Flirty Texts (200+ Cute and Hot Texts for a Guy or Girl)

Flirty texts are fun to send. They can encourage a little romance in the life of two people. We're all staring at our phone screen during the day. So why not decide to text someone a little something extra?

A flirty text can go a long way in making a relationship spark. Great for new or established relationships. But when you need a little extra motivation, it can be hard to send a text without something in mind.

Here are the best flirty texts to send to your boyfriend, spouse, girlfriend, and much more...

flirty texts

Flirty texts to make him laugh

I'm thinking about you right now... Do you feel it?

All of my friends think that you're hot. I agree.

Did you know that you're my dream guy?

I'm having some very sexy thoughts right now. Guess who it's about?

I can't believe that happened last night.

How many licks does it take to make me want you?

Date night tonight? Let's go.

There's a small gift waiting for you in the bedroom, it's me.

You're going to be calling in sick to work tomorrow.

You make all the difference to me in life.

Date tonight? Reply back "Y" or "N." You can't say no!

I'm super distracted thinking about you.

flirty texts

Good morning texts (that are flirty)

Good morning my hot one.

You're the first thing I think of when I wake up.

I can't believe that I woke up and you're still real.

I'm sooo hungry. But you're the first thing I wanted to do.

What are you going to wear tonight?

All my friends think that you're hot. And I do too.

Call in sick tomorrow because tonight is going to be so much fun.

When I see your face my phone screen makes me grin like I'm in high school.

Send me a new picture so I can stare at it all day today.

Impromptu date tonight? Reply back yes or no.

I can't stop thinking about you and I just woke up.

My love language has to be Y-O-U.

I officially texted you first thing in the morning. Does that make you happy?

flirty texts

Flirty texts to turn him on

I fall asleep thinking about you.

There's no such thing as small talk when we get together tonight.

I'm going to kick things in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

Every time I kiss you it's like the first kiss.

Let's spice things up tonight. Guess what's going to happen?

I can't stop thinking about what's going to happen tonight.

I'm obsessively staring at pictures of you on my phone.

Let's have a FaceTime call right now I want to show you what I'm wearing.

This emoji reminds me of what's going to happen tonight <====3

I'm never playing hard to get when it comes to your hard to get. If you know what I mean.

Cancel your lunch plans, I want you for a snack.

flirty texts

Flirty good morning texts for your crush

First date tonight? Reply back yes or no.

I want to learn what your love language is. Mine is physical touch.

Let's have some fun tonight, are you ready?

Can I tell you that you're my secret crush?

I never want to have another week go by without spending time with you.

This emoji makes me think of you <3

You're my person, I just know it. I miss you already.

Cancel any lunch plans today, I'm going to take you to lunch.

My mood just increased when I started thinking about you.

flirty texts

Cute flirty texts

I'm looking through our text messages, we make a good couple.

I can't wait until I see you.

I miss you the moment that you leave.

Do you know that you make me feel special? No one else does that for me.

I'm not interested in anyone else but you.

Dinner tonight? Reply back Y or N.

I hope that you know how much that I care about you already.

You're so cute.

I can't believe how cute you are.

Wow, that's like the cutest thing anyone has ever said.

You're adorable. It's ridiculous.

Do you know how cute you are? I hope that you know it.

This is a text where I'm saying that you're absolutely so cute.

flirty texts

Flirty goodnight texts

Goodnight my love. You're my person and I love it.

You know that you're pretty freaking great. Goodnight.

I hope you have sweet dreams. Think of me!

Don't think of me too much tonight.

You remind me that the world is a beautiful place. Goodnight.

I wish we could share the same pillow tonight.

You're not going to sleep next to me for the last time. Tomorrow I am fixing this.

I'm going to send you a picture of how you make me feel.

I hope every dream you have tonight makes you think of me.

Hey, goodnight, I care about you. I like you.

You make my mood and my face shine bright. Goodnight.

I can't wait to see you this weekend. Goodnight.

flirty texts

Funny flirty texts

Hey, you're hot. Just FYI.

You make me smile. That's a big deal.

We're like Jennifer and Ben. Just saying.

That smile of yours, DARN. It is hot.

You're like a dream boat, do you know that?

I want to spend time with you, right now. What are you doing?

This is a sweet text I'm sending. This is it. Do you like it?

I'm the guy for you. I just know it.

I would pick up your dirty clothes any day of the week.

You're so hot that I would clean up after you and not complain.

This relationship is so hot that it makes hot sauce look weak.

There's nothing more than I want other than a hotdog.... and you.

flirty texts

Subtle flirty texts

You're making me blush.

I can't wait to do something with you.

I think about you a lot more than you know.

The last message I got from you really made me smile.

We could be a good thing together.

I wonder if we should try to go out.

Is there a possibility that we could work out?

I wonder if we have a chance together.

Do you believe in soulmates?

Do you believe in Twin Flame relationships?

flirty texts

Flirty texts for her

You're the most beautiful girl I know.

I can't stop obsessing over how beautiful you are.

I just thought that you should know that I really care a lot about you.

We should just start to date.

Our relationship would make other people jealous, do you know that?

We need to have some fun this weekend.

I want to spend my entire weekend with you.

My goal is to always be here for you. I'm your guy, do you know that?

Do you know that you're the only woman I ever think about?

You're so beautiful. Whenever I see you I'm still blown away.

I can't believe how gorgeous you look. I'm looking at pictures of you and I love it.

flirty texts

Flirty texts for him

I think about you when I wake up in the morning.

You're the first thing that comes to mind when I listen to a love song.

You're an amazing guy.

The kind of person you are makes my soul shine.

I feel like we are meant to be together.

I can't think of anyone else that I want to date as much as you.

At night, I stare at my ceiling and think about you.

No other guy even compares to you. I hope that you know that.

You're the best guy that anyone could ask for.

I hope you have all the confidence in the world knowing that I'm yours.

I will always be yours. Do you know that?

flirty texts

Sassy and flirty texts

You won't ever be able to replace me.

I'm the one for you and you can't change that.

We're twin flames and it's the best.

You know I'm that much fun.

Let's have our last date tonight. And then get married.

Is this real life? Or are you actually that hot?

Don't you think I'm hot? Go ahead and tell me.

You can tell me how good looking you think I am. I will just blush.

There's no one I would rather hear from than you.

I don't know if my sass is kicking in. But I'm going to take you tonight.

flirty texts

Husband flirty texts

How about a slow massage tonight? What do you think?

Do your feet hurt? Because tonight they are going to get a little massage.

I'm going to do the dishes right now. How does that make you feel?

You're the most amazing wife.

I really love everything that you do for me and this entire family.

You simply cannot be replaced, I hope that you know that.

I don't know what I would do without you.

You truly are the most incredible woman.

You are my support system and I'm extremely grateful for it.

Yes, I'm still flirting with you over text messages. I don't care.

You're leveled up to being the best husband in the world.

flirty texts

Wife flirty texts

You're the best husband a woman could ask for.

I appreciate everything that you do around the house.

You're incredible, I appreciate what you do for our family.

I would never change a thing about you.

You're going to make me the happiest woman when I'm old.

I don't know what I would do without you.

You make me feel safe and secure and for that I love you dearly.

Want to try a new hike this weekend?

Let's go on an adventure together this weekend.

You're simply the best guy that any woman could ask for.

I don't want to spend the weekend with anyone else but you.

Let's have a date tonight like when we first started going out.

Romantic flirty texts

The fire between us is absolutely real.

You make me realize that soulmates are real.

I want you to know that our relationship makes me firmly believe in Twin Flame relationships.

I'm never going to be able to survive without you. I hope that you know that.

There is simply no one else that pulls at my heart like you do.

The way I feel when I see your face is something special. I tingle all over.

When I look at you, I still get butterflies like it's the first time that we met.

I can still remember the first time that I saw you. I feel the same way today.

What's something I can do for you today?

Is there anything that will make you feel extra loved by me today?

What can I do to show you how much that I love you?

I absolutely adore you. JUST FYI!

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