65 Would You Rather Questions for Girls (2023)

Would you rather! Would you rather questions for girls! Girls love to gossip. They love to chat. These questions are perfect for a slumber party, girls' night, or when you're trying to think of something fun to do with your friends over your group text messages. In addition, these questions are great for a first date. Potentially when a guy is going on a date with a girl and needs to get the conversation going.

Enjoy these questions that are guaranteed to make your friends engage in a conversation!

What is a Would You Rather Question

Assuming a girls night or slumber party

A would you rather question is a type of conversation starter. To play, simply have one friend ask the question to the group. The group must respond with either option A or option B in the prompt. For example, would you rather be a monkey or a donkey? The girls in the group must choose between either a monkey or a donkey. These conversation starters often lead to further discussion and can help learn more about your friend/best friend. Enjoy your party!

Assuming the first date with a girl

For the first date with a girl, would you rather questions can be a fun way to get an interesting conversation started. To do so, simply ask the question when there seems to be a lack of discussion. Or when it's quiet. Enjoy getting into the dating game!

Would You Rather Questions for Girls

The absolute best list of would you rather questions for girls.

Questions About Love

Would you rather wait your entire life for your soul mate or go through multiple marriages?

Would you rather your family approve our your loved one or be okay with whatever choice you made?

Would you rather be deeply in love with your soulmate or never meet your soulmate and be poor?

Would you rather have kids early in life or later in life when you were ready?

Would you rather meet your true love for only one week or never know who they were?

Would you rather fall in love early or wait to fall in love until later?

Would you rather have strong lust or strong communication?

Would you rather our love develop slowly or feel like it's rushing in on you?

Would you rather have to marry your first heartbreak or a random stranger?

Would you rather talk on the phone every night or send text messages?

Would you rather spend the weekend together or spend the weekdays together?

Would you rather meet your partner randomly or have everything planned?

Would you rather have s#x early in the relationship timeline or wait until later?

Would you rather turn your best friend into your lover or have your lover become your best friend over time?

Would you rather have a picnic or go on a romantic dinner date?

Would you rather get flowers or get chocolate as a gift?

Would you rather spend quality time together or receive a gift?

Would you rather be poor and in love or rich and alone?

Would you rather watch movies on the weekend or TV shows?

Would you rather know what your future love life looked like or have it be a mystery?

On Life

Would you rather be in a horror movie or be in a bad drama movie?

Would you rather live in a house or an apartment?

Would you rather live by the ocean or in the mountains?

Would you rather be rich for one week and lose it all or have a moderate income for the rest of your life?

Would you rather be the last person in the world or the first person in the world dying from a virus?

Would you rather have bad hair on your head or a lot of body hair?

Would you rather be stuck on a bus with people you didn't like or stuck in an airport overnight?

Would you rather have limited access to the internet or not be able to use your phone?

Would you rather be the funny person in the room or the best-looking person in the room?

Would you rather eat a bowl of worms or a bowl of crickets?

Would you rather have a lot of mediocre friends or have one very good friend?

Would you rather eat your favorite food every day or only have it once per year?

Would you rather sleep on a really comfortable mattress or have a really comfortable pillow?

Would you rather go for a walk or go for a run together?

Would you rather be able to control animals or be able to hear other humans' thoughts?

Would you rather have all the money in the world and have to donate it or live a life with a mediocre income?

Would you rather spend your whole life not knowing your parents or spend your whole life not knowing yourself?

Would you rather spend the weekends with your friends or with your romantic partner?

Would you rather have one wish or get the opportunity to meet God?

Would you rather learn a hard lesson in life or have your life be easy?

Questions About Guys

Would you rather a guy text you in the morning or at night?

Would you rather a guy tell you he has a crush on you or be mysterious?

Would you rather a guy be confident or good-looking?

Would you rather a guy be tall and unintelligent or short and smart?

Would you rather have a guy plan an activity with you or a romantic dinner?

Would you rather talk to a guy on the phone at night or text throughout the day?

Would you rather have a guy tell you how beautiful you are or kiss you when you were being cute?

Would you rather a guy take control in the bedroom or have you be in control?

Would you rather a guy decide what to eat for dinner or have you be involved?

Would you rather live with a guy before getting married or get married first?

Would you rather a guy touch your hair or touch your back?

Would you rather cuddle and watch movies or go out and have fun?

Would you rather a guy be the alpha male or be the beta male?

Would you rather the guy be able to work on the house or contract out the work?

Would you rather a guy have a good job or good morals?

Would you rather a guy have good communication or good ethics?

Would you rather find a guy online or randomly spark a conversation?

Would you rather a guy tell you when you're being cute or take your picture?

Would you rather a guy write you a love note or tell you verbally?

Would you rather a guy keep their bedroom clean or keep a clean shower?

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