and start deep conversations that have lasting implications on our philosophy of life and ability to parent.

Ice Breakers on Childhood

Recalling childhood can be a great memory for many. But remember, not everyone had a positive childhood that they would appreciate recalling and speaking about to a new friend or colleague. It's best to tread lightly when it comes to speaking about childhood.

Team Building Ice Breaker Questions

These questions can be asked when playing an icebreaker game for teams. To play the game each person should pick their favorite icebreaker and ask the group. A good icebreaker question should be one that promotes collaboration and connectivity amongst coworkers. These questions are great virtual icebreakers as well since they can be answered quickly. The ice breaker activity should be a roundtable format, where each player can answer fast.

"If You Could" Ice Breaker Questions

Questions to make a supervisor, boss, or colleague contemplate.

"Get to Know You" Ice Breaker Questions

Questions to ask a coworker or colleague to get to know them.

"Do You Prefer" Ice Breaker Questions

Questions to ask a coworker or colleague to get to know them.

Work Ice Breaker Questions

Questions about previous work history or the current workplace.

Fun Ice Breaker Questions

Fun ice breaker questions to bring joy into the workplace.

Ice Breaker Questions for Kids

Below are ice breaker questions for kids. Kids need to start conversations with one another. And it's best for children to have curiosity and wonder about the world they live in. Ice breaker questions can assist in this process.

Military Ice Breaker Questions

Ice breaker questions for those who are in the military or armed forces. Or have been in the military and armed forces and are connecting on a new pace of life.

Community Building Ice Breaker Questions

Communities should gather and decide how their future looks. When this occurs, an ice breaker is a great way to begin the conversation about the future. Or about ways to improve the present.

Deep Ice Breaker Questions

Ice breaker questions that help start a "deep" or philosophical conversation between two people. These ice breaker questions are great for new love relationships or existing relationships where the conversation starter would like to begin an intellectual discussion.

Ice Breaker Ideas

Another team building ice breaker idea to have an ice breaker session in smaller groups. One person to another and then every 15 minutes changing hands. As each player asks great icebreaker questions, even when repeated, they learn something new about the other teammate.

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