Here's What to Wear to a Server Interview

Here's what to wear to a server interview. Interviewing is a critical component of the hiring process since it enables both the hiring manager and applicant to meet and discuss the open position in person. The location of the interview, as well as the sort of job for which you are interviewing, have an effect on how you should dress.

what to wear to a server interview

What to wear to a server interview

Typically, applicants for positions in restaurants and coffee shops are interviewed in those establishments. How you dress for a restaurant interview is determined by the type of job you're seeking and the ambiance of the establishment:

Server interview attire

When looking for a position at a restaurant, your interview wardrobe may be more casual than what you would wear to an office job interview. If you're unsure what to wear to a restaurant job interview or a server interview, observe how the establishment's waitstaff dresses for their shifts.

Consider the following while applying for a server, cashier, host, or bartender position:

  • A button-up top in black
  • Slacks in black
  • Dress shoes in black

Many restaurants require wait staff to wear in black to conceal food and drink stains, and it's a neutral style that allows the interviewer to focus on you and your responses, rather than on your clothing choice.

what to wear to a server interview

Restaurant supervisor job interview attire

If you're interviewing for a supervisor or managerial position at a restaurant, your interview attire should reflect the establishment's level. In a more informal restaurant, business casual interview attire may include the following:

  • Suit slacks or khaki trousers
  • A shirt with a button-down collar or a polo shirt
  • Shoes for the office or flats

Your attire should be business professional in a mid-scale to upscale restaurant, which includes the following:

  • Suit or dress slacks with a blazer.
  • Top with button-down collar.
  • Pencil skirt or evening gown.
  • Shoes for formal occasions.

What to wear to a coffee shop interview

Because coffee shops frequently ask baristas and cashiers to appear in black for their shifts, wearing appropriately for the interview demonstrates that you are prepared for your first shift. A suitable interview outfit can include the following:

  • A button-down shirt or polo shirt in black.
  • Slacks in black.
  • Shoes in black.

what to wear to a server interview

Interview tips for restaurants and coffee shops

When doing an interview in a restaurant or coffee shop, it is usually prudent to dress conservatively but comfortably. If you're unsure what to wear to a server interview, you can look up what servers wear while waiting tables at the restaurant where you're applying. Comfy shoes are essential, even more so if you will be showcasing your abilities throughout the interview.

Personal hygiene is another component of your appearance that matters during a restaurant interview. Due to the fact that many restaurant positions require direct contact with customers, hiring managers want to ensure that the individuals they recruit appear presentable and well-groomed. If you have long hair, tie it back to keep it out of your face during the interview. If you have facial hair, keep it groomed appropriately. Trim your nails, choose ironed, clean, and free of tears, stains, or holes clothing, and avoid wearing too much perfume, cosmetics, or accessories.

What to dress to a restaurant or coffee shop interview

Even if you are not seeking for a position at a restaurant or coffee shop, you may be interviewed for another position at one of these establishments. Hiring managers may prefer to conduct interviews in restaurant settings in order to create a more relaxed atmosphere conducive to the applicant's comfort. Conduct some internet research on social media, review sites, and the restaurant's website to determine the dress code rating and needed attire. Adhere to the following dress code guidelines dependent on the location of the interview:

Casual restaurant interview attire

If you're unsure what to wear to a job interview at a restaurant, keep in mind that the atmosphere of the establishment, as well as the type of position for which you're interviewing, will influence your outfit selection. If you're having lunch at a casual restaurant, the atmosphere is typically more relaxed, and you can wear business casual attire, such as:

  • A button-down shirt or polo shirt.
  • A pair of dress slacks or khakis.

Café interview attire

When meeting for a coffee interview, the position for which you are applying should influence your attire. Numerous firms across all industries hold interviews at coffee shops, so the company's dress code should play a key role in determining what you wear. You might conduct research on companies' websites or employee review sites to discover if the dress code is mentioned.

Appropriate dress for a more relaxed company may include the following:

  • Slacks in a dark hue
  • A button-down or polo shirt that is appropriate for business casual

If you're interviewing with a financial services company in the coffee shop of a corporate building, a more formal wardrobe, such as a business suit and dress shoes, is preferable.

Restaurant that has business casual attire

If you're meeting for an interview at a reasonably priced restaurant, you should dress slightly more formally. At this type of establishment, your restaurant interview attire may include the following:

  • A pair of tailored trousers or a pencil skirt.
  • A buttoned-down shirt.
  • Shoes for formal occasions.

Additionally, you can dress up your attire by adding a pullover or cardigan sweater, blazer, or vest. This guideline also applies to interviews done in more upscale lounges or hotel bars.

Fancy or upscale restaurant interview

When dining at an upmarket restaurant, the ideal choice for what to dress to a restaurant job interview is formal business clothes. With neutral accessories, maintain a professional impression. Business attire comprises the following:

  • A business suit or other formal attire.
  • With a blazer, button-down shirt, and tie, dress slacks.
  • Dress shoes with a closed toe.

Can I wear jeans to a waitress interview?

Even if you are applying for a fairly casual restaurant, your interview wardrobe for waitress employment should be conservative. Avoid wearing short skirts, exposing blouses, sandals, and denim.

If you're interviewing with a restaurant that requires formal business attire, make sure to attend the job interview in that dress code.

Can I wear jeans to a restaurant interview?

Yes. Usually, it's okay to wear jeans to a typical job interview. Dress pants, like slacks or dark clothing, are more appropriate attire. If you are interviewing for a technical career that will not require you to interact with customers, it is acceptable to wear jeans and a nicer top or a casual dress. If you're concerned about seeming underdressed, opt for a business casual ensemble.

What can I do to prepare for a server interview?

Prepare by having answers to common server interview questions:

  • What drew you to this position?
  • Why did you resign from your previous restaurant position?
  • What is the most straightforward aspect of becoming a server? ...
  • How many customers or tables are you accustomed to serving or capable of serving concurrently?
  • Are you willing to work shifts in the evenings or early mornings?

Will my clothing have an impact on whether I get the job as a server?

While casual dress or a uniform may come to mind when considering a waiter or waitress position, preparing for an interview in the foodservice industry is still a formal process. As with any employment, you may be able to dress more casually once employed, but it's critical to remain as professional as possible during the interviewing process.

What do you wear to a food service interview?

Dress in business-casual attire and accessories. Men should wear a suit or sports jacket, a tie, and dress slacks. Women may wear a suit or a skirt and shirt. Additionally, women may wear formal slacks.

For any waitress job, it's best to attend in a business dress code. This is a business casual top for both men and women. And a more formal outfit rather than ripped jeans or a t-shirt.

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