Short comedy sketch crossword clue answer

The answer to the crossword clue Short comedy sketch is SKIT (4 letters)

The clue first appeared on June 9, 2023.

Short comedy sketch crossword clue answer

Here is the answer to the crossword clue:

  • SKIT (4 letters)

Make sure to review the required letter length as a way of "double-checking" this answer.

My top tips for solving crossword puzzles

Solving crossword puzzles has been to known to decrease dementia by 9%. All the while increasing your chances of having fun!

1. Always start with easy clues

  • The first tip to follow is to begin with answers to the clues you absolutely know about. Look for easy, straightforward clues that you know the answers to. These initial answers can often provide valuable letters that help with intersecting words.

2. Work with the patterns

  • Crossword puzzles follow patterns. That's what makes them fun! Look for common prefixes, suffixes, and letter combinations. For instance, words ending in "-ing" or starting with "un-" can be easily guessed. Also, if a clue ends with a question mark, it might indicate a playful or punny answer.
  • Pay attention to the length of the word, as well. If you need a five-letter word and you already have a few letters, it limits the possibilities significantly.

3. Utilize word lists if you have to

  • Keep a crossword dictionary or use an online crossword solver to find words that fit the given pattern. There are a lot of them out there that you can keep handy!
  • Memorize common crossword words. There are words that frequently appear in crosswords, like "eta," "aria," or "oreo." Knowing these can save you in a pinch.

4. Work intersections

  • Crossword puzzles are designed so that the words intersect. If you have a few letters of a word in one direction, use those letters to help solve intersecting words. This technique can significantly narrow down possibilities and make it easier to deduce the correct answer.
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