120 Stupid Questions to Ask Anyone LOL

Sometimes, asking stupid questions is a fun way to start a conversation. It's a silly, entertaining, and endearing start to conversing with a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend. When looking for some stupid questions to ask in order to have fun, consider the list below.

When asking these stupid questions, the answer is going to be something silly. It probably won't make any sense, either. For you and your friends, coming up with answers to these silly questions is going to be half of the fun!

Stupid Questions to Ask

To ask friends

Why is it that we call something "cool" when it's not really cold?

Why do we find the smell of gasoline good?

Who invented the word "book?"

What's something you do alone that you can't do with others?

Is science really just a way for a person to waste time creating experiments?

Could we cover the earth with pudding?

Why can't the mother send food into her stomach like a fish in a fishbowl?

What if we all were supposed to like the smell of bad things, would we still take showers?

I wonder what year the earth was really created?

What do your feet smell like?

How many times do you think you've sneezed in your lifetime?

What's the first memory you remember as a baby?

Do you think we'll be able to fly by the year 3000?

Why do we call the month of February, February?

Why is it that people believe in the idea of love?

When we have a thought, what's really going on in our brain?

Is it possible that we are just aliens on this earth and people don't even know it?

When's the first time you picked your nose?

Have you ever looked at your butt in the mirror?

Would you ever kiss a dirty animal if it were really cute?

Who invents words and how do they get them validated?

Do you think a business teaching people about nose-picking would take off?

What makes a person "free" in this world?

Is it possible that every new day is just the same day over again?

Is it possible that our brain is telling us what to see? That our eyes are lying to us.

To ask a guy

Why do men have dirty armpits compared to women?

Should men shave every part of their body?

Why do men seem to want to smack each other in the butt during sports?

How often do men think about s#x during the workday?

Why is it that the p#nis can be so small and so big on the same day?

Do you think Adam had a belly button since God created him?

When men say they are "juiced up," what does this really mean?

Where does the word "lit" really come from?

Do men look in the mirror more than women?

If a guy lost all of his fingers, do you think he would still try to masturbate?

What songs really get men "pumped up?"

What's one thing a guy does that should gross women out?

How is it possible that we can have the same brain but different intelligence?

Is it possible that men and women are from different planets?

Why do guys feel the need to smell bad things?

Why do guys all want to share gross stories with each other?

When a guy is asked a question from a girl, what's the chance they lie?

When does a person really know that they are a good person?

If a guy came back to a girlfriend multiple times, what will his guy friends say?

Does a guy learn things easier than a woman?

How many books do you think the average guy reads per year?

What would the world be like if guys were able to wear a lot of makeup?

What if guys were able to alter their height like women, what would happen in our society?

What does the average guy need the most in their life?

What's one movie that every guy really loves?

To ask a girl

What's one movie every girl loves?

What would happen if makeup didn't exist in our culture?

Why do women seem to gossip about each other and then pretend to be best friends?

Where do women get their inspiration for life from?

Do bankruptcy attorneys ever have to work for themselves?

Why do round pizzas always come in a square pizza box?

Do you think there's actually the greatest number out there?

Why do we call a tomato a fruit?

Why is it that we always come up with different nicknames for things?

If a tarot card reader can see your future, do you think they knew you were coming?

Do you think self-help authors don't need advice?

When we say "K," what does it actually mean?

Why don't slang words end up in the dictionary if we say them all the time?

Why do we walk dogs, it seems more like the dogs are walking us?

What flavor of bubble gum do you wish existed but doesn't?

Who tests new types of flavors?

Why do some animals lay eggs and others have babies without eggs?

If someone woke up from a bad dream, are they now having a good day?

Why don't penguins bend their legs when they walk?

Is it entirely possible to cry while you're swimming underwater?

If a doctor falls ill during surgery, do you think they'll continue surgery or help the doctor first?

Why are dried grapes called raisins and not dried grapes?

If you were a kitten, what would your name be?

Why do we describe things as food when they're easy? Like, "piece of cake."

Who makes magnets?

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