Important Leasing Consultant Interview Questions and Answers

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Here are leasing consultant interview questions and answers to use. Leasing consultants help landlords advertise their homes, discover potential tenants, and manage connections with those tenants. Employers can gauge your level of familiarity with these abilities through interview questions for this role. Show off your customer service, organization, and real estate talents throughout your interview.

leasing consultant interview questions

What is a leasing agent or leasing consultant?

Leasing consultants work for landlords and property management organizations, interacting with renters on their behalf. They help potential and current renters with property viewings, lease terms and rates, rental applications, lease negotiation, and lease renewal.

Leasing consultants are vital to property management companies. They provide excellent customer service to existing tenants and future tenants. Assisting in submitting the tenant's application and ensuring the potential renter is going to be a quality renter.

Leasing consultants have great sales skills, promote properties, push forward a difficult sale, and have all the skills required to fill empty apartments in an apartment complex.

leasing consultant interview questions

General interview questions for leasing agents

These questions can help you show an interviewer your personality and interests:

  • What motivates you to achieve your goals?
  • What has been your biggest blunder?
  • Tell me about a moment when you stepped in to aid someone in need.
  • What are your interests and hobbies?
  • In five years, where do you see yourself?
  • In the first 90 days, what can we anticipate from you?
  • What kind of difficulties do you want to face in this position?
  • What about this role appeals to you?

Questions concerning the leasing consultant's background and experience

These questions demonstrate your credentials and talents to an interviewer:

  • What kind of schooling do you have?
  • As a leasing consultant, do you have any expertise with property management software?
  • What kind of properties have you leased before?
  • Describe the most challenging sell you've ever had to make.
  • Have you ever had to arbitrate a disagreement between a landlord and a tenant?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to deal with many tenants' moves on the same day.
  • Describe an instance when you used new technology or information in your work and how it benefited your organization.
  • What strategies have you employed to take advantage of real estate trends?
  • Describe a moment when you successfully organized the closing of a property.
  • Tell me about an instance when you successfully persuaded a tenant to extend their lease.
  • What are your strategies for dealing with high-stress situations?

leasing consultant interview questions

Detailed interview questions to ask a leasing consultant

These questions will assist you to demonstrate that you understand the unique function and the abilities required to succeed:

  • Describe your interactions with your renters and landlords.
  • What qualifies you as a suitable fit for this firm?
  • What strategies do you employ to persuade tenants to renew their leases?
  • When dealing with the personal information of a possible tenant, how do you ensure confidentiality?
  • What attributes do you possess that make you a successful salesperson?
  • What do you do if a tenant is late or refuses to pay?
  • How do you organize your job using technology?
  • Are you good at marketing real estate?
  • How would you promote this position?
  • What characteristics do you seek in a prospective tenant?

Leasing agent interview questions and answers

Although an interviewer may ask a leasing consultant a variety of questions, here are a few frequent ones, along with example replies, to help you prepare:

1. Describe one of your skills that will assist you in your role as a leasing consultant.

Interviewers may ask this question to see if your skills are a suitable fit for the job. Choose a feature about yourself that distinguishes you from other candidates and demonstrates your talents as you prepare to respond.


"My ability to sell anything is one of my most valuable assets as a leasing adviser. I majored in marketing in college, but I gained a lot of experience working for a defunct retail company. My employees and I were having problems selling the store's mannequins, so I set up a display at the entrance and posted sale posters. The mannequins were then sold out in two days."

2. What is your favorite aspect of working as a leasing consultant?

Interviewers want to discover what you like about the work and if your passions match theirs. Even if you have no prior experience as a leasing consultant, you can answer this question by describing your favorite aspect of the job.

"Working as a leasing consultant allows me to meet new individuals on a regular basis, which is one of my favorite aspects of the job. It gives me great pleasure to assist families in making their homes in my residences."

leasing consultant interview questions

3. What are your professional objectives?

Interviewers are more concerned about how the position you're interviewing will fit into your objectives, even if you have several aspirations for the future. Answer honestly and emphasize your commitment to this role.


"In the coming years, I plan to return to school to pursue a bachelor's degree in business administration. I'd like to work as a property manager in the future. This leasing consultant role would allow me to obtain significant experience working with property owners and tenants while also introducing me to new professional contacts."

4. What would you do if you were to lose a potential tenant?

This question reveals how you deal with complex conditions. Interviewers are looking for examples of how you handle stressful circumstances quietly and successfully. To respond, evaluate how you may resolve or move on from the event.


"First, I'd figure out why I didn't get the possible renter and what I could do about it. I may offer a reduced rent, a waived application fee, or a free month. If I couldn't persuade the possible renter to reside on my property, I would treat them with respect and put in extra effort in my search for a new tenant."

5. What part of your previous employment did you dislike the most?

This is a question that interviewers may ask to see if the position you're interviewing for matches your interests and dislikes. Your former teammates, work environment, or duties might all have a role in response to this question. Be honest, and consider tying what you disliked about your previous job to what you're looking forward to about this one.


"I didn't feel valued for the effort I was doing at my previous job. Despite the fact that several of my renters extended their leases, my staff was constantly encouraging me to do more. When I couldn't seem to satisfy the team's expectations, it got daunting. I enjoy my work. Therefore I was thrilled to see this leasing consultant position advertised on the internet."

leasing consultant interview questions

6. What distinguishes you from others?

Interviewers may ask this question to discover what sets you apart from other candidates. Describe any specific skills or information you have that may be useful in a leasing consultant role in your response. Remember to make your description brief and role-specific.


"My understanding of several groups is something that distinguishes me. After graduation, I traveled throughout the country and became involved in various places, from metropolitan to rural. Making contacts throughout the country has shaped my ideas about what individuals desire when renting a house, office, or other places. This understanding has enabled me to promote rental homes in a unique way from my competition.

7. Describe a moment when you missed a deadline and how you dealt with it.

This question is designed to determine how you handle workplace mishaps. Explaining how you dealt with a missed deadline demonstrates to interviewers that you can remain calm under pressure, rectify the problem, and learn from your mistakes. When writing your response, emphasize the positive conclusion and how it would benefit you in this situation.


"I once missed a deadline for mailing a renter their apartment's lease renewal. I should have sent the lease a month ago, but I'd forgotten about that tenant on my list. First, I informed the property owner of my error. Then I apologized and confirmed that they were not moving out with the renter. Finally, I mailed the lease to the tenant without charging them for the month. After that, whenever I sent essential paperwork to renters, I double-checked my lists."

8. Assume a possible tenant asks you a question you have no answer to. So, what exactly do you do?

Interviewers may ask this question to assess your customer service skills and if you're ready for a specific job setting. Show that you're willing to help the possible renter by collecting the information they need later or sending the query to another person in your response.


"If someone asked me a question and I didn't know the answer, I'd apologize, tell them I'm not sure and tell them I'll get back to them as soon as possible with the information. I would locate the answer to their issue in my next spare time and inform them by phone or email."

9. How do you deal with adversity?

Because of technological advancements, several occupational categories are fast changing. This question may be asked to assess your capacity to adapt to and utilize new technology or knowledge to your advantage. Prepare for this question by recounting a time when you took advantage of a change.


"I'm a good change agent. A property owner recently changed their property and website to reflect a new perspective. I used to advertise the apartment community as a location for singles or older couples, but once the property owner installed two playgrounds and a basketball court, I modified my ads to target families with children. It was unfamiliar territory for me, but I relished the challenge."

10. What are your strategies for dealing with overlapping deadlines?

This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your ability to organize and manage your time. Interviewers want to know that you can manage your calendar and solicit support when needed because overlapping deadlines are standard for leasing consultants.


"When I have many deadlines that overlap, I create a table that lists all of the deadlines, when they occur, and their priority level. After that, I reschedule as much as I can. If there are any remaining overlaps, I try to complete certain tasks ahead of schedule. If I truly require assistance, I will seek assistance from my teammates."

How do I prepare for a leasing consultant interview?

Here's how to prepare for a leasing consultant interview:

  • Show your interest in apartment leasing.
  • Display how your prior job experience makes you a fit.
  • Show your soft skills and hard skills.
  • Explain your personal areas of improvement.
  • Demonstrate your ability to work with people.
  • Express your passion for property management.
  • Display time-management skills, interpersonal skills, and a friendly attitude.
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