Toddler Jokes (100+ Clean and Funny for 2023)

Looking for the best funny toddler jokes to tell? Toddlers are super funny individuals who can make anyone laugh with their antics. What’s more, they love to laugh too! It’s incredibly easy to make a toddler laugh. Tell them a few simple toddler jokes, and your house will be filled with melodious laughter. Also, they will go around telling everyone that joke.

To become a toddler's favorite person, you must learn some toddler jokes for various occasions and tickle their funny bones. You may have heard some of the most iconic and classic toddler jokes as a child. If you do not remember them, here is a list of the top toddler jokes that will always make a toddler laugh and probably make them roll on the floor too.

toddler jokes

Best toddler jokes

You cannot go wrong with simple, time-tested puns when thinking of the best toddler jokes. However, ensure your child is aware of some sounds or things to make the connection. Some of the best toddler jokes of all time that will make your child laugh are:

Why do pizza jokes never work?

Answer: Because they are too cheesy.

What do you call it when a chicken stares at a bunch of lettuce?

Answer: A chicken sees a Salad.

How did zero compliment eight?

Answer: He said, "Hey! Nice belt!"

What does a cow do on the weekend?

Answer: It goes to see the moo-vies.

toddler jokes

Knock knock toddler jokes

Knock Knock jokes are not just for adults. They can make children laugh just as hard. It’s all a matter of how complex or easy the joke is. Tailor a knock knock joke to something your child knows, and it will be the funniest thing for them ever. Here are some of the top knock knock jokes for toddlers:

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

It’s boo.

Boo who?

Why are you crying?


Knock knock

Who’s there?

A Tisch.

A Tisch who?

God Bless You!


Knock knock

Who’s there?

A Cow who?

No! A Cow moos!


Knock knock

Who’s there?


Beets who?

Beats me!


Knock knock

Who’s there?

It’s Europe

Europe Who?

No! You’re a poo!

toddler jokes

Funny toddler jokes

Toddler jokes can easily be a hit or even a miss. Every child has a unique personality, and different jokes sit differently with every child. However, a few select jokes work well with every child and are classics for a reason. Some of these jokes include:

Why was six scared of seven??

Answer: Because seven eight nine!

How to make a tissue dance?

Answer: Just put some boogie in it!

What does the Pizza say to its toppings?

Answer: Olive You!

What does one math book say to the other math book?

Answer: Dude, am I riddled with problems!

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April fools toddler jokes

April Fools' Day is, well, a day for pranking and joking. This day can be used as an opportunity to teach your kids some funny jokes that others will appreciate. This is especially helpful for a child who enjoys telling jokes to other people. Some of the top April Fool’s Day jokes are:

Which day is a monkey’s favorite day of the year?

Answer: The first day of Ape-ril.

How did April Fool’s Day start its award acceptance speech?

Answer: Prank you all!

Can February march?

Answer: No, but April May!

Why can April jump so high?

Answer: Because it has Spring?

What is the difference between April Fool’s Day and Thanksgiving Day?

Answer: On one day you are thankful; and on the other, you are prankful.

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Halloween toddler jokes

Halloween calls for trick or treating. It is also a time to trick some people, play pranks, and tell each other jokes. What’s even better is that on Halloween, you can create a joke that makes your costume even funnier. Some of the top Halloween jokes that can even inspire some costume ideas are:

What music genre do mummies enjoy the most?

Answer: Wrap Music

Which Halloween monster plays the best pranks?

Answer: Prank-instien’s Monster

Which room in a house has no use for a ghost?

Answer: The Living Room

What subject do witches like the most at school?

Answer: The Spellings Course

How do you repair a broken pumpkin?

Answer: Use a Pumpkin Patch!

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Christmas toddler jokes

Christmas is a time for celebration and joy. Sharing time with family, singing carols, telling jokes, exchanging presents. Christmas toddler jokes arean excellent set of themed jokes that make the festival much more entertaining. Some of the best Christmas toddler jokes are:

What do you call a reindeer wearing earmuffs?

Answer: Call him anything! He can’t hear you anyway!

Why did the Christmas tree visit a barber?

Answer: It wanted a festive trim.

Why is Frosty the Snowman liked by everyone?

Answer: Because he is super-cool!

Which candy does the Christmas tree like the most?

Answer: Ornamints!

What is a Snowman’s favorite breakfast cereal?

Answer: Snowflakes!

How to tell a good joke

Here's how to tell a good joke.

Look for good timing

Timing is everything. Don't try to interrupt a conversation. Or speak too loudly to a group of people. Look for a quiet time when the mood needs a laugh.

Pick a unique joke

A joke that everyone has already heard before isn't going to make an impact. Instead, look for a joke that will bring a smile to someone's face because they haven't heard it before.

Don't take it too seriously

Telling a joke is a great way to break the ice. Use it for a first date, for making new connections, or when meeting new people/colleagues. Don't take it too seriously. It will make it more challenging to deliver the joke with a strong impact.

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