How to Get a Pay Stub (2022)

Here's how to get pay stubs from current or former employers. You are entitled to a pay stub as an employee, which documents the revenue you receive from your company. Having your pay stubs on hand might help you keep track of your earnings and make verifying your salary with various third parties more manageable.

how to get a pay stub

What is a pay stub, exactly?

A pay stub, often known as a paycheck stub or earnings statement, is a document that shows your wages. It simply details how much you got paid throughout a pay period. When your employer makes a direct transfer into your bank account or attaches it to your paycheck, you'll get a pay stub. The following information frequently gets included on your pay stub:

  • How much you got paid during the payroll period in question.
  • Your withdrawals or deductions, such as taxes or insurance premiums.
  • Payments made during the year.

Your pay stub may also contain personal information such as your social security number, legal name, employer name, and the amount of money you earned. Because of this information, it's critical to keep your pay stub out of the wrong hands to prevent identity theft.

Knowing what information a pay stub contains can help you keep track of your earnings and ensure you're getting paid what you're entitled to as an employee. Your pay stubs might also get used to authenticate your identity or show your income. Many landlords and creditors, for example, demand to see your pay stubs to verify your income.

How can I get my pay stubs without the employer?

Usually, it's impossible to get a standard pay stub without contacting your employer. Though your former employer uses any HR portal (like ADP), most likely, you should still have access to that online portal.

From the online portal, you can see a history of your W2 forms and pay stubs associated with your employment history.

Can I get my pay stubs from my bank?

You can get a record of your direct deposit in the form of a statement. Your bank will only issue you this statement. In many cases, employees who are looking for pay stubs need a formal pay stub when applying for a car loan, a home, or other financial needs.

Where can I receive a pay stub?

If you need a pay stub, contact your company's payroll department or look them up on the internet. While both options offer you proof of income in the end, the processes for getting your pay stubs are different. You can get your pay stubs in one of two ways:

how to get a pay stub

Through your company's intranet or HR portal

Some companies do not offer paper pay stubs to their employees. They may be able to save them electronically through a payroll provider website in this situation. Here's how to acquire an electronic pay stub:

1. Check with your employer to see where you can get a copy of your pay stub.

Find out where you can look up your pay stubs on the internet. Please inquire with your boss or the human resources department about where you may find them on the internet. Companies that save them electronically often do so through a payroll service website that needs an employee login and password.

2. Go to the website.

Locate the website once you've figured out where to get your pay stubs online. Ensure that you have access to your employee login and password. If you don't have this information, request it from your company's human resources department.

3. Get a hold of your pay stubs.

Locate the website section that stores your pay stubs after you've logged in—usually an HR portal. You can view or download your pay stubs from this page at your leisure.

Using your HR/payroll department

If your employer does not provide you with electronic pay stubs, you may need to contact your company's payroll department for assistance. To obtain your pay stubs from your payroll department, follow these steps:

1. Find out where you can get your pay stubs.

Your pay stubs are most likely available online through your company. If you are unable to locate them, please get in touch with your payroll department.

2. Request a copy of your pay stubs.

Once you've reached out to your company's payroll department, inquire about receiving paper copies of your pay stubs. If you prefer an electronic document, they may be able to email them to you.

3. Give yourself plenty of time to retrieve them.

Give your payroll department time to provide your pay stubs to you, whether you requested print copies or emailed ones. If you asked for paper pay stubs, the department might take some time to locate and print them, depending on how many you asked for. If you ask that they get emailed to you, the department will require time to find, scan, and email them.

How can you obtain a pay stub from your previous employer?

It's critical to keep your pay stubs on hand since many third parties, such as landlords or insurance companies, will ask to view them to verify your income. While receiving them from your present company is simple, obtaining them from your old employer necessitates a few more procedures. To get a pay stub from your previous employment, follow these steps:

how to get a pay stub

1. Make contact with your previous job.

Make contact with your previous employer or the organization's human resources department. Inquire about how you might get a copy of your previous pay stubs. Ask them how long the request will take if needed by a specific date. They may send you to their payroll or accounting department in such situations.

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2. Complete all required papers.

Fill out any papers provided by the accounting department, such as a pay stub request form. You may also need to write a request for a pay stub. The following details should get included:

  • Your full legal name.
  • Your current physical location.
  • Your previous location (if you moved since your last employment).
  • Your social security number.
  • EIN of your previous employer.
  • The dates of the pay periods for which you're obtaining pay stubs.

You can submit a request through email, conventional mail, fax, or in person if you're required to do so. If you send your request through email, fax, or regular mail, make sure to confirm receipt.

3. If required, file a complaint

If your employer refuses to cooperate with your request, you can file a complaint with the labor department in your state. They'll have to pay a violation charge in this situation.

When can I expect to receive my pay stub?

In the United States, federal law does not mandate companies to pay employees at specified intervals (weekly, biweekly, or monthly), but state laws may. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers must pay their employees "promptly," according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Despite the lack of specificity, it is widely accepted that pay should be issued as soon as feasible following the most recent pay period.

how to get a pay stub

Is it better to have a paper or an electronic pay stub?

Your pay stub will be given in printed form if you reside in one of the eleven states that mandate employers to furnish printed statements, as stated above. Employers are permitted to provide them electronically in most of these 'Printed' states as long as they are printable. This document is dependent on the state where the job is located.

Employers must offer employees access to a pay statement if they live in one of the 'Access' states, although it does not have to get printed. Finally, businesses are not obligated to send you a pay stub if you live in a 'No Requirement' state.

What types of deductions are allowed by employers on pay stubs?

Your employer will deduct a set amount from your salary for federal income tax and Social Security contributions, as well as other FICA-mandated things. Employers can remove money from your pay stub in the following ways:

Meals, lodging, transportation, obligations owing to the employer, child support, and alimony are all examples of legally permissible payments. Charitable donations or insurance are examples of voluntary approved deductions that can get made even if the employee's income falls below minimum wage after deduction.

Employers are not allowed to deduct goods that may be deemed an advantage or convenience to them. They also can't refuse or alter payments retrospectively as a means of retaliation for poor performance.

Is it possible for me to insist on a printed pay stub?

Yes, you should be able to request this if you are in a 'Printed / Access' status and cannot print your electronic statement.

What can I do if my employer refuses to provide pay stubs?

If an employer refuses to provide a pay stub to an employee, the employee may be entitled to litigate in court to get the information.

Contact a local employment attorney to learn about your state's laws regarding refusal to issue pay stubs.

how to get a pay stub

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