Things To Do When Bored (120+ For At Home, Friends, Kids, Teens) 2022

Looking for things to do when bored? Are you sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs, desperate to figure out what to do with the rest of your day? Feeling bored happens to the best of us. Still, if the boredom is hitting you hard, and you're not sure how to fill the rest of your day without pulling your hair out (from the boredom, that is)⁠—then look no further. Scroll through our curated list of the top Best Things To Do When Bored.

things to do when bored

Fun things to do when you're bored at home

Declutter your space/home/your own living room

While this may not sound like the most exciting thing, it's immediately satisfying and rewarding. You'll get a boost in your mood from feeling productive. Plus, who doesn't want a clean, organized living space? It's a win-win, and Marie Kondo will be proud.

Have a self-care day

If you're bored at home, then take advantage of the opportunity to treat yourself to an at-home spa day! What better way to unwind than with a warm bath, or applying a face mask and doing your nails. You'll feel great, and your soft, hydrated skin will thank you in return.

things to do when bored

Read a book

Getting lost in a captivating book is guaranteed to help you escape the boredom. Besides being relaxing, reading, in general, is a highly enjoyable activity, and (depending on the book) it will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Start journaling

Starting a daily journal is an effective way to reduce stress, keep your memory sharp and fend off the boredom. Studies show numerous benefits to journaling, like better moods and improved emotional well-being. Kill two birds with one stone by starting a journal for a better mood and an afternoon full of introspection.

things to do when bored

Call a friend or family member

⁠If you've got time to kill, then why not call a friend you haven't spoken with in a while, or a family member? We all need a little socializing in our day, and chances are you'll be making others happy by giving them a call, too.

Things to do when you're bored with friends

Play trivia and board games

To be sure, these are not 'bored' games. If your friends enjoy a little friendly competition, playing trivia or finding a fun board game will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Amp up the competition by keeping score to find out who wins. Setup different rounds in the game for maximum competition and fun.

Learn a new language together

Teaching yourself a new skill like learning a language is not easy, and takes consistent work and practice. Here's the thing, if you and your friend are bored, why not challenge yourselves by learning a new language? Learning a new skill with a friend makes it fun, and you can help keep each other accountable by updates and regular check-in's.

things to do when bored

Go on a hike/walk

One of the most convenient and relaxing things to do when you're bored with a friend is to go on a walk or hike. Get some fresh air, and spend time away from the computer screen to be in nature.

Host a movie marathon

Are there any movies you and your friends have wanted to see, but haven't had a chance? If you're looking for something to do, there are about a million (and counting) movies to choose from. Make an event our of it and marathon a series neither of you have seen before, did anyone say Lord of the Rings?

Things to do when you're bored at school

Pay attention to the class lesson

If you're bored in class, then the first thing you should before anything else is try again to pay attention to what's going on in the classroom. It might be extremely boring, but it's important to try and pay attention to the learning material so that you understand what you need to learn to do well. If all else fails, you can draw a couple doodles until class is out.

things to do when bored

Doodle in your notebook

While this is not recommended in order to actually be successful in school, if it's the end of the day and the clock won't move, drawing some doodles in your notebook will help to pass the time. Make sure your teacher doesn't catch you doodling though, or you may have to stay after class.

Finish other schoolwork

Sometimes classes drag on even though the teacher isn't really teaching any new material. If that's the case, and you're stuck bored in your classroom, use this time to complete any other schoolwork you have left unfinished. This will help you catch up in your other classes, just make sure you're not missing anything by not paying attention in your current class!

Write a to-do list

Being stuck bored in class isn't an excuse to do nothing at all! Take advantage of the spare time to get started on something productive, like writing out a to-do list itemizing everything you need to get done. Stay on track, and hopefully this will ease the boredom.

Things for bored kids to do

Create a 'Boredom Jar'

Kids get bored easily, and on a regular basis. The next time your kid complains telling you that they're bored, use the opportunity to make a 'Boredom Jar'.

All you have to do is find an empty jar, and label it 'Boredom Jar'. Take little pieces of scrap paper, and brainstorm different ideas together with your kid to put in the jar. That way, the next time they're bored, tell them to pull an idea out of the Boredom Jar. It's so simple, yet genius.

things to do when bored

Play hide and seek

If you want to see your child become positively giddy with excitement, just tell them you'll play a game of hide and seek with them. If you're smart, you'll leverage their enthusiasm over playing hide and seek by getting them to go clean their rooms first. This is known as parenting tactics 101.

Bake a cake

Have a bunch of bored kids at home with no clue on how to keep them entertained? We've got a simple solution, and it's baking. Kids marvel at the idea of making new things, let alone making things you can eat. Besides being educational for them, baking is a fun way to pass the time and creates memories they'll cherish in the future.

Do arts and crafts

Besides providing an immediate solution to kid-boredom, arts and crafts are important for kids to explore their creativity and artistic side. When kids complain about being bored, even when it's an inconvenience, try and engage them in a fun arts and craft activity. It could be as simple as sketching a random household object, anything that exercises their creative muscles will do the trick.

things to do when bored

Things for kids to do when it's raining

During those hazy, rainy days, staying inside with the kids can make everyone go a little stir crazy. Still, the nice thing about rainy days is that they make the indoors super cozy, and indoor activities can be equally as entertaining or educational. I've already mentioned that kids love building things; it's exciting for them to take on new challenges and they feel a sense of accomplishment when they succeed.

Rainy weather is the perfect opportunity to do fun activities with your kids that they'll remember. Here are our best suggestions to get you started.

Build a fort

Building a fort with your kids checks all of the above, and provides hours of guaranteed kid-filled entertainment. The best part is that when you're done, you have a cozy space to snuggle up with your little's and watch a movie. Chances are they'll fall asleep and clean-up might be left for morning.

Make play dough

Making play dough with your kids is quick, easy and economical way of keeping the kids occupied on a rainy day. All you need are a couple of items that you probably already have in your cupboard or pantry, like flour, salt, food coloring and vegetable oil.

things to do when bored

Do a volcano experiment

Unleash the inner scientist within your child, and try setting up an indoor science experiment, like building a volcano and watching it erupt. All you need is baking soda and vinegar for the 'lava'. For an added colorful explosion effect, we suggest adding some food coloring.

Things for girls to do when they're bored

Make a face mask

Spa days and self-care are things we should all dedicate time towards every now and again, not just when we're bored. However, if you do happen to be bored and are in need of something to do, then having a spa day, making face masks, or taking a bath are all great ways to unwind. Plus, girls and women of all ages can participate.

Start a book club

This can also apply to all (or most) ages, and it's a fix to those seemingly endless, boredom-filled afternoons. Starting a book club with friends or family is a great way to bond over shared experiences, and have engaging conversations. Even younger kids can form a book club, just be sure they're reading age-appropriate material.

Start a DIY project

If you're at home with a kid complaining of boredom, not to worry, because there are plenty of at-home DIY projects that you can do with your children too. There are lots of things you can make that likely won't require you to spend extra money, or even leave the house to grab them. We already listed at-home DIY's like making face masks, or play dough, or even building a volcano experiment.

Other DIY projects you can do with your kids are repainting old furniture, building twig planters, or painting garden pots for your plants and succulents to live in.

things to do when bored

Learn a musical instrument

Rainy days indoors are a great time to discover new hobbies and interests, like learning an instrument. Especially for young kids, learning an instrument helps the mind develop and evolve, and it's a hobby that takes time to get good at. That makes learning an instrument both a cure for boredom and an educational opportunity at the same time.

Things for boys to do when they're bored

Do a scavenger hunt

A remedy for boredom and guaranteed form of entertainment: the scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are a great combination of physical activity and mental stamina. They're challenging, and most of the fun is in getting the scavenger hunt set-up. Involve your kids in organizing the scavenger hunt, or do it in teams and make a competition out of it.

Help your parents or siblings

Helping your family members might not be the response to boredom your kids had in mind. However, helping out your family members and the people we care about is something we should strive to do each day. If you or your kids are bored, why not ask someone if they need help with anything? You can be kind, and not bored at the same time.

Try a new sport

They say an 'idle mind the devil's playground,' so instead of being idle, why not get to the actual playground and try tackling a new sport. Boys tend to love being competitive, and sports are a tried and true way to form friendships between teammates and young kids and shapes new passions and talents. The other major benefit is that playing sports gets kids to release lots of energy. In other words, they'll be too tired to feel bored, and they'll probably fall asleep early (really no promises on that though!)

Art projects to do when you're bored

Make Slime

We already suggested making play-dough, which is another solid option that requires only a few inexpensive items on hand. Similarly, slime is a more popular and recent trend for kids, and it's a fun at-home artsy project you can do quickly and easily.

All you need to make slime is shampoo, corn starch, food coloring and water. Slowly mix in your water, et voilà! You just made slime.

Learn to knit

Knitting is a common hobby that's perfect for those idle, in-between moments when you have time to spare. Instead of looking at your phone, do something relaxing when you're bored, and something crafty! Knitting is a soothing way to pass the time, and a great way to prevent from boredom. It's also a genuinely valuable skill you can use to make awesome knitted garments! Save money on upcoming birthday's, and knit them a hat!

Learn calligraphy

Calligraphy writing is more than an aesthetically pleasing form of writing. As it turns out, if you're able to write in the decorative and elaborate handwriting of calligraphy, you can earn quite a bit of money doing so.

Use moments of boredom and free time to be productive. Develop a skill that can pay you back in the future, like learning how to write in calligraphy, or learning how to knit.

Things to do online when you're bored

Play video games

Sometimes we need immediate entertainment to keep us entertained, and to ward off the boredom. Video games provide exactly that, and you can usually find them online for free. If you've never played video game classics the The Legend of Zelda or Super Smash Bros on Nintendo.

Listen to a podcast

With the number of podcasts and videos available online today, it's basically impossible to get bored while perusing the web. Podcasts, however, are a way to keep your mind engaged while still being online. There are tremendous podcasts out there spanning nearly every category you can think of. Some of my favorite podcasts are NPR's and Gimlet Media's. I highly recommend them if you're interested in more personal, 'slice of life' stories, or true-crime podcasts.

Take a course

Alleviate the boredom and build new skills in one fell swoop. If you're online already, why not check out some courses that are available in areas that pique your interest? Whether it's tech, gaming, interior decor or architecture, if it's a topic there's probably a course online covering the subject material.

Start a blog

If you're bored, starting a blog is exciting, and it can be a great side-hustle to earn some extra cash. Nowadays there are tons of blogging platforms to choose from, like Medium, Blogger and Substack. You can even build your own blog site through Wordpress.

things to do when bored

Things to do when it's cold outside

Spring cleaning

Take advantage of being stuck inside to do some spring cleaning, and tidy up those junk drawers. Cleaning is one of those things where the hardest part is getting started. Here's the truth: once you've started, it's not actually that bad. Also, cleaning is an instant reward, you put in some work and get an immediate result. It's something that'll boost your mood, improve your space and mindset. So yes, if you are bored, go ahead and do some spring/summertime, (or anytime) cleaning.

Have an indoor picnic!

Too cold to have a picnic outdoors? Not a problem: get thrifty and use what you have around the house to set up a picnic inside. Set down a quilted blanket, prepare some sandwiches and you're set!

Make a playlist of your favorite songs to share with someone

Need help making use of your time? No problem, take a trip to the past and remember songs you used to love by creating a playlist! Creating playlists (especially for another person) can be a great way to pass the time, plus, listening to music is also a practical way to stave off the boredom.

Fun things to do when you're alone


Perhaps the best thing to do when you're alone (and bored) is to read a book. Books are an escape to another world, but without physically going anywhere. It all takes place in your mind and keeps you entertained, even to the point of being on the edge of your seat, for hours on end.

things to do when bored

Quiz your trivia knowledge

Do you consider yourself a trivia whiz? Are there specific subjects or categories you think you're especially knowledgable about? If you're alone and with nothing to do, test your trivia muscles again to see if they still work. Maybe it's time to sign-up for trivia night, or maybe you should just keep practicing.

Fun things to do when you're bored at night


Being bored at night isn't a reason to continue scrolling mindlessly through social media! While meditating might not sound like fun per se, studies have repeatedly shown that meditating is a great way to reduce stress and improve your quality of sleep throughout the night.

Start a gratitude list

Boredom at night typically means switching beside different apps on your phone, scrolling through social media or general feelings of listlessness. Scrolling through socials could make your bored brain even more bored, so instead pull out some paper and pen, and jot down things you are grateful for in your life. Gratitude journaling improves mental health and your overall mood. It's also a great way to end off the night to remind yourself of everything you are grateful for.

Try a new recipe

Being bored at night is, well, boring. Whether you're tossing and turning in bed, (by the way, experts recommend getting up and not forcing yourself to try and sleep when you can't) or just a night owl with nothing to do, why not try your hand at a new recipe in the kitchen? It's possible the late night energy will inspire the inner culinary genius.

Fun things for teens to do when they're bored

Host a dinner party with friends

Hosting a dinner party with friends is guaranteed to stave off boredom. First of all, it's hard to be bored while planning a dinner party since you'll be busy preparing. You can make it a themed night and have everyone dress up, or get everyone to bring a dish that they made on their own. It's a cool way to do something new and exciting with friends, and it's effective to keep teens entertained!

things to do when bored

Make a terrarium

Improve your home decor, and make your very own terrarium! Terrariums are basically just glass containers with an elegant display for your plants. They're easy to make and maintain, and they really lift up the interior decor in your space. It's also an ideal activity for times when you feel bored, since you don't need much to make one.

Try making this free terrarium.

Do a random act of kindness

Anytime you're bored, think about what you can do for someone else. Doing selfless acts of kindness for others makes us feel good in turn. If you're bored, use the opportunity to do something nice for someone, and make a positive social impact!

Do an online workout

Boredom isn't an excuse for being lazy! Cue up your YouTube video workout, change into your leggings or shorts (or whatever you work out in) and start getting that heart rate going. You'll feel good about yourself after for doing something positive with your time.

Fun things to do with your boyfriend when bored

Create a memory book/photo album

Couples get bored too. Use these moments of boredom with your significant other to deepen your bond with each other! Creating a photo album, or a memory book/scrapbook of all the times you've had, and memories you made with each other is a sure way to pass the time and kill couple-boredom.

Have a wine and cheese date night

Explore your palette, and experience new tastes and flavor profiles with a wine and cheese night! Besides being romantic, a wine and cheese night is a great way to spend quality time together, unwind and just enjoy yourselves.

Create a bucket list together

If you and your significant other are bored, then you should make a list of all the things you want to do together! That way, the next time you're bored (besides returning to this list of course,) you can also consult the list you wrote yourselves, and start chipping away at that bucket list together.

things to do when bored

Things to do when you're pregnant and bored

Treat yourself to a massage

The time you'll have available to treat yourself once the baby arrives will be few and far between. Use the time you have now to indulge. If you're pregnant and bored, why not go and get a pregnancy massage? It'll help you unwind, and hopefully help with any muscle pains or aches you might be experiencing from pregnancy.


Gardening is relaxing, rewarding and it feels good to spend time outdoors. Chances are that your garden might end up being a little neglected once the baby arrives. Use your idle time while pregnant to spruce up your garden. Maybe plant some vegetables, and a couple of different flowers to add some color and pop.

Catch up on TV, movies and books

It'll be tough to read your book when the baby is screaming through the night. Now is the perfect time! If the baby is on the way and you're itching for something to do, start a new television series, or catch up on one. Read some books (maybe some about parenting), and watch some movies.

Things to do when you can't sleep

Listen to a podcast

Tossing and turning in bed is perhaps one of the most frustrating things ever. Experts don't recommend trying to force yourself to sleep when you can't, so switch your mind off trying to fall asleep and distract yourself. Put on a podcast, or listen to some music. Hopefully the story or sounds will eventually lull you to a state of REM sleep.

Talk to a friend

If you can't sleep, it's possible that there's something on your mind keeping you up. Try talking to a friend or family member when you can't sleep (if they also happen to be awake.) This will help to pass the time, and probably help you get to a sleepier state too.

Write in your journal

Writing in your journal, or starting a new journal is recommended, especially when you can't sleep. This will help to distract your mind, and also improves your mood and stress over time. There are tons of benefits to journaling, so consider starting one the next time you can't sleep at night.

Fun things to do near me

Go out for dinner

If you're looking for something to do near you, you should check out if there are any new, trendy restaurants in town you haven't been to before. Look up online whether there's anything happen near you! There are probably some events like live music, open galleries or cool dinner spots.

Go on a walk/hike

Going on a hike or walk with a friend, or by yourself, always works as a go-to for times of boredom. Hikes and walks are instant mood boosters, they get you outside and breathing in the fresh air. Plus, it's good to get the blood pumping each day. So, if you're bored, go on a walk or hike! It'll cure the boredom, and it feels good.

Complete list of fun things to do

Here are even more great ideas:

  1. Plan your next dinner party
  2. Redesign or design a new outdoor space
  3. Try to make your favorite restaurant meal
  4. Recreate your favorite music videos
  5. Try to make an old family recipe
  6. Make homemade ice cream
  7. Take a virtual museum tour
  8. Practice deep breathing for yoga
  9. Take a bubble bath
  10. Explore a new cocktail recipe
  11. Invite friends over for a dinner
  12. Make a care package for someone who needs it
  13. Clean your makeup brushes
  14. Take a virtual tour of a mansion
  15. Bake cookies
  16. Do meal prep for the week
  17. Buy an adult coloring book
  18. Listen to a new podcast
  19. Make a birthday or Christmas wish list
  20. Make homemade whipped cream for deserts
  21. Deep clean your bathroom or pantry
  22. Send a letter to a random pen pal
  23. Order Uber Eats from a new restaurant
  24. Clean out your junk drawer
  25. Try on new outfits
  26. Do a crossword puzzle
  27. Have a dance party
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