The Meaning of a 7-Figure Salary (Jobs That Pay 7-Figures)

How much is 7-figures? What jobs pay 7-figures? And how do I get one? You may set a career goal of earning seven figures and excelling in your work life as you age. To achieve this degree of success, you should pursue many streams of revenue, extensive media exposure, and the invention of a valued or high-quality product. There are several job options that may lead to a seven-figure salary.

7 figure meaning

How much is 7-figures?

When someone has a seven-figure net worth, this is often referring to their total net worth. As achieving billionaire status with your whole assets is more achievable than earning a salary in the range of $1,000,000 to $9,999,999.

And while generating a seven-figure salary is conceivable, achieving a net worth of this amount is a bit easier. To be sure, all paths involve a great deal of effort, commitment, and consistency – yet becoming a billionaire without a big salary is quite achievable.

7 figure meaning

To do this, you must be a constant investor.

For instance, maxing out your 401k or IRA and investing in a three-fund strategy can get you there. Investing in other appreciating assets, such as real estate, can also help you achieve a seven-figure net worth.

Additionally, you'll need to live within your means, maintain sound financial management, and continue investing and earning money. When compound interest works for you, a large wage is irrelevant. This article details how to become a millionaire on a five-figure income.

7 figure meaning

Is 7-figures one million dollars?

Generally, yes.

How much is a 7-figure salary?

A seven-figure salary indicates that you earn between $1,000,000 and $9,999,999 per year. This sort of compensation is somewhat more difficult to attain than a six-figure income, yet there are plenty of people in the United States that earn a salary in this range.

Achieving a seven-figure income is harder than earning six-figures. Usually, 7-figure income comes from multiple revenue streams and sources of passive income, along with a regular job.

What do seven-figure jobs entail?

The term "seven-figure job" refers to the amount of numbers on your salary statement. This category contains those earning between $1,000,000 and $9,999,999 per year. Many persons who earn seven-figure wages earn much above the national average. They typically begin in lower-level positions and work their way up to seven-figure incomes over time.

Top 7-figure jobs

There are several jobs to pursue that may lead to seven-figure incomes through means such as media exposure, investing, or developing creative goods. The following are some common career pathways that have the potential to develop into seven-figure jobs:

7 figure meaning

Investment banking

A job as an investment banker may be lucrative but also overwhelming at times, as it frequently requires working outside of standard work hours and days. Investment banking requires an in-depth knowledge of how the stock markets work. Additionally, you must understand how to assess and calculate risk in order to determine whether particular investment options are prudent.

If you're prepared to put in the time and effort required to become an investment banker and flourish in the field, you may easily earn six figures in a short period of time. From there, if you maintain a competitive edge, you may earn big incentives and promotions as you acquire more important abilities and rapidly move to a seven-figure job.

Entrepreneurship entails beginning your own firm and developing or selling outstanding items or valuable services that can improve your consumers' lives. Consider conducting market research on various products or services to choose the sort of business to start. Additionally, you should investigate the competitors in the market you choose to enter to ensure that your business has a chance of being noticed when you first launch. Evaluate your individual skills and skillset to discover the industry in which you might flourish.

7 figure meaning

The following are the kind of firms and sectors that have shown to be the most successful:

  • Services relating to technology.
  • Retail and e-commerce.
  • Construction firms.

Commercial sales

If you're considering a career in sales, enterprise sales is an excellent way to earn seven figures. Enterprise sales entail closing high-value deals, negotiating massive contracts, and liaising with several parties. Many of the transactions you execute will likely include hefty payments and intricate agreements that will result in considerable revenues for you. By cultivating a strong sense of self-motivation and self-discipline, you may close a large number of sales deals and earn up to $75,000 each year.


There are several areas in which consultants can earn substantial sums of money for the advice and counsel they provide to other firms. You can begin as an entry-level consultant, obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to help other organizations succeed, or you can build a strong name in your own field over time by earning substantial sums of money and delivering great outcomes. This enables firms to rely on your expertise and use your recommendations, suggestions, and ideas in order to boost their own revenues.


C-level executives are senior management positions such as chief finance officers, chief marketing officers, and chief executive officers. The majority of these CEOs oversee many divisions or a whole corporation. If you work for a firm with significant yearly sales, you have a good possibility of earning a substantial annual income through regular promotions and high pay.


An influencer is someone who leverages social media or other platforms to build a strong enough reputation to persuade others to make particular decisions, most notably purchase decisions. If you have a strong profile on some platforms, corporations may approach you to sell or promote their products or services, offering you a sizable fee in exchange for your recommendations.

7 figure meaning

Other 7-figure jobs

Seven-figure positions are not easy to come by, nor are they easy to get. This sort of income is often reserved for those who perform highly specialized labor for which there is a high demand but a restricted supply. Additionally, it is frequently those who are extremely gifted in a certain business or expertise.

Here are other 7-figure job titles:

  • CEOs and other C-Suite executive.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Account Executives in enterprise sales.
  • Investment Banking Managers in private equity.
  • Managing Directors.
  • Corporate Lawyers.
  • YouTubers.
  • Influencer on Social Media.
  • Actors in Film.
  • Athletes on the Professional Level.
  • Designers of Fashion.
  • Bloggers.
  • Podcaster.

How to obtain a seven-figure job

There are several paths to a seven-figure career in your chosen field. To land a seven-figure job, follow these steps:

Create novel goods

Creating creative items that fulfill the wants of potential clients is an excellent strategy to generate an outstanding income. When deciding which items to produce and sell, you should carefully analyze the cost of manufacturing them, the value they may add to clients, and the market demand for these products.

Once you begin selling, you may discover that you have larger clientele who are willing to purchase in quantity. Consider developing additional exclusive items to offer at a premium price. Offering more valuable and beneficial product alternatives to your clients will help you generate more money and expand your business more successfully.

7 figure meaning

Develop several revenue streams

If you obtain various jobs, you can generate multiple streams of revenue. This allows you to earn more money, but frequently consumes a large amount of your time due to the fact that you are doing several jobs. You may work in a full-time capacity while also accomplishing significant freelancing assignments in your spare time. Another option to generate numerous sources of income is to conduct research on stocks and investment possibilities on the side. Additionally, you may make residual income by owning rental homes.

Maximize media exposure

Whether you're an influencer or a small company owner, you should have a solid media relationship. You can then maintain an efficient platform for marketing your products and services to a diverse audience of prospective consumers and clients. Consider using several digital marketing methods to target certain demographics that you feel would benefit the most from your product, hence increasing your assured leads and consumers.

Develop relationships with those who earn seven figures

If you meet people who have previously reached this objective, you might discover more potential tactics and ways to employ to assist you in earning seven figures. Consider attending business events and networking with individuals who earn a good living. Establish rapport with them and invite them to lunch. If they're willing to educate you, try to absorb as much information as possible about their tactics and tips on how to improve your performance in your area.

7 figure meaning

Strive to have a healthy work-life balance

As you strive toward a larger salary, keep in mind to schedule time for self-care to avoid burnout. Self-care is critical, as is resting when necessary. By unwinding and focusing on other jobs or interests, you may give your brain a breather and return to work feeling more rejuvenated. This also enables your brain to focus more efficiently on your objectives when it has time to rest and engage in other activities.

Start your own business

Entrepreneurship entails founding your own firm and developing or selling outstanding items or valuable services that improve the lives of clients. Consider conducting market research on various products or services to choose the sort of business to start.

Many of those who obtain seven figure salaries are entrepreneurs.

Common FAQ's

Common questions from job seekers.

What is 7-figures called?

7-figures is called a seven-figure portfolio or annual salary that equals one million dollars or more. 7-Figures range from $1,000,000 to $9,999,999, and when individuals use this word, they are often referring to an individual's income or net worth. When you hit seven figures, you're considered a millionaire, unless you're deeply in debt.

What is a 7-figure income?

A seven-figure wage equates to one million dollars. On the other hand, a six-figure wage ranges from $100,000 and $999,999 every year. Of course, there are additional approaches to generate a seven-figure income than with a single basic pay!

What are some six-figure jobs?

What is a 7-figure job?

The term "seven-figure job" refers to the amount of numbers on your salary statement. This category contains those earning between $1,000,000 and $9,999,999 per year. Many persons who earn seven-figure wages earn much above the national average.

What other types of salary figures are there?

A six-figure salary, five-figure salary and nine-figure salary. If you earn up to seven figures, though, not exactly over one million, it's okay to suggest that you have a seven-figure salary.

7 figure meaning

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