Two Truths and a Lie: 140 Crazy Lie Ideas for 2023 (+ Truths)

Two Truths and a Lie is considered an ice breaker game and party game. All that's required to play this fun game is a small group of people. Or one single partner who is willing to play. This game isn't ideal for groups larger than 10 people. As the larger gathering of people often leads to too much time required to answer the prompts and slows the game down.

Get ready to have fun and get to know each other in this fun guessing game!

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The best list of two truths and a lie ideas.

How to Play

To start the game, players must decide on three statements to say about themselves. They share these statements with the group. Two of the statements are true and one is a lie. It's up to the rest of the group to decide which one of the statements is the lie.

The true purpose behind the game is that each truth that's shared reveals something about that person's character. Creating the "icebreaker" activity for friends, coworkers, students, and more.

Drinking Game

Players can turn this into a drinking game if desired. In order to turn this into a drinking game, the players who answer incorrectly all must take a sip of alcohol. It's best to use something low in alcohol percentage, like wine or beer. Since many of the players will be incorrect with their answers.

By Text

This fun game can also be played over text. All that's required is one person. Or in a group chat setting, it can be fun as well. To play, one person texts the group with their three statements. One lie is embodied in one of the statements. The group or person must respond with which prompt they believe is the lie.

Example Ideas/Prompts

Here are example statements that someone might use when playing the game "2 truths and a lie."

    I've never broken my arm.

    I've never traveled to Italy.

    I've never eaten a meatball.

One of the statements is false (a lie). Two truths and one lie.

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Instructions (How to Play)

Here's how to play the game in detail. Have players sit in a circle. Have one person pick to "take their turn." The game head (or player that is currently telling their statement) then shares their true statements and one false statement. Go around in the group, having each person share their three statements. At the end of the round, each one of the players must guess which of the statements they felt was the lie. Note-taking is best for this style of gameplay.

In this format, it's the traditional icebreaker-style way of playing. And can make for a great team icebreaker activity or team-building exercise. In addition, this can be a great activity for students to play. Teachers should keep score and award the person who guessed the most lies.

Other variations of the game include "Two Truths and a Dream Wish." In this version, instead of telling a lie, the person shares a wish.

Tips for Playing (Strategy)

Pick truths and lies that sound realistic. The best strategy is to choose statements that sound like potentially similar lies or potentially similar truths. Rather than picking two mediocre statements and one lie that seems disproportionate. Here's an example of a bad strategy.

    I've never been on a boat.

    I never learned how to swim.

    I've never flown a commercial airline airplane.

Players are going to guess the third statement. Because it seems larger than the first two. If that statement is the lie, that's a poor strategy. If the statement is true, some players might think that statement is obviously a false statement and not guess it. Meaning, if you, the player, actually flew a commercial airline airplane—then that round is a good strategy. If it is a lie, then that round is a bad strategy. In short: pick three believable statements as one strategy. Or one unbelievable statement that's true as another strategy.

Truths and Lie Ideas

Below are statement ideas when playing this icebreaker game.

Lies (Ideas)

General Lies

I went to Europe as a High School student.

I won a pie-eating contest.

I've never been to New York City.

I've never had an iPhone.

I have never had a social media account.

I can write with both my left and right hand.

I cook for myself on the weekends.

I know how to speak multiple languages.

I would be considered a "momma's boy" or "momma's girl."

I have the ability to roll my tongue.

I've never been to a movie theater.

I've never seen a Broadway show.

I have never been to times square.

I had my picture on a billboard.

I've been a model for advertising in the past.

I have two cats.

I have multiple dogs at home.

I would not be considered a "family person."

I have no plans to go to college.

I can read upside down.

Childhood Lies

I broke my arm as a kid.

I have climbed a tree that was 40' tall.

I was in gymnastics when I was younger.

I developed a food allergy at the age of 11.

I had more than 10 friends when I was younger.

I was best friends with my sister.

I have never wet the bed.

I was able to speak at the age of 2.

I never saw a shooting star as a kid.

My favorite class was science in school.

I didn't have hair as a kid until the age of 5.

I never cut my hair when I was younger.

I skipped a grade when I was in school.

My teachers all called me the "problem child" in school.

I never played an online video game.

I was the youngest child in my family.

My birthday is in April.

I was never afraid of the dark.

I was afraid of clowns as a child.

I never went to the circus or to the amusement park as a kid.

Food & Life Lies

I am a vegetarian.

I've never had an oyster.

I was never a fan of comedy TV shows.

My favorite movie was The Sandlot.

I was a fan of vegetables as a kid.

I grew up drinking soy milk as a child.

I could never watch TV for more than 30-minutes as a kid.

I was a fan of writing fiction books.

I've never had kids.

I wrote a paper in college called "Humanity."

I have never been to the post office.

I have more than 50 selfies on my phone.

I've never posted on social media.

I have met all of the members of the boy band "N'SYNC."

I always answer phone calls from unknown numbers.

I've been on the news three times.

I love to play poker on my phone.

I sometimes walk around my house with a cape, pretending to be a superhero.

I've designed a car.

I collect small trinkets and keep them in a glass cabinet.


I'm afraid of monkeys.

I have always been afraid of grasshoppers.

I have a phobia about being trapped in an elevator.

I don't love cats.

I'm afraid of small spaces.

I have an irrational fear of drowning in a swimming pool.

I have a fear of eating a poisonous plant.

I don't ever want to have kids.

I don't want to have more than three children.

I have a fear of picking food off the menu.

I have been an author of a science fiction book.

I'm afraid of dogs potentially biting me.

I'm scared of standing under a building with icicles on them.

I have a fear of drinking too much coffee.

I'm scared of eating unhealthy food.

I'm afraid of slipping in the shower.

I'm scared of dying on the toilet like Elvis.

I have an irrational fear of germs.

I'm scared of touching other people's hands.

I have a fear of what bacteria might exist inside of me.

Truths (Ideas)

Odd Truth's

I've eaten a bug.

I've never had a soda.

I always order from the secret menu at Chipotle.

I can eat a whole watermelon in one sitting.

I've bungee jumped.

I've been skydiving in the past.

I've never had Burger King.

I hate the smell of gasoline.

I like to eat raw eggs in the morning.

The sound of Jello makes me want to vomit.

I drink a complicated Starbucks drink.

I never had student loans for college.

I found a lost cat and kept him/her for 5 years.

I've helped foster children.

I was the homecoming king/queen.

I've shaken the hand of the secretary of state.

I graduated from High School one year early.

I was home-schooled in high school.

I would visit major cities on my own at the age of 13.

I have never been on a train.

Stump Them Idea's

I can recite the alphabet backward.

I know how to juggle.

I can burp on command.

I learned how to swim at the age of 15.

I have never bowled a perfect 300 game.

I can throw a knife on a professional level.

No one has even beaten me in the game of "cornhole."

My family had a nickname for me, it was "beans."

I know how to braid hair.

I have a picture of John Denver as my wallpaper.

I have never owned a desktop computer.

I sang the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" in school 5-times.

I have been trapped inside an elevator.

I have slept at work in the past pulling an "all-nighter."

I went on a rollercoaster at the age of 8.

I have stepped on a seashell and cut my foot in the Caribbean.

I have never been on a Caribbean cruise.

I call my mom every night after work.

I have never stepped foot inside a gym.

I never wash my face before bed.

Random Fact Ideas

I can't drive a manual car.

I owned a VW Beetle in the past.

I used to cut my own hair.

I only have 10 cousins.

My parents both have twins in their family.

I had six Rottweiler dogs growing up.

My siblings used to call me "The Runt" as a kid.

I didn't learn how to read until the age of 10.

My favorite book growing up was the dictionary.

My family goes to Italy once a year.

I have a boat named "The Ocean" that only goes on lakes.

I have been to all the states in The United States.

I've been to more than 20 museums.

I can say "hello" in 12 different languages.

I learned how to write computer programs at the age of 11.

My first toy was a "yo-yo."

I would write Santa letters all year long as a kid.

I would keep a list of my hopes and dreams as a child.

My biggest wish as a kid was to own a Ferrari automotive.

No one else has seen me use the bathroom (not even in public).

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