What a Teenager Should Wear to a Job Interview

What to wear to an interview (teenager). High school students can seek part-time or seasonal jobs to supplement their finances and get working experience. High school students can apply for jobs in the service industry, such as restaurants or retail businesses.

Students in high school can also work as babysitters, dog sitters, or for a volunteer group. Nonetheless, if you are interviewing for one of these employment, dress properly.

Why is wearing the correct attire important during job interviews?

Wearing the appropriate interview attire demonstrates that you've prepared for the interview and demonstrates a degree of maturity appropriate for the employment. Additionally, a professional appearance for an interview suggests accountability and a willingness to work.

what to wear to an interview for a teenager

What to wear to a job interview (as a teenager or high school student)

Teenagers have a variety of interview dress options, including the following:

Button down shirt with slacks

With dark slacks or khakis, pair a button-down shirt with dark pants or khakis.

Frequently, interviewing for a position geared at high school students does not require you to dress in a suit. When worn with khaki pants, a button-down shirt with a basic design demonstrates your organization and neatness. This attire might convey to the interviewer that you have spent time attentively preparing for the interview.

what to wear to an interview for a teenager

Polo shirt with a skirt or slacks

When conducting interviews, keep the season in mind. Certain employment for high school kids can be seasonal, so dress appropriately for the weather, depending on your geographic area and time of year. In the summer, a polo shirt and skirt or slacks are sufficient for the majority of seasonal employment. Because a polo shirt is more informal, ensure that you're dressed professionally throughout the interview by wearing a smart skirt or trousers and tucking your polo shirt in.

Button down shirt with a sweater

If your interview demands a more formal appearance, a button-down shirt and sweater paired with khakis are an excellent choice. It is a step up from a polo shirt, but not quite as formal as a suit and tie. Maintain a couple combinations of sweaters and button-downs in your wardrobe to ensure that you are prepared for a variety of social occasions.

what to wear to an interview for a teenager

Polo shirt with dark slacks

The secret to wearing dark pants and khakis is to coordinate the slacks' color with your belt and shoes for the interview. A color mismatch between these objects makes it more difficult to put together a tidy appearance. Brown loafers, formal shoes, and a belt complement dark khakis and the polo of your choice.

Button down with a cardigan and dress pants

You can also pair a button-down with an additional item, like as a cardigan, to make your look stand out. These pieces look well with navy blue trousers, khaki trousers, or a skirt.

Dress shirt and dark jeans

If you're a high school student, a dress shirt is an excellent choice for a job interview. You can be permitted to wear dark pants that suit the color and design of the dress shirt, depending on your job. Denim should be ironed and free of holes or rips, and your dress shirt should be stain-free prior to your interview. Always iron and tuck your shirt in before chatting with the interviewer.

Add a tie

Depending on the role and work environment for which you're interviewing, it can not be necessary to wear a tie. Overdressing is often acceptable in a professional context, and it might demonstrate your ambition and aggressiveness for the position for which you are interviewing.

what to wear to an interview for a teenager

While a solid button-down shirt and striped tie can convey a professional dress, you can alternatively go for a plaid shirt and a solid tie for a more relaxed office.

This can include conducting some research on the company prior to wearing a tie to your next job interview. Rolling up your sleeves is another option for a more relaxed look.

What not to wear

Avoid the following selections for your job interview attire:

Open-toed shoes

Shoes such as sneakers and sandals are inappropriate for a job interview. Even if the job requires outdoor work or business casual clothes, you can still appear good during the recruiting manager's interview. As previously said, loafers or brown dress shoes pair very well with tailored pants or skirts.

Shorts or low-cut shirts

When attending an interview, ensure that your clothing fits properly and is not excessively exposing. T-shirts, tank tops, and crop tops are all poor choices. If you want to exhibit your professionalism during your interviews, dress in business casual clothes.

Hats/athletic clothing

Baseball caps or similar headgear, as well as athletic-style clothes, are considered too casual for the majority of interviews. Polo shirts and button-down shirts are acceptable interview clothing as long as they are not too baggy or too tight.

Hoodies or sweatshirts

When attending an interview, avoid carrying or wearing all hooded sweatshirts and coats. Wearing a hood indicates to an employer that you either dislike being noticed in public or are uninterested in working for the company. If the weather is chilly, dress professionally in a clean, professional jacket or coat with no apparent branding. You want to make every effort to make a favorable impression on the interviewer, which includes your arrival and departure.

A lot of makeup, perfume, or cologne

When interviewing for a position, you'll want to keep your makeup, cologne, and perfume to a minimal. Fragrance/parfume smells and the sight of excessive makeup might be distracting to an interviewer. Rather than that, your objective should be to present a tidy and clean look that allows the interviewer to concentrate on your qualifications.

Mismatched bright colors

Even with the appropriate clothes, fluorescent colors might appear unprofessional and obtrusive. Additionally, avoid mixing colors that are not appropriate for business casual clothes. For interviews, neutral colors include navy, white, blue, black, and brown, and the majority of these hues for trousers or skirts can be combined with different colors for a button-down or polo shirt.

Tips to consider when dressing for an interview

Consider the following extra suggestions while planning your outfit for a job interview:

Research the company's dress code

Certain companies make their dress code available on their website; thus, examine their website for a policy or photographs of workers and stick to that dress code if called in for an interview.

Avoid revealing clothing

In an ideal world, the more conservatively dressed you are, the better. A button-down shirt and pants are considered a conservative interview dress.

Choose clothes that feel good

Choose professional clothes from your closet that reflects your confidence while remaining comfortable. Not having to worry about whether you can walk in your new shoes or if your new shirt fits properly allows you to concentrate on expressing your experience and exhibiting your fundamental beliefs.

Choose wisely

Avoid polished dress shoes. And don't wear jeans. For young women, wear a tailored dress. Long enough to cover yourself. Always stick with business casual attire. And try to impress the hiring manager with your professionalism. If this is your first interview, remember that a good impression will be left when you conduct yourself with professionalism. And look professional. Dress this way during a Zoom interview, too!

what to wear to an interview for a teenager

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