50 Disturbing Would You Rather Questions (Cringe)

"Would you rather" is a fun game to play with friends. To play, one person asks the question to the group. Or to another friend. The other player must choose between one of the options in the prompt. Either A or B. The question normally looks like this, "Would you rather watch your mom d#e or your dad d#e?" If looking for disturbing, disgusting, weird, and abnormal would you rather questions, you've come to the right list.

Have fun playing this twisted version of the "would you rather" game with friends!

Disturbing Would You Rather Questions

1. Would you rather live the rest of your life with one eye or one leg?

You have to pick one!

2. Would you rather eat worms or eat crickets?

Yum, yum!

3. Would you rather lose your p#nis or lose your entire face?

It's a tough choice!

4. Would you rather drink p#e or drink someone's spit?

Who is thirsty?

5. Would you rather eat your mom out or eat out a homeless lady?

This disgusting question will make you cringe!

6. Would you rather never be able to urinate or never be able to orgasm again?

You can only pick one of these.

7. Would you rather go hump a dead corpse once or sweat all the time?

One time or have to live with a deformity the rest of your life!

8. Would you rather wear women's underwear or wear a woman's bikini all the time?

Think it through!

9. Would you rather spend your day wearing homeless person clothes or spend your day wearing wet underwear?

One of these might smell pretty bad.

10. Would you rather never be able to speak or have to speak using your b#tt cheeks?

One of these is funny.

11. Would you rather have to watch your best friend d#e or your dog?

Both are sad.

12. Would you rather know how you're doing to d#e or how your parents are going to d#e?

Knowing everything sometimes isn't worth it.

13. Would you rather give a homeless person a k#ss or give a stray dog's b#tt a k#ss?

Someone is getting a k#ss.

14. Would you rather be forced into a cult or have to jump out of an airplane?

Forced into something, here.

15. Would you rather find out that you have cancer or find out that you have A#DS?

One of these might k#ll you.

16. Would you rather take drugs all day long or have to yell every time you po#p?

I would definitely yell.

17. Would you rather lick the bottom of someone's shoe or have to lick the sidewalk?

The shoe seems better I think.

18. Would you rather have to have s#x with your mom or your grandma?

There is no good answer here.

19. Would you rather eat a snake or eat a dog?

The snake might be chewy.

20. Would you rather have to k#ll an elephant or k#ll a lion?

Someone is going to d#e, here.

21. Would you rather have to put down a cat or put down a dog?

Both are going to be very sad.

22. Would you rather eat a rotten banana or eat a living beetle?

Yum, yum. Who is hungry?

23. Would you rather get bit by a dog or get pricked by a cactus?

The cactus might be okay.

24. Would you rather get a needle to your arm or have to get a toenail removed?

Ouch, a toenail!?

25. Would you rather have your hair fall out or all of your fingernails fall out?

No fingernails might be okay.

26. Would you rather be a drug addict or be addicted to smelling gasoline?

Gasoline doesn't smell that bad.

27. Would you rather have to have turrets or have a deformity?

Depends on the turrets, right?

28. Would you rather have to speak out of your b#tt or speak from your armpits?

Armpits would be kind of funny.

29. Would you rather be a p#rnstar or be a camgirl?

Camgirl, I would think.

30. Would you rather have to walk in on your parents having s#x or walk in on your boyfriend/girlfriend having s#x?

Parents, definitely.

31. Would you rather date someone who is small or date someone who is fat?


32. Would you rather be obese or be skinny but have an eating disorder?

Skinny and have an eating disorder!

33. Would you rather be able to po#p on command and have to pray to the devil to do so or be able to po#p normally but have to eat it afterward?

Pray to the devil, he might help you.

34. Would you rather have to lick a stranger's finger or have to watch a foreign movie for 24 hours straight?

Foreign movie, don't know where those fingers have been!

35. Would you rather be forced into sucking on a stranger's toes or fingers?


36. Would you rather have an invisible friend who comes with you everywhere or have no friends at all?

An invisible friend would be nice to you, at least.

37. Would you rather have to speak really loudly all the time or speak really quietly all the time?

Really loudly, for sure.

38. Would you rather know that your life is going to be exciting and short or mediocre and long?

Exciting and short is what I would pick.

39. Would you rather have to watch two dogs have s#x or watch zoo animals have s#x?

Two dogs.

40. Would you rather watch a koala bear be hunted or watch a sloth be hunted?

Sloth, at least the hunt would be short and sweet.

41. Would you rather have to eat a cat or a lizard if you were living in the jungle?

A lizard, for sure.

42. Would you rather only be able to drink water or drink chocolate milk for the rest of your life?

Chocolate milk is very delicious but it could make you fat.

43. Would you rather have to eat a talking dog or eat a talking cat?

A talking cat might be kind of mean.

44. Would you rather have to sacrifice a human or sacrifice an animal in order to save humanity?

Depends on who the human is.

45. Would you rather have to blow up China or Russia in order to save humanity?

China, they aren't helpful.

46. Would you rather have a really long neck or have really long legs?

Long legs might look good in jeans or a dress.

47. Would you rather have a small p#nis and be great in bed or have a big p#nis and be mediocre in bed?

A small p#nis for sure.

48. Would you rather meet your soulmate and know them for a short period of time or stay alone for the rest of your life?

Know the soulmate.

49. Would you rather have to take your mom's arm off or take your dad's arm off?

Mom needs it in order to cook us dinner.

50. Would you rather have to m#rder one of your siblings or m#rder one of your parents?

The siblings need to go!

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