150 Best Truth or Drink Questions (+ Game Rules for 2022)

Truth or drink is an incredibly fun, easy, and accessible drinking game to play with friends. In the game, one player (normally called the game master) asks the truth or drink question. And the player who is getting asked the question either has to answer the question with a truthful response to the prompt. Or when they don't want to answer, they have to take one drink of their alcoholic beverage.

Game rules

The rules of the game are simple. Depending on the number of players in the game, the rules should evolve. The game can be played with as few as two players. It's best to choose questions or a question list in advance with the players.

Once the game question has been asked, normally by the question head or the game master, the other person or the group must answer the question truthfully or choose to drink. Players cannot respond to the question with a "yes" or "no" type of response. A "no" response must be answered with a drink.

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The best list of truth or drink questions to ask.

Certain questions may require the person playing to respond with a longer story. In this case, it's a great way for the group to have conversations. If a player chooses not to share a story, they must take a drink and the game continues onto another player. Usually the player to the right of the responder.

Truth or drink is a variation of truth or dare. In truth or dare, the person who chooses not to respond to the game prompt must then pick a date. In this case, the dares are replaced by having a drink. Creating the drinking game.

Equipment, tips, and more

It's best to play this game with low alcoholic beverages. You'll need at least two people, an alcoholic beverage like w#ne or b#er, and an optional shot glass if you'd like to measure the exact size of a drink. Once you have these, gather or print the truth or drink questions listed below and start playing the game.

This game is best played on the weekends, with friends, or with couples. Truth or drink is an especially fun game since the ingestion of alcohol normally assists in the process of revealing more truthful responses to embarrassing questions.

Truth or Drink Questions

Truth questions for couples

What's the worst habit you have in bed?

What was the worst date you've ever been on?

When's the last time you cried?

What's the worst swear word you say often?

Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Would you rather lick someones foot or lick someone's hand?

What's something d#rty that you think about often?

Have you ever sent a n#de photograph to someone?

Did you ever ditch out on a first date?

What's the worst lie you've ever told?

Have you ever fallen in public and had people laugh at you?

What couple would you have a threesome with?

What's the biggest age gap you've had with a romantic partner?

Have you ever lied to your romantic partner?

Did you ever fantasize about someone other than your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Have you ever done something s#xual with another couple?

Did you ever send d#rty photographs to another couple?

Would you ever take lingerie photographs?

How many times per week do you and your spouse have s#x?

Who is the loudest in the bedroom?

What's the longest dry spell you've ever had?

Did you ever give a lap dance to someone?

Would you rather be on top or be on bottom?

What's your favorite position during intimacy?

Would you rather be the big spoon or the little spoon?

Have you ever hacked into your partners email account?

Did you ever intentionally read your partners text messages?

Would you let your partner read all of your text messages?

Would you ever let your partner read all of your Snapchat messages?

Did you ever flirt with someone random on social media?

Truth questions for adults

What's the most illegal thing you've ever done?

Have you ever k#ssed someone who is in this room?

What's one thing you wish you could hire someone to do?

Would you let someone in this room read text messages on your phone?

Did you ever throw up at the end of a party?

What's the most among of trouble you got into as a kid?

What's the grossest thing you've ever done?

What habit did you have as a kid that was gross?

Did you ever fail a class or grade in school?

When did you lose your virginity?

How often do you go to the bathroom?

What's the most embarrassing thing your mom caught you doing?

What's the most embarrassing thing your dad caught you doing?

What's one thing as a kid that you used to get ridiculed for doing?

When did you last fart?

When did you last have a bowel movement?

Did you ever get diarrhea in public?

What's the worst food you've ever ate?

Did you ever k#ss someone of your own gender?

How often do you think about having s#x?

Did you ever get fired from a job for doing something bad?

When's the last time you got in trouble at work?

Did you ever cut class in high school?

Have you ever went to a concert completely drunk?

Did you ever get intimate at a concert or sporting event?

Have you ever thrown up at a concert or sporting event?

Did you ever secretly learn the password to your partners phone?

Would you ever consider doing role play in the bedroom?

Have you ever asked someone to take a d#rty picture for you?

What's one thing that really turns you on about another gender?

Truth questions for friends

Did you ever wear your friends underwear?

Have you ever k#ssed your friend as a dare?

Did you ever borrow money from your friend?

Have you ever fantasized about your friends parent or parents?

Did you ever let a friend cheat on one of your tests?

Did you ever cheat in school?

Did you ever skip your taxes?

What was your last first date like?

Did you ever try to steal your best friends crush?

What's one thing you have ever done that makes you seem like a bad person?

What is a nickname your family used to call you?

What's one thing you wish you could do for the rest of your life?

What's your strangest off-limit crush?

Have you ever had a s#xting conversation?

Has anyone ever caught you masturbating?

Would you consider yourself more of a dominant or submissive person?

What's a pet name that your mom/dad always calls you?

What's a pet peeve of someone in this room?

Have you ever been to an adult club or adult st#p club?

Did you ever visit adult websites?

Would you ever steal your friends ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?

Have you ever flirted with a friends boyfriend/girlfriend?

Have you ever got into a fist fight with another person?

Did you ever decide to listen to a song just because your friend liked it?

What's the last lie you told your best friend?

If you could change one thing about your friend, what would it be?

If you could eliminate one friend from the group, who would it be?

When did you know that you had a best friend?

Did you ever have a best friend who wasn't your best friend in return?

Did you ever have a friend get upset at you for something you didn't know you did wrong?

d#rty questions

Where is the worst place you've ever had s#x?

Did you ever walk in on your parents having s#x?

Which celebrity would you like to sleep with or k#ss?

Have you ever shared the bed with another couple?

Did you ever have s#x at school?

What's one random thing you've done in the bedroom?

How often do you fantasize?

What's the last thing you remember doing in the bedroom?

Have you ever ate food while having s#x?

Did you ever dance s#xually for someone?

Have you ever had someone talk d#rty to you?

Did you ever want to film a d#rty movie?

If you could have s#x with anyone in this room, who would it be?

What movie always turn you on?

What's your favorite body part on a guy/girl?

What do you like to be called in the bedroom?

Have you ever had s#x with someone that you barely knew?

What's the last fantasy that you masturbated to?

What's the dirtiest s#xt you've ever sent?

What s#xual position are you best at?

Where is one place you wish you could have s#x?

Did you ever have s#x on an airplane?

Have you ever been intimate in a car?

Did you ever have an intimate encounter in a movie theater?

Have you ever put your hand down a boyfriend or girlfriends pants in public?

When was the first time you made out with someone?

What was the first time you ever French k#ssed someone?

If you could change one body part on your boyfriend/girlfriend, what would it be?

When's the last time you lied about having an orgasm?

Have you ever pretended to have an orgasm for your partner?

PG Questions

What's one secret that you promised you'd never tell?

Have you ever worn the same underwear multiple days in a row?

If you could be someone else, who would it be?

What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

What kind of underwear do you normally wear?

Can you tie a knot with your tongue?

Have you ever had a secret relationship or online relationship?

What's your favorite drink that other people find gross?

What's the craziest dream you've ever had?

Have you ever bought something, worn it, and then returned it?

Have you ever shop lifted?

Did you ever steal anything from a gas station?

What's the longest love relationship you've ever been in?

Have you ever danced on top of a table?

Did you ever break something in the house as a kid?

What rule did you always break when you were a child?

Have you ever broken the law?

What's the one thing you really dislike about yourself?

If you had to pick one thing you love about yourself, what would it be?

What's your favorite part of your family traditions?

Did you ever turn a t-shirt inside out to wear it again?

Did you ever watch a movie that was rated higher than your age?

Have you ever had a sip of alcohol?

Did you ever lie to someone at church?

Did you ever have a d#rty thought while at church?

Have you ever been aroused at school and have to hide it?

Did you ever have an embarrassing thing happen to you and then lie about it?

Have you ever had a fantasy about a teacher at school?

Did you ever touch someone's butt on accident?

Have you ever been a bully or tripped someone on purpose?

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