Absolute Best Shower Thoughts (Funny, Deep, and Random)

Ever have super weird shower thoughts? These are the thoughts that cross your mind when you enter that meditative state in the bathroom. Here are additional considerations to mull over when you're showering.

shower thoughts

What is a shower thought?

A shower thought is a universally relatable question that should spark miniature epiphanies. These questions are used to bring a sense of wonder into the world. They are questions that generate ideas about the past, present, and future.

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shower thoughts

Funny shower thoughts

Did I clear my browser history today?

Is it a routine task to wash your phone?

I wonder if there's a different version of me in the universe?

How do condom companies test their products?

What exactly is "human verification?"

Why do we drink alcohol when we know it makes us dumb?

Why do some people say they are "borrowing happiness?"

Do movie cars get sold after they are in movies?

Why do we say we "fall asleep," when really we are going unconscious?

Isn't it weird that we say the best customers are those who spend the most money?

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Weird shower thoughts

I wonder what my moms first thought of me was when I was born?

Why do some people say sorry when they shouldn't be sorry?

Is there a digital equivalent of me out there in the universe?

I wonder if there's a robot in space asking if there's a human version of them?

What would happen if my stomach could talk? I wonder what it thinks?

Why do some people explain things that don't need to be explained?

Did plants or trees come first?

When was the last time that I used soap?

Accidentally liking someone's post is like looking through someone's clothing drawer.

What is the idea that something could be "interesting?"

How far could we walk when we were cavemen?

What makes someone an adult?

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Deep shower thoughts

Were Adam and Eve brother and sister?

What exactly are epiphanies?

Why does our brain decide to think?

Who created us?

Who invented the yo-yo?

How did humans first learn to speak?

Is the English language really just gibberish?

Why do tobacco companies sell products they know harm people?

When we meet people who are familiar, is it a glitch in The Matrix?

Why don't we like the dark?

What's the chemical reaction our brain gets when we are mad?

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Mind blowing shower thoughts

How did the universe start?

If we uncover the god particle, does that mean we are gods?

Did ancient Rome and Greece really happen?

How was it possible that humans survived in the cold without heat?

Did we really hunt animals to eat them?

I wonder if future customers think about current customers like we say they do?

I wonder if the prefrontal cortex is just a made up term.

When people say, "trust your gut," are they meaning to ask what my stomach thinks?

How would I spend millions of dollars in a single day?

Is life truly mundane?

Why don't airports have hotels built right into them?

Who decided that we need to go to school until the age of 18?

There should be a television show where flat-earth theorists go to the end of the world.

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Random shower thoughts

Who was the voice of Homer on The Simpsons?

What if there was no tomorrow, what would I do?

Who decided that the top of humans should be called a head?

Does an Apple melt in the sun?

What is the fastest car on the planet?

Can you hear your hair growing?

Who decided that certain things are considered "mistakes?"

How much rest should a dog get in one day?

Who invented the Moog keyboard?

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Sad shower thoughts

Why don't people like me?

Will I ever get a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Do people think I'm good looking when they see me?

Why don't people invite me over after school?

Is Earth going to end soon?

Why are random thoughts considered random thoughts?

Is money really worth it?

What if people don't see me the way I see myself in the mirror?

Do I smell and people aren't telling me about it?

If Apple created denim jeans, what would they call it?

sad shower thoughts

Dumb and stupid shower thoughts

What would happen if I grew my toe nails out?

Who decided it should be called, "The Pinky Toe?"

Should I have kids if kids are annoying?

When we have a random thought, is it really just an idea?

When will cars stop being cool?

Is there another world that we don't know about?

Is there such a thing as another universe?

Do we see the same sun every day?

Why do we play games where you just go around the board paying rent?

Is the Olympics quite boring and we don't admit it?

Is it weird that the whole idea of Golf is that you are suppose to play less golf?

really dumb shower thoughts

Creepy shower thoughts

Are people watching me at night?

Do I have a stalker and not know about it?

Is it possible that I could be on Dateline soon?

When you pass, is it truly just your turn to go?

Do I have someone following me on Instagram who isn't real?

Is there a bot that's following me on social media?

Why does everything go quiet when it's night time?

Are there spies amongst us?

Are there demons amongst us?

super creepy shower thoughts to have

Depressing shower thoughts

When will it be my time to go?

I wonder if I will go to heaven?

Is there such a thing as a heaven?

Do angels truly exist?

If I had a guardian angel, would it protect me?

Does my girlfriend/boyfriend really love me?

Did my parents lie to me about being adopted?

Is there a sign from God that I shouldn't be here anymore?

When can someone realize that they are ugly?

Why do people live in places where there is a lot of snow?

Who decided that peer pressure works so well?

Brilliant shower thoughts

Maybe Einstein was wrong?

Why do most scientists decide to make weapons instead of do something great with their lives?

How many muscles does the human body have?

Are there multiple ways to smile?

What hour is the best hour to fall in love with someone?

Is there a person who looks just like me in the universe?

What is the meaning of life?

If I had to define life in one word, what would it be?

Why do most people drink coffee in the morning?

"What if" shower thoughts

What if dogs are actually aliens?

What if humans are actually aliens?

What if cats are on this planet to protect Earth from humans?

What if we are living in a simulation?

What if we never landed on the moon?

What if life isn't real?

What if our brain is just a computer?

What if food isn't real and we just think it nourishes us?

What if the only time we could speak is when we were using the bathroom?

Shower thoughts about life

Is it possible that we are living in a video game?

Could it be possible that God is disappointed in us?

Why is it so difficult to live in the present moment?

Who decided that humans should live so close to each other?

Why do we live in high-rise buildings?

What does it mean to "trust" someone?

Isn't it odd that humans haven't evolved into anything else yet?

Are movies created to let us know what the future will look like?

Is propaganda a real thing we should be worried about?

What would happen if aliens took over the planet?

Best hilarious Reddit shower thoughts

Skeletons in movies never have scoliosis.

There are so many obscure songs that one day someone may independently come up with an existing song.

Your younger-self is the old you.

You have to be pretty cool already for a trench coat to make you cooler.

Animals don’t take clothes off when they eat people.

Whenever a dog has its eyes closed, everyone just assumes it's sleeping.

You know you’re old when your birthday candles can’t match your age because it’s a fire hazard.

The sun is below you at nighttime.

Tiktok lawyers have more reasons to give you bad tips than good.

The amount of material needed to build a closed house rises with the amount of dimensions a being can see.

Technically, any cell phone can be considered a walkie talkie.

Retractable headlights are probably the only thing we prefer to be stuck up.

Cookie dough and sushi may very well be the only foods that are almost universally more well-liked than their cooked counterparts.

So many declared thumb wars are probably yet to be settled.

Artificial general intelligence will be the last invention humanity will ever create.

At one point in the future your brainwaves will become identical to that of Albert Einstein’s.

A ton of ton is still just a ton.

A witness is more trustworthy than a lawyer.

The point both closest and farthest away from you is right next to you.

Change is changing the format of money from bills to coins.

When you click on ads for organizations you hate, they have to pay for it.

A spy wearing a trench coat wouldn’t be that good of a disguise.

A viral video with 1 million views has only been seen by 0.01% of the global population (or less considering replays, or more considering multiple viewers per screen).

When complimenting a person on their car or perfume, you will always get a 'thank you' despite that person not actually creating those things, all they did was buy them.

The highest latitude person in Poland is the North Pole.

There's probably someone out there who's blood has been consumed by an unbroken bloodline of mosquitoes going back many mosquito generations.

We think the world is getting stupider because we have more access to the actions of stupid people.

People with ADHD have idle animations.

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