Fun Truth or Dare Questions for Over Text (2023)

Truth or dare is a fun game to play with friends. But what happens when you can't meet up in person to play the game of truth or dare? You can play truth or dare over text! Learn how to play this game with friends, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a family member.

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The best list of truth or dare questions to ask over text message.

Truth or Dare Over Text Rules

To play the game of truth or dare over text message, one person in the chat must ask the question, truth or dare? The person who is being prompted must respond with either truth or dare. Once the person chooses, the game master (or the person who is prompting the questions) will choose the truth or dare question to respond with.

Players cannot skip a turn. Players should record their dares or take photographs of them completing the dare for the group in order to move to the next player. Playing truth or dare is a fun way to connect with friends.

Enjoy playing this classic party game over text message!

Truth or Dare Questions Over Text


List of funny truth questions to ask over text.

What's the biggest pet peeve you have about your boyfriend/girlfriend?

How many people have you k#ssed?

What are you most attracted to in the opposite s#x?

What's the absolute worst thing you've ever done?

Who have you had a fantasy about that you've never mentioned?

Have you ever had a fantasy about a parent? Who was it?

Have you ever farted in front of your crush?

What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

Have you ever practiced k#ssing on a piece of fruit from the kitchen?

When's the last time you cried in public?

What's the grossest thing you have ever done in public?

Have you ever eaten really old food?

What's the weirdest thing you do in the morning?

What's the strangest dream you've ever had about someone at school or work?

Have you ever peed in a public place that you shouldn't have?

What's the romantic thing you've ever done with your partner?

If you were to ask your parents what the most childish thing you've ever done was, what would it be?

What's the craziest thing you've ever done on the weekend?

Have you ever got caught mast##bating?

Would you ever eat a soggy cupcake if you were really craving it?

Who is your secret crush at work/school?

What friend would you marry if you had to marry someone?

When was your first k#ss and who was it with?

Would you rather lick someone's foot or lick the sidewalk on the street?

How many selfies do you have on your phone?

What's your biggest regret in life that you never tell anyone?

What is the biggest lie you've ever told your parents or a teacher?

Have you ever cheated on a love interest?

What's something embarrassing that very few people know about you?

If we were all going into your room to snoop around, what would we find that should absolutely shock us all?

If you could change your nose or your jawline, which would you pick and why?

Does your crush know that you have a crush on them?

If you had to be a TV character from a sitcom, who would you choose and why?

What's one thing that you would change about your body?

Who is the last person you had a s#xual fantasy about?

What's the worst thing you've ever done in the bedroom?

What's one thing you wish you could change about your s#xual past?

What is one thing you would sleep overnight on the sidewalk for?

Do you believe in angels, heaven, and hell?

What's something you're attracted to in another person that you don't like to share?

What's the most embarrassing moment that you had with your parents?

If you were allowed to be with more than one person, would you do it?

Would you ever date a friend's girlfriend?

Who is your grossest celebrity crush?

What's your ultimate s#xual f##tasy (romantic truth question)?


List of dares to ask over text.

Go into the bathroom and unroll all the toilet paper.

Try to make one part of your body make a fart sound.

Take a shower with your clothes on.

Show us your most recent social media direct message in a screenshot.

Make a prank call to another best friend.

Bark like a dog for two whole minutes.

Take peanut butter and coat your face in it.

Order five pizzas to your house right now.

Go onto Doordash and order something super random.

Ask your crush out on a date through text message.

Try to be funny and make us laugh with your best joke.

Take a revealing photograph right now and post it on social media.

Text your parents that you're pregnant.

Text your parents and tell them that you're interested in the same s#x.

Call Pizza Hut and pretend to order Chipotle.

Take a photograph of yourself going to the bathroom.

Google something really disturbing and take a photograph of the results.

Walk into your parent's bedroom and jump on the bed.

Roll around on the floor and pretend you have a really bad stomach ache.

Take the most unflattering picture of yourself that you can think of.

Pretend to be playing a sport in your living room.

Act out your favorite movie in only 2-minutes.

Pick someone random from your contact list and call them.

Go ask your neighbor if they have any eggs and then smash them on your sidewalk.

Try to lick your own elbow.

Rub your feet with your hands and then smell your hands.

Try to take a bite out of a bar of soap.

Try to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon.

Go to your biggest window in the house and start dancing really poorly for 2-minutes.

Text a random number on your phone a really bad selfie of yourself.

Shave a part of your body that you never shave.

Pretend to be a cat in your house for a full 5-minutes.

Pretend that you're a mummy and annoy your brother/sister/parents.

Knock on your neighbor's door and run away.

Find something really spicy in your fridge and take a big bite out of it.

Go into your kitchen, find an onion, and take a big bite.

Make a sandwich with potato chips and take a bite.

Run into your brother or sister's room and scream really loudly.

Tell your brother or sister that you have a disorder and then try to fart in front of them.

Make out with yourself for 2-minutes and videotape yourself doing it.

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