Super Funny Prank Call Ideas (75+ Best Ideas for Friends in 2023)

Looking for prank call ideas? Want to have a fun night? If you and your friends are super bored, why not make some prank calls to have a little bit of fun?

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to prank calls, here are several clever ideas to get things started!

Of course, you can put your own twist on the ideas to make them unique or more believable in certain scenarios.

Overall, the goal of prank calls is to have fun.

That said, it is important that you do not cause anyone distress while doing these jokes; keep things light and have a good time!

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How Many Funny Prank Call Ideas are There?

There are an endless number of joke phone calls you can make.

These prank calls are a fun way to give someone a quick laugh or to simply pass the time as you and your friend group are hanging out.

However, the one thing to keep in mind with prank call ideas is to not take them too far.

Remember, the point of a funny prank is to give people a quick laugh.

You do not want to genuinely hurt anybody's feelings or get them to spend exorbitant amounts of money on something that will never happen.

Fake Food Delivery Prank Call Idea

One fun prank call idea is to call a friend or family member and tell them their delivery order has been placed on their doorstep.

When they act confused, use a fake name and say you are a delivery driver and continue to assure them that their food was delivered.

Then, if you hear them opening the front door to check for the food, you can double down on this classic prank and say the food was left on the back porch or by the garage.

Overall, this is one of those phone calls that is sure to be hilarious because your friends will be running all over the place looking for a delivery order they never placed!

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Date Night Prank Calls

One of the best funny prank call ideas is to call up a friend and explain how excited you are to meet them for your "scheduled" date.

If you can, try to alter your voice to make this prank call joke more believable.

Also, to make the prank call even more intriguing, you can add in minor details like what you're wearing and other visual details to help the other person find you.

With this hilarious prank call, you can earn some bonus points if you add in a location for you two to meet up that is nearby.

Overall, this is sure to be a good prank call that makes everybody laugh!

Fake Carpenter Prank

For this prank call, it is best to use it on family members who live in a house or condo, not an apartment.

For this funny prank call, dial up a family member and pretend you're from a fabricated company that specializes in construction.

Explain urgently that this person must have their cabinets replaced immediately because they have a rare toxin in them that is incredibly dangerous.

If they protest and say you have the wrong number, explain that workers are already on their way to the house to immediately replace the cabinets.

Also, you can get bonus points on this good prank call if you get the person to actually empty their cabinets in preparation for the construction company.

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Ice Cream Shop Prank Call Idea

This is one of the funniest prank call ideas, although it is sure to get some people upset when they find out it is not real.

For this hilarious prank, call your friend or someone from your family and say you work for a prominent ice cream company.

Then, say that if they can list ten different ice cream flavors in 15 seconds, they will win a lifetime supply of their favorite ice cream.

After the victim lists off their flavors, pretend the call got disconnected and hang up without warning!

Remember to try and not laugh, as a staple of making prank calls is to make them believable!

Fake Package Needs Signing Prank Call

This is one of the prank call ideas where you need to know the address of the prank victim in order for it to work.

For this joke, tell the person that a package is waiting for them at their door that must be signed for.

To make it funnier, explain that the package is something ridiculous, like 500 roses or a bunch of cereal.

After you hear the person open their door, quickly hang up the phone and leave the person wildly confused!

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Free Underwear Best Prank Call

This is a good prank call to do with one or two extra people.

For this idea, call a person and explain that you found their number on an ad for a free pair of underwear.

After the person explains they aren't giving away free underwear, apologize and hang up.

Then, have another person call and ask the same thing.

You can even try different accents and act like a bunch of random people are asking for underwear!

Random Survey Prank

For this idea, act like you are a mobile operator doing a survey and start asking random questions.

For these fake surveys, you can ask questions like, "How often do you shower?" or "What was your favorite thing on the news last night?"

Essentially, there is no wrong answer when it comes to what question you can ask, which is what makes this such a fun prank!

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Radio Station Prank Call

For this joke, pretend you are calling from your town's local radio station and explain that if the person can finish the lyrics to a song, they will win a huge cash prize!

When it comes to hilarious prank call ideas, this one may take the cake because you can get the person to sing any song you want!

Babysitter Nightmare Prank

This is a good prank call idea to really get someone confused.

As soon as the person picks up the phone, act frantic and continuously ask when they are coming home to be with their kid.

Try and sound like babysitting this fake child is a nightmare and is going wrong in every sense of the word.

If you can, use a fake cry to make this extremely funny!

Quitting Your Pizza Hut Job

This is a rather simple one out of all the prank call ideas.

Still, it is a funny prank! For this idea, call any Pizza Hut location and explain how upset you are after "working" there and that you'd like your last paycheck mailed to you.

It sounds stupid, but the employee on the other end of the line will look at the random number and feel extremely confused!

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Scary Prank Call Ideas

For this joke to work, you can't call a random person.

Instead, choose a friend or one of your family members and say you just saw them at the grocery store or mall.

Explain that you tried to call out to them, but they never responded to you!

To really double-down on the joke, you can act super mad that they wouldn't talk to you in public.

Some people may act a little scared on the phone, so you can reassure them later on that it was only a joke.

Random Grocery Store Run

This is one of the best prank call ideas to pull on your family.

Call your parent or sibling and explain that a different family member wanted them to pick up something (rather obscure) from the store.

For example, you can say something like, "Hey, mom wanted you to grab ten tins of sardines at the store for dinner tonight."

After the person comes home with the goods, you will quickly see why this is one of the best prank call ideas.

Cell Phone Checkup

This is one of the simpler funny prank call ideas.

For this joke, pretend to be the phone company doing a routine check on the quality of someone's phone.

You can say the person has to make random noises as part of the mobile phone checkup to ensure the sound quality is up to date.

This joke is sure to leave someone confused!

Police Station Prank

For this joke, call a random person and pretend that one of their best friends recently got put in jail and that they have to pick them up immediately.

If they try and tell you that you have the wrong number, explain that the friend wanted you to call them!

Adult Toy Store Prank

Dial a random phone number and say that the product they were looking for at the adult toy store is back in stock, but they must pick it up right away before it sells out.

This is one of those prank calls that only gets better if you start listing specific products and making random statements about how excellent they work.

Of course, you can also use this idea on a close friend as well!

Free Bachelor Party Joke

This joke works best if you know someone who recently got engaged.

That said, call the person and excitedly explain that they won a free bachelor party to Vegas or somewhere else exciting!

You can even add a fake reference and say that a certain company is paying for the trip.

When it comes to good prank call ideas for recently engaged couples, this one should certainly be on your radar.

Rough Breakup Prank

Dial a random number and pretend to be the person's scorned lover.

After they pick up, act enraged that they "broke up" with you and go into a fit about how they broke your heart.

Naturally, the person will act confused, and for this joke to work best, don't even give them time to respond.

Simply keep acting mad about the breakup until you or the person on the other end hangs up.

To really double down, don't stop calling this person for a few hours.

Free Vacation Prank Calling

For this joke, call up a random number and pretend to be excited that the person has just won a free trip.

Explain that they just received an all-expenses paid vacation to anywhere they'd like.

You can even give a fake company name that you are calling from to make the joke even more believable.

If you really want to give this person a hard time, you can pretend you called the wrong number and that they did not actually receive a free trip.

Long-Lost Friend Funny Prank Call Ideas

This is one of the good prank call ideas that can work on anybody!

Call a random number or even someone you know and act like you are reconnecting with a long-lost friend.

Act super excited to finally be talking to them and maybe even talk about meeting up and spending some time together at a local restaurant.

Continue having a casual conversation with the person as long as you can and bring up "old memories" about your friendship.

Of course, the person on the other end will be extremely confused, which is what makes this so funny!

Lifetime Supply Winner of Toilet Paper

When it comes to prank calls, acting like a person has won a lifetime supply of toilet paper is always a solid choice!

Dial a friend's number or a stranger and pretend they have just won all the toilet paper they could ever need.

For this joke to be believable, you have to act super excited and can even list a fake toilet paper company that will be supplying the lifetime supply!

As soon as the person starts to ask for further details, hang up!

Haunted House Joke Call

This prank, called the Haunted House joke call, works best in October when Halloween is approaching.

Dial up a local house of horror after hours and act as if you or a mutual friend was left inside the house and is now trapped inside.

Pretend to act frantic and say that you will need emergency services to get you out.

Of course, do not actually let the staff call the ambulance and explain that the call was a prank before things get out of hand.

"I'm Waiting Outside" Prank

This is one of the prank calls that you should try on a close friend.

Call and say you are outside waiting for a surprise hang-out.

After you hear them open the door, quickly hangs up the phone!

Make sure you do not block your caller ID for this joke, as the person needs to know it is their friend who is calling.

Secret Lover Prank

Dial someone's number and accuse them of having a secret love affair with your significant other, and do not stop calling until they apologize for doing so.

When this person acts confused, pretend like this only makes you more upset.

If you can force yourself to cry, this is the time to do so!

Prank calling works best when the other person is so confused they do not know what to do!

"You Have the Wrong Number"

This is definitely one of the most confusing prank call ideas out there.

For this one, dial up a stranger's number.

When they answer, tell them that they have the incorrect number.

Naturally, they will try and say the same thing back but insist that it is the joke victim who dialed you up, not the other way around!

After hanging up, dial the same person and repeat the process! This person is sure to be confused for the rest of the day.

Creepy Prank Call

Dial a random person's number and be extremely vague while saying you know what they did.

If you can, distort your voice and make it as creepy as you can to add an element of horror to the call.

Also, if you want to get really scary, perform this joke call at night and even call the same number a couple of nights in a row.

Fake Job Reference

This prank works best with someone you are relatively close with.

Essentially, it has to be somebody you would list as a job reference.

That said, call this person and pretend you are a manager of a company that you are applying to.

You can even give this person a completely fabricated job title to make things extra confusing for them!

Reserving a Cart Joke

This is a funny and simple prank.

For this one, call up your local grocery or department store and insist that you want to reserve a cart for when you come shopping in half an hour.

When they say they do not reserve carts, be persistent and say that you need to have a cart reserved!

Dialing Two Strangers

This joke call requires two phones.

After finding two phones, dial two random people and put the phones together for the two to engage in a conversation.

Naturally, this will be extremely confusing for both people.

Also, ensure that the caller IDs are turned off before performing this prank.

Food Order Delay Complaint

This call works with anybody, whether you know them or not.

That said, dial any number and pretend that you have a complaint about your delivery order being extremely delayed.

For this joke, you can literally choose any restaurant and any type of food, it will still work!

To wrap things up, demand to speak to a manager and explain that you're not hanging up until a refund is promised.

Haunted Facebook Marketplace Sale

This prank works best if you know somebody who recently purchased something on a marketplace platform like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, etc.

Pretend to be the previous owner of a product and act scared while you explain the item is haunted.

Try and convince the person to get rid of the item right away and tell them that if they don't, they will become haunted too!

Free Concert Tickets

You can use this prank idea on someone you know or a stranger.

However, it is funnier if you know certain artists your friends like.

That said, call someone up and announce that they just won free concert tickets to an upcoming concert!

When you know the person you are calling, you can really make the call believable when you call them by their name.

You are Living in a Possessed House

This is one of the scarier prank calls you can do.

Dial someone's number and attest that the house they are living in is possessed by evil spirits and they need to move right away.

You can really make it believable by saying someone passed away in the house years ago.

But, if you notice the person is starting to become distressed, explain that it is only a joke and they have nothing to worry about.

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