Improv Prompts (150+ Fun Ideas, Scenes, and Topics for 2022)

Looking for fun improv prompts? Prompts are a great way to get started in improv. They provide a structure for your scene and can help you come up with ideas. But what exactly are prompts? And how do you use them effectively?

In this post, we'll explore a list of ideas for improv prompts. We'll also look at some of the most popular prompt types and give tips on using them in your scenes.

So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced improviser, read on for all you need to know about improv prompts!

What are improv prompts?

The basic premise of an improv prompt is to give performers a suggestion or starting point to work from to create a scene. Short exercises help you focus on a certain skill or idea. Prompts can warm up, improve teamwork, and practice new skills. There are no real rules regarding prompts, but they can be anything from objects, locations, emotions, activities, etc.

One example of an improv prompt might be "invent a new sport." The performers might start running around the stage, making up sports like jumping over large rocks or dodging flying fiery meteors. As long as it's funny and makes sense within the context of the scene, anything goes well.

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Funny improv prompts

Here are ten funny improv prompts:

  1. Improvise a scene where a chicken and an egg are arguing about which came first.
  2. Improvise a scene where two people are trying to order at a restaurant but can't understand each other because they're from different countries.
  3. One person is trying to convince the other that the world is flat.
  4. One person is trying to sell the other the benefits of living in a cave.
  5. Two people are lost in the jungle, and a lion is chasing one.
  6. Suspect that your boyfriend is a vampire.
  7. Convince the other person that they are a robot.
  8. Two people are arguing over whether or not ghosts are real.
  9. Birthday party for a 200-year-old person.
  10. Final round interview for poison food taste tester.

Improv prompts for guys

You just got a new pet – what's its name and how did you choose it?

You're at a restaurant with a group of friends – who ordered what and how is it?

You're the only one left in your dorm/apartment – describe everything happening around you.

It's the end of the world – describe your final moments.

You've just won the lottery – describe your first few hours/days of spending the money.

You find out your significant other has been cheating on you – what do you do?

A friend tells you they're moving away – how does that make you feel?

You've just been fired from your job – how do you react?

You're about to graduate college – what are your plans for the future?

You're finally going on that dream vacation – where are you going, and what are you doing there?

improv prompts

Improv prompts for girls

Say the first thing that comes to mind about the person to your left...

A time when you felt proud of yourself...

An embarrassing moment from your childhood...

A dream you've had recently...

Your favorite type of ice cream flavor and why...

The last time you laughed so hard, it hurt your stomach muscles...

A talent or skill that you wish you had...

Recount a tale of the funniest thing that has ever happened to you...

Something that makes you feel alive...

Scary improv prompts

Here are some scary improv prompts to get you started:

A group of people finds themselves locked in a haunted house...

A person walks home late at night and gets lost in a dark, creepy forest...

A group of friends is camping in the woods when they hear strange noises from the nearby forest...

A woman is driving home late at night when she gets lost and ends up in a bad part of town...

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Improv prompts for kids (list of ideas)

Here are fun improv class ideas for kids.

1. Freeze

This game is great for getting everyone warm up and laughing. One person starts by doing an action, like dancing. The next person has to freeze in the same pose as the first person and add their action. It keeps going until someone messes up, and then they are out.

2. Tell Me a Story

This game is fun for all ages! One person starts by saying, "Once upon a time, there was _____." The next person continues the story with whatever comes to mind, adding new details and characters. It's hilarious to see the different stories that come out of this game. 

3. Make a Face

This game is exactly what it sounds like – you make a face and the next person has to make the same face. The first person to laugh or make a different face loses. This game is great for making people laugh and getting them to let loose.

Improv scene ideas

  1. Two people are stranded on a deserted island. They must make the most of what they have and figure out how to survive.
  2. A detective is trying to solve a crime but keeps getting leads that go nowhere. 
  3. A couple is about to get married, but one has a secret they keep from the other. 
  4. Aliens have landed on earth and are trying to figure out what human life is like.

Drama scenarios to act out in improv

  1. A heated argument between two friends over a disagreement.
  2. A mother and daughter argue about a rebellious decision the daughter has made.
  3. An ex-couple meeting each other again after months or years of being apart.
  4. A co-worker reveals a secret to another co-worker that they've been harboring for a long time.
  5. Two people are attracted to each other but try to resist their feelings for one another.

Improv situations (list of ideas)

  1. In a grocery store, one person is the cashier, and the other is the customer. The customer must give the cashier specific instructions on what to buy.
  2. Two people are in a room with nothing but a table and chairs. One person must sit in each chair, facing each other. They cannot speak or make sounds besides those necessary for eating (chewing, swallowing).
  3. A flash mob situation. Everyone in the area suddenly starts dancing that they do for improv — and you have to join in as best you can
  4. One person is blindfolded and has to lead the other around using only their sense of touch. The other person can only respond verbally.
  5. Two people are driving in a car. One person is the driver, and the other is the navigator. The navigator can only give directions in the form of a riddle or a poem.

Serious improv prompts (list of ideas)

  1. A family that hasn't seen each other in years comes together again.
  2. Saying goodbye to a loved one at the airport.
  3. A group of wisdom-filled individuals guides the lessons they learn later in life.
  4. A group support group recently sat down and candidly discussed their life regrets.

Improv settings - where the drama scene takes place (list of ideas)

  • Art Gallery
  • Barbershop
  • Castle
  • Dragon's Lair
  • Elephant Sanctuary
  • Fire Station
  • Fortune Teller's Shop
  • Garbage Dump
  • Hogwarts

Improv character ideas (list of ideas)

The know-it-all: This character is always quick to offer an opinion, even if they don't know what they're talking about. They're always ready with a comeback and love the sound of their voice.

The over-the-top drama queen: This character is always in the middle of some crazy drama and loves to wallow in it. They're always making a scene and love to be the center of attention.

The indecisive one: This character can never make up their mind and constantly flip-flops between options. They hate making decisions and would rather let someone else make them for them.

Where to find an improv prompt generator

There are many online sources for improv prompt generators. One popular site is English prompts. Here you can find prompts for both theatre and business improvisation.

We hope you’ve found these ideas helpful. Keep in mind, though, that this is just a starting point. Prompts are an important part of any interaction but can always be improved.

Other generators:

If you have ideas on how we can improve our prompts, or if you think there’s something we missed, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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