Average Real Estate Appraiser Salary Information

How much does a real estate appraiser make? What's the average real estate appraiser's salary? Real estate appraisers can operate in a variety of settings, with a variety of licenses and companies. As a result, determining the typical appraiser's salary might be difficult.

real estate appraiser salary

Nonetheless, employment and job market growth in this area is anticipated to rise by 7% over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What is a real estate appraiser?

Real estate appraisers operate in familiar areas and are typically aware of any environmental hazards or other considerations that might impact the property's worth. They usually appraise one property at a time and specialize in a certain sort of real estates, such as commercial or residential.

Appraisers generally do the following tasks:

  • Check public documents for legal descriptions of real estate properties.
  • Examine new and existing properties, noting any distinguishing features.
  • Property interiors and exteriors should be photographed.
  • To assist evaluate value, look for “comparables,” or similar adjacent homes.
  • Prepare written reports on the worth of the property.
  • Prepare and keep up-to-date information on each real estate property.
  • Coordinate the residential appraisal process.

When determining a property's worth, appraisers take into account the property's and surrounding area's distinctive features, such as a nearby loud highway.

They also look at the foundation and roof of a structure, as well as any improvements that have been done. Appraisers can photograph a specific room or feature in addition to shooting the exterior of the building to document its condition.

The appraiser determines the worth of the property after viewing it, taking into account factors such as similar house sales, lease records, location, view, prior valuations, and income possibilities.

Appraisers scrupulously document their research, observations, and techniques utilized in estimating the property's worth throughout the process.

real estate appraiser salary

Requirements to be a real estate appraiser

  • When appraising real estate, appraisers employ a variety of data sources. As a consequence, before submitting a final written report, they must thoroughly investigate and analyze every data.
  • Because appraisers contact clients on a daily basis, being courteous and personable is essential. Furthermore, these traits can aid in the expansion of future company prospects.
  • Real estate appraisers require strong organizing skills to complete all of the activities associated with assessing a property.
  • They frequently operate under time limitations, valuing several properties in a single day. As a result, time management and the ability to fulfill deadlines are critical.
  • When evaluating or assessing a property's worth, they can also run across unanticipated issues. To finish the report on time, you'll need to be able to come up with and implement a different solution.

How much do real estate appraisers make?

The pay of real estate appraisers varies considerably depending on the nature of their work. Appraisers can work alone, alongside other appraisers, or for a firm, and can work part-time or full-time hours. Appraisers are employed by several government lending organizations as well as commercial lending institutions. While all of these factors can influence an appraiser's pay, the sort of license an assessor holds is likely the most important.

Average salary

Residential real estate appraiser salaries can vary greatly. A real estate appraiser's average annual pay is $57,606 per year. Salary ranges from $14,000 to $142,000 a year, according to the data. Average appraiser income varies significantly across license levels. Part-time or inexperienced appraisers are most likely at the bottom of the spectrum. This data is based on over 400 salaries gathered from individuals, companies, and current job postings. Independent fee appraisers are also responsible for their own expenses.

real estate appraiser salary

License level and salary

Appraiser trainees are new appraisers who are still learning the ropes. They often work part-time and are paid on a per-appointment basis. Appraiser trainees often earn between $50 to $150 for each appraisal, with greater experience and competence leading to higher earnings.

Appraisers can take the real estate appraiser licensure test after 1000 hours of training as a trainee. Average wages for appraisers with this level of licensure range from $35,000 to $80,000, depending on the business.

Licensure for real estate appraisers

There are three sorts of licenses available to real estate appraisers. Before becoming licensed appraisers, appraisers work as trainees. To become certified appraisers, trainees must complete 1000 hours of work experience and pass the real estate licensing test. They can then assess residential properties such as homes and smaller flats.

After that, appraisers can become qualified residential appraisers, allowing them to evaluate more expensive homes and apartment complexes. The certified general appraiser license is the highest degree of accreditation. These experts can inspect both residential and commercial buildings, and they frequently work for private companies that provide evaluations for commercial projects.

Appraiser trainees

Trainee appraisers might work for private companies or government organizations. Typical prerequisites for becoming an appraiser trainee include completing 75 hours of appraising coursework, including classes on concepts, methods, and professional standards. Be aware, however, that these criteria can differ from state to state.

Work might be part-time or full-time, although remuneration is usually capped at a set rate based on the number of appraisals done. A licensed real estate appraiser must oversee trainees.

The average monthly remuneration is between $1000 and $3000. Appraiser trainees can sit for a real estate license test after accumulating 1000 hours of experience and completing licensing training courses. A few part-time appraisers or paid trainees continue to work in the field despite not having passed this test.

Licensed residential appraiser

education to become certified residential appraisers, but this varies by state. Appraisers have a lot more possibilities after passing the real estate license test. Appraisers can work alone, for a company, for a government body, or for a bank now that they are empowered to independently estimate the property worth of dwellings. Appraisers at this level can offer appraisals for homes with one to four units worth less than $1,000,000. They can also assess fewer complexities with higher value.

Certified residential appraiser

Licensed appraisers must complete an extra 50 hours of study to become certified home appraisers. Statistics, case studies, and electives are among the courses available. At least 1,500 hours of cumulative experience are also required, as well as completing the certified residential real property appraiser examination. It's possible that a college diploma or other courses will be necessary.

Certified appraisers are qualified to evaluate houses and complexes worth more than $1,000,000. Many qualified home appraisers work on big estate appraisals, particularly for legal purposes such as divorce and tax assessments.

Certified general appraiser

The certified general appraiser license is the highest degree of appraisal license. This necessitates 300 hours of course study, 3,000 hours of job experience, and a bachelor's degree. Commercial and non-commercial properties of any value can be appraised by certified general appraisers.

How to make more money as a real estate appraiser

Appraisers have a number of alternatives for increasing their earnings. Appraisers are often paid significantly more for each kind of license. Trainees might earn anything from $1,000 to $3,000 per month. Licensed real estate appraisers make between $35,000 and $85,000 a year, with management jobs earning even more. Residential appraisers earn $10,000 more on average than professional real estate appraisers. Certified general appraisers earn $25,000 more per year than licensed real estate appraisers on average.

Working hours

Working hours are another factor to consider. Appraisers that work independently are usually compensated for each appraisal. The average cost of an assessment in 2018 was around $400. Appraisers who schedule two or more appraisals per day can be able to earn significantly more than the average. However, this will need working longer hours. In return for lesser pay, some people can choose the more predictable hours and perks of working for the government or a lending institution.

Larger homes

Working on larger houses brings in more money. Residential appraisers that are certified can work on the biggest of homes. While appraisers are not permitted to charge by the value of a house, they are permitted to charge by square footage. Appraisals for larger properties can cost anywhere between $500 and $750. Appraisals for huge apartment complexes can be much more expensive.

Fee splits

Fee splits if working for a firm are a last consideration. In such instances, the commission from the appraisal is divided between the firm and the appraiser. A common split is 25% for the appraisal business and 75% for the appraiser. However, astute appraisers are ready to renegotiate these fee shares to more favorable conditions. Benefits, hours, and other benefits can be negotiated as part of this deal.

real estate appraiser salary

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