Evil Names (200+ Baby, Boy, and Girl Names for 2023)

Looking for evil baby names? Or evil last names? Or maybe you want evil last names for a character you"re making in a film? Our list of ominous, demonic, and awful baby names is a must-read whether you"re seeking for a bad baby name or want to know which names to steer clear of.

If you want your kid to have an edge, we"ve searched through centuries of literature, decades of films, and decades of television to present you with these options to choose from.

evil last names

Evil Last Names And Their Meanings

Bade is of North Germany region and the meaning is strife fight.

Cifarelli is of Italian origin and has the meaning devil fiend.

Dragon is a word with "fierce" in both French and English.

Fieser is a German word that means disgusting.

Fravel is a middle-high German last name, defined as an evildoer.

Galle is a German surname that translates to bile, bitterness, and untruth.

Gress is a German word that means horror terror.

Guhl is of German origin and means terrible horse.

Hefferman This last name in English means devil.

Herron is an Irish last name that means "fear, dread, distrust."

Hruza is a Czech surname that means horror.

Keondra is of African origin, which means Goddess.

Kracle is a German word that means "old nasty horse."

Leid is a German word, and it means "awful nasty,"

Luther is the last name derived from English, meaning evil.

Maleville is the Norman French place which means "terrible town," the origin is Scottish.

Monfils is French and means bad son.

Nasso is an Italian name that derives from the name of the demon, Satan.

Necker comes from North Germany and means demon.

Nobis means "The devil" in German.

Pech is of German origin and it signifies bad luck.

Plageman is a middle-high German surname that means misfortune suffering.

Porras means "go to the devil" and it originated in Spanish.

Quade is from Middle Low German and means evil wicked false.

Rebel in English means a defiant person.

Slimp has the meaning "crooked wrong ugly," and it is of German origins.

Suer name refers to an aggressive person who is of German heritage.

Tinti means final term, which originates from southern Italy, means "bad luck."

Troll is a name that translates to "ghost demon" in German.

Ubelhor is a South German word for "evil lord".

Verno is an Italian last name translates to "terrible winter."

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Evil Last Names For Guys

Abaddon is a Hebrew word that means destruction and catastrophe.

Acheron is a Latin name that means river of sorrow. It is one of the five rivers in the underworld in Greek mythology.

Amon is a name derived from the Greek word Ammon and means the hidden one.

Belial is a Hebrew word for worthless.

Birsha is a Hebrew name that translates to son of mischief.

Cerberus in Greek translates to spotted.

Charon is a Greek name that translates to fierce brightness.

Dáinn is an Old Norse name that means dead.

Damien is a Greek name that has the meaning, to tame or subjugate.

Eligor is a form of the Hebrew name Abigor, which means reluctant.

Gadreel is a Hebrew name that translates to "God"s wall."

Morfan is a Welsh baby name that means "sea crow."

Naberius is a name developed from Cerberus which means "spotted".

Nali is a name in the old Norse that means "dead person".

Peter is a Greek name that means "stone".

Samuel is a Hebrew name that refers to divine poison or venom.

Seth is Hebrew for appointed and Greek for dazzling, respectively.

evil last names for girls

Evil Last Names For Girls

There are fewer options for girls when it comes to evil and demon baby names.

Achlys is a Greek name that translates to "death mist" or "mist across the eyes at death."

Akeldama is an Aramaic word that means "field of blood".

Batibat is a word in Ilocano that means "nightmare".

Bushyasta is a Zoroastrian name with the meaning "long-handed"Carmilla is a word from Carmel, which means "garden".

Claudia means lame or crippled and it originated from Ancient Greek.

Coz is a Hebrew word that means "liar" and "deceiver".

Elisheba is a Hebrew name, which means "God is my oath," and it is spelled Elizabeth in English.

Eris means the Greek goddess of conflict and discord.

Gorgo descended from the Sanskrit word Nagarjuna, which describes a guttural sound like a beast snarling.

Hel is an Old Norse god name that means "death" or "realm of the dead."

Lilin is a Hebrew name that means "night spirits."

Lilith is a name that originated from the Akkadian word lilitu, which meant "night."

Mare is a definition up for debate. It could be a metaphor for oppression, rubbing away, or fate.

Naamah is a Hebrew name that represents "pleasant."

Noc is a term that signifies night in Ancient Greek and gave rise to the name nocnitsa.

Onoskelis means "woman who has the legs of an ass" in Greek.

Puck is an Old Germanic word that developed from poke, which means the devil or an evil spirit.

Rán is a word considered to be theft or robbery.

Stheno was coined from the Greek word stenos and it signifies power, energy, or vigor.

Usha is a Hindu name meaning Dawn.

evil baby names

Names That Mean Destroyer

Abaddon is a masculine gender that originates from Israel and it means the destroyer.

Aghanashini is of the feminine gender, the origin is Indian and it is a destroyer of sins.

Adam is of the masculine gender, their origin is Indian and it means destroyer of enemies.

Bela is feminine gender, the origin is Hebrew and it is neutral destruction.

Casimir is a traditional name for Polish kings, and it means destroyer of peace. While most parents might choose to call it a "proclaimer of peace".

Deianira is a Greek word and it denotes man destroyer.

Hadeon is a Masculine gender that originates from Croatian and it means destroyer.

Perseus originated from Greek and it means destroyer.

Names That Mean Chaos

Adrienne is a Latin name that means ‘the dark one.’

Aiden is derived from the Celtic sun god. It is an Irish name that means little and fiery.

Alastor, This name of Greek origin means "persecutor" or "tormentor."

Blazer is of Middle English origin and it means "fire."

Cain is of Hebrew origin which means "spear" or "possessed."

Danger is of French origin and it means ‘troublemaker.’

Devlin is of Irish origin which means unlucky.

Fox is an English name that is associated with the name of an animal that has cunning nature.

Hecate is of Greek name which means "Not a good omen."

Keres is a Greek name that means ‘evil spirits.’

Leah is derived from American or Hebrew origin, which means "tired" or "weary."

Mara is of Hebrew origin which means "bitter."

Phobus is a name of ancient Greek origin that means "fear."

Raven Derived from Old English, Ravens are associated with the Norse God, Odin, father of Thor, and the color black.

Thana is Arabic which means death.

Zilla in Hebrew means ‘gloom’ or ‘shadow.’

evil last names

Names That Mean Liar

Anwar is masculine whose origin is English and it means Liar.

Cozbi is feminine gender in Israeli and it means getting away.

Dolton is masculine in Greek origin and it means deceitful.

Jakobba is masculine in Isreali and it means deceiver.

Loki is a Neutral Trickster in Scandinavian.

Names That Mean Evil

Ahriman is masculine and it"s from an Indian. The meaning is "the evil spirit."

Birsha is masculine from Isreali origin and it depicts "an evil."

Daeva is feminine from India which means "the evil spirit."

Dysnomia is feminine and originates from Greek. The meaning is "Bad/wrong."

Keres is feminine whose meaning is "evil spirits." Its origin is Greek.

Matchitehew is masculine whose meaning is "evil heart." The origin is Native American.

Nukpana is a Neutral Evil and a Native American.

Ubel is masculine in German origin and it means "Evil."

evil last names

Names That Mean Misfortune









Names That Mean Suffering

Atheros means River of sorrow.

Ahlai means experiencing sorrow.

Brona means Neutral Sorrowful.

Drystan means Full of sorrow.

Names That Mean Deception

Cozbi is a Hebrew name that means liar, or deceiver.

Loki is from ancient Scandinavian lore meaning "trickster god."

Tempest means "hidden devious" and "unpredictably stormy" personalities erupt from time to time.

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Names That Mean Wrath

Aafreen is a name of Indian origin meaning ‘anger’.

Alcmene is an ancient Greek name that is coined from two words meaning strength and wrath.

Alyssa is a Feminine gender of the Latin ‘Ulysses’ which probably means ‘to be angry’.

Anima is a name of English origin that means ‘anger’ and ‘passion’.

Akrosa is a name of Indian origin that means ‘wild anger’.

Dagger is of English origin and refers to anger and power.

Diablo is of Spanish origin and refers to people with angry and evil personalities.

Eulises is a name of Greek origin meaning ‘angry’ or ‘wrathful’.

Fachnan is of Irish origin and it means ‘angry’.

Firosa is of Greek origin and is related to anger, magic, and witchcraft.

Gusti is a name of Indonesian origin that means ‘angry prince’.

Hamill is a name of English origin meaning ‘frantic’.

Harbin is of old French and German origin meaning ‘angry’.

Hecate is a name from Greek mythology.

Lyssa is a name of Greek origin and it is a goddess connected to uncontrolled anger.

Mahakrodhah is a name of Sanskrit origin for boys with terrible anger.

Nemesis is a name of Greek origin that means righteous anger.

Odin is a name of Norse origin that means ‘rage’.

Zbigniew is of Polish origin and is derived from the Slavic words ‘zbyti’ which means ‘to dispel’ and ‘gnyevu’ meaning ‘anger’.

evil demon names

Names That Mean Dark Warrior

Adofo is of masculine gender and a warrior from Africa.

Bellona is a feminine warrior which is called the Goddess of destructive warfare by Egyptians.

Donahue is a Masculine Dark Warrior in Gaelic.

Donovan is a Masculine Dark Warrior in Irish.

Enyo is a Feminine Warrior called the Goddess of destructive warfare in Greek.

Harvey is a Masculine army warrior in French.

Helmer is a Masculine Warrior"s wrath in German.

Pele is a feminine Warrior Goddess of destruction in Hawaiian.

Names That Mean Cursed

Armaros is a name that belongs to one of the falling angels. The meaning is "accursed one" or "cursed one".

Akuji in African origin means "dead and awake".

Cecilia in Latin origin means "blind". The meaning of the name holds misfortune.

Deirdre means "sorrowful or sad one" in Gaelic origin.

Desdemona in African origin means, ill-fated one and misery.

Dolores in Spanish origin means "lady of sorrows".

Emily is an unfortunate name for any character. The meaning is "rival", in Latin origin.

Hecate in Greek origin means magic and witchcraft.

Keres in Latin origin means "evil spirits" and would be an unlucky name for any character.

evil demon names

Names That Mean Revenge

Azima is used in Arabic Baby Names and the meaning is the defender.

Echo In Greek and Latin means Sound.

Ivy is of English and Latin origin, and it means "vine."

Jahdiel is a biblical name that means God’s unity, sharpness, or revenge.

Leia means weary In Hebrew origin.

Maxima is of Latin origin and the meaning is ‘the greatest ‘miracle worker.’

Quinn is an Irish-origin baby name that means "descendant of Conn."

Storm means Tempest In English Baby Names.

Timber is a gender-neutral name of American origin, which means Wood or Strong.

Names That Mean Cruel

Azazel has the meaning of scapegoat.

Armoni has an Ancient Hebrew origin meaning palatial.

Armad means the Vampire Chronicles.

Damien means The Omen.

Desdemona means unfortunate.

Esther means Orphan.

Mallory means unlucky.

Regan means The Exorcist.

Names That Mean Corruption

Malcolm is of English origin and the meaning is an awful catastrophe.

Names That Mean Dark Beauty

Branwen means beautiful raven.

Brenna means raven or black-haired.

Chandra means the moon which outshines the stars."

Collis is an old English name that means dark-haired.

Drusilla is a name that means strong.

Devany is another Irish name that means dark-haired.

Ember means spark which makes you think of fire.

Emmeranne means raven.

Fae means fairy-like.

Hesperia means evening star.

Isolde is the name of a tragic Irish heroine.

Ianira means enchantress.

Isolabella means beautiful lonely one.

Jetta is a name that comes from a shiny black gemstone called jet.

Laila is an Arabic name that means night beauty.

Marissa is an Italian name that means black-haired.

Vespera means the evening star.

Zelda is an Old German name that means dark battle.

Names That Mean Disaster

Ares means Neutral Ruin in Greek.

Bora is Neutral Storm in Turkish.

Corentin is Neutral Hurricane in Breton.

Devland is Masculine Misfortune in Irish.

Persephone is a bearer of doom, being that she was the child of Zeus and Demeter, the two Greek deities.

Pyry is Masculine Snowstorm in Finnish.

Tavares is Masculine Misfortune in American.

Tempest is a violent storm of English origin.

Volkan is a Masculine volcano in Turkish.

Names That Mean Betrayer

Lilith means night monster/demon.

Hadria means darkness.

Reese or Rhys is the God of destruction.

Cassius is an instigator of Caesar’s assassination.

Oleander is a poisonous flower.

Doyle comes from Dubhghaill meaning black stranger.

Balam is a demon who incited rebellion.

Names That Mean Sorrow








Names That Mean Anger

Aafreen is of Indian origin which means anger.

Anima is of English origin which means anger and passion.

Diablo is of Spanish origin and refers to people with angry and evil personalities.

Firosa is of Greek origin and is related to anger, magic, and witchcraft.

Lyssa is a goddess that is connected to uncontrolled anger.

Nemesis is of Greek origin meaning ‘righteous anger.

Ulyssa is a feminine form of the Latin ‘Ulysses’ which means to be angry.

Names That Mean Traitors

Indra is a neutral gender name. The meaning is deceit and lies.

Yap means shrewd, deceitful, or devious.

Susanoo is a name coined from the Japanese Susanoo meaning trickster and little deceiver.

Beffa is an Old-World Italian surname that means trickster or practical joker.

Thokk is said that the Greek god of "tricks" and "deceptions."

Names That Mean Vengeance

Alexia means defender or protector.

Fahari is a feminine of Swahili origin that means Splendor.

Eleanor is a girl"s name that means bright and shining.

Fantasia means imagination of Greek origin.

Faizah means successful, victorious, and beneficial.

Hildegard means battle enclosure.

Ramona means wise protector.

Tamar means the date (the fruit), date palm, or just a palm tree.

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