25+ Example Answers to "Why Do You Want to Work Here?" [2020]

why do you want to work here

Interviewers who ask “Why do you want to work here?” are expecting answers from interviewees that present their reasoning for the desire and passion to be both within the company as well as the role. This interview question is attempting to dig deeper into the interviewee’s true passions and how the business and the job align with them.

This common job interview question requires the interviewee to be prepared with at least one to three bullet points explaining why they feel strongly about the business or how the job fits strongly with their career goals. Great answers to this common interview question are ones that both express to the potential employer what the future employee’s passions are but also align with the company culture and company values. This aligns the interviewee’s personal goals with the company’s goals, making them appear as a great fit for the job role.

Tip: Job seekers may want to perform an informational interview with a professional who is already employed within the company. This interview is a career advice session where the job seeker can informally ask questions to employed personnel to gain insight into what the company is looking for in a job candidate and why. An informational interview can be very impactful to a job search and or job hunt.

Interviewees can search through the company website in advance to garnish some interview preparation. The job opening and job listing may have details about each job requirement that might give the interviewee insight into the desired skill sets or types of exposure the employee will have in the role.

Tip: A company may have a social media account that discloses more information about the particular company and their corporate goals. This can be a helpful way to perform research in advance of the job interview, aside from simply researching the company’s website.

Basic reasons that future employees may want to mention as part of their answer to the interviewer might include descriptions or elaboration of:

When speaking with the interviewer or hiring manager, the job candidate should be honest and straightforward with their reasoning. Mentioning the benefit the job seeker will gain is an honest way of both complimenting the company as well as answering the interview question as a “good fit” for the prospective employer.

Tip: As a job seeker, referring to the resume and pointing out gaps in skills or experiences may be a helpful way of aligning the opportunities in the corporate culture with what’s missing from past experience in a professional sense. This provides structure to the interview answer. And is better than stating, “This is my dream job.”

30 Answers to “Why Do You Want To Work Here?”

Below are a number of examples to this answer. Note that each sample answer should be customized to your needs. Think of each sample answer as a framework for you to insert your own methods, ideas, and beliefs.

Example one

I read a write-up a few months back on the outreach your company does within the local community. Giving back and volunteering is an important part of my own personal core values, and I remember feeling happy that a company values this community as much as I do. That happiness grew when I saw there was a job position opening in my field here. I would really enjoy coming to work each day with the knowledge that I am helping to make a difference in the community through my work in this position.

Example two

I really do believe in the value of collaboration, and so when I saw a position with your company in the production department I had to make sure my application was put in. I believe strongly in working with other colleagues towards a common goal. I also know the skills I bring not only as a developer but as a member of a team will make me a valuable team member as well.

Example three

I have nothing but respect for the technological innovations you’ve been developing, and I want nothing more than to be a part of a company that is changing the world.

Example four

I’ve been a fan of your products for years. In my experience, one a product becomes popular the company behind it gets lazy with the quality. In the ten years I’ve been using this product, it’s only gotten better. I want to be an advocate for this product and work on it.

Example five

I firmly believe in taking a collaborative approach to each project I’m a part of, so when I saw a position with your company to join the production team I knew I had to apply! I've seen your work in this industry, and your advertisements and interviews really inspired me because I saw the teamwork in action. I love working with a team to achieve a common goal, and I know my background in collaboration and production has prepared me for this role. I look forward to becoming a valued contributor to this incredible team.

Example six

I love this industry and can’t imagine not being in it. But if I’m going to get anywhere, I need to be with the best of the best. This business is not only the leader in this industry, but it’s the only company that I have the utmost trust and confidence in.

Example seven

This company has the reputation of being one of the leading businesses in the industry in this state, with quite a list of impressive customers as well as a notoriously high customer satisfaction rate. Your partners are frequent speakers at national conferences in this industry, and they are advocating for solutions and changes for the type of products that you make. These are signs to me that this company is a leader, not a follower in any sense. With my background in this industry, I'm very interested in changing the industry and feel like I can do that by being a part of this business.

Example eight

I honestly didn’t know much about this company before the interview process. In my research, I’ve found that your goals and my skills match up almost perfectly.

Example nine

I have used your products for many years and I’ve always been very impressed with the innovations and consistent concern you seem to have for helping your customers learn how to use them effectively. With the exceptional quality of your products, marketing them almost feels like a service to me since I’m so invested in them myself. I would really enjoy helping you to continue to innovate and to increase your market share and join the team.

Example ten

I think that the company culture here is perfect for me, so my employment would be a seamless transition for us both.

Example eleven

This business has a wonderful reputation as a lovely place to work. You place a high value on your employees and encourage them to learn, grow, and become their best inside the company. This means that employees happily work here for many years and there is little turnover, which is far beyond the average length with one employer. And, according to your customers online, the high quality of your products reflect your impressive employee satisfaction, which is not surprising! This feels like a win for stockholders, employees, and customers alike. And I would be very happy to join this team.

Example twelve

I believe that excellent customer service is what sets a business apart from others. I have ample experience in customer relations, and I have to say that I’m impressed by the sheer success of your department and the high amount of satisfied customer reviews online. That’s the kind of company I want to be a part of.

Example thirteen

Before the recruiter told me about this opportunity at the recent job fair, I have to admit that I didn't know much about your business. I've been doing some research in preparation for this interview, and I have to say that I'm impressed by your products and your vision for the future. I'm really interested in getting more involved in the public side of development, and I read that you are really growing in that area. As an experienced developer I know I can bring a lot of value to the team.

Example fourteen

I wanted to get involved in this industry and your company is definitely the leader when it comes to innovation.

Example fifteen

I have used your products for many years and am consistently impressed with the innovations and changes made in the space. I also appreciate your dedication to education by providing your customers with free demos and excellent technical support to learn how to use your products correctly and effectively. I would love to be a part of this incredible team and use my skills to continue the unique work you are doing here.

Example sixteen

I want to come home knowing that I made a difference on any given day. This is the company that can do that for me.

Example seventeen

I’ve been using your services for a while now. When I saw the job ad, I jumped at the change to be a part of a company that provides such excellent care.

Example eightteen

One of my friends is an employee here, and all he does is rave about this business. I saw a real change in him since he’s been working here, and I believe that this company cares about its employees. And when the employees are happy, they provide the most excellent work.

Example nineteen

I’ve been researching this industry for a while and found that this company is top-notch when it comes to production. I’m interested in working for the best of the best.

Example twenty

I think this company is changing the industry. I want to be a part of a company that’s changing history.

Example twenty one

I’ve heard about your reputation in this industry. I would be proud and quite happy to work for a business with such an excellent track record and a strong example of leadership in the industry. I have a colleague that works in the technology department and she told me that the culture here is unlike any other. She also mentioned that the management here supports continuing education and training on the job while rewarding hard work when its due. Based on her testimony and encouragement, I think that I would fit in well with the team here to make a quick impact.

Example twenty two

I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews from employees about this company and my skills are perfect for this position.

Example twenty three

I love your products and want to be involved in their production and marketing.

Example twenty four

I’ve been in this industry for a long time and nobody is shaking things up quite like you are. I want to be a part of that.

Example twenty five

Your company is groundbreaking in its production techniques, and I think my skills and experience would be a perfect match for this position.

Example twenty six

I've seen your business pretty much consistently listed as one of the top places to work. I've read employee reviews and heard of your enthusiasm for encouraging employee growth through education, training, and other useful resources. I already know that engaged employees do better work and that is quite evident in the most recent campaign you lead. I would love to join your team, continue to create great work, and grow within the company by learning new skills.

Example twenty seven

I’ve always had dreams about being involved in creating innovations in this product. I believe that this company is the one company in this industry that is pushing to revolutionize this product.

Example twenty eight

This company is globally known for the products you create, and my experience in this type of technology and developing new products has me interested in this position. I saw that last month you won several awards for the new product you designed, and I would adore being on a team that is as collaborative, hardworking, and resourceful as you.

Example twenty nine

I recently decided the change industries, as my previous line of work wasn’t focusing enough on outreach. Your company is the only one I’ve found in this industry with a passion for outreach, and I want to help.

Example thirty

I saw a blog post about your new CEO and the company’s renewed investment in innovation. As a fellow innovator, this drew me to the position with your business because I know that I will absolutely thrive in a situation where innovation is at the top of everything we do.

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