50+ Ice Breaker Questions for Interviews

icebreaker questions

Ice breaker questions play a pivotal role in the interview process. They show the interviewee that you want to have fun as well as be serious in the interview. It can be a great way to show the candidate that the work environment is both fun and conducive to gaining results.

There are many types of ice breaker questions. Purely silly and fun ice breaker questions which will make you both laugh. Or semi-formal ice breaker questions which can tickle the mind and still test the candidate.

It will be up to you decide which type of ice breaker question is best.

When to Ask Ice Breaker Questions

At the start of the conversation, of course! “Breaking the ice” refers to the act of sharing a moment between two people so that they can build rapport quickly.

This plays an important role in releasing any tension that might be part of the interviewing. Remember, interviewing can be difficult for a candidate. It is stressful and they feel like their livelihood is in question. If you relax them, through ice breaker questions, you can get more honest answers and participation in the conversation.

Why You Shouldn’t Come Up With Your Own Ice Breaker Questions

It’s important to follow this guide and the questions listed below. If you feel like you might be able to come up with your own ice breaker questions, I would urge you away from it.

The reason? Your sense of humor or what you find acceptable to “break the ice” might not be the same as your companies or the other party.

For example, you wouldn’t want to negatively comment on the candidates clothing. Maybe you have a sense of humor that feels that might be funny. But for the interviewee and candidate, this could be abrasive and hurtful.

The candidate would have every right, in that circumstance, to report you to the company and you could risk losing your role within the company.

Funny Ice Breaker Questions

Below are examples of funny ice breaker questions. When asking funny ice breaker questions, remind yourself that in order for them to be funny you should deliver them in an informal way.

Mental Ice Breaker Questions

Below are examples of mental ice breaker questions. While you aren’t looking for the candidate to answer the question correctly. You should be looking for them to explain their thought process behind the mental question.

Relevant Ice Breaker Questions

Relevant ice breaker questions are going to jump-start your conversation with the candidate. Below are fairly common ice breaker questions that you can use to jump into the interview session.

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