Revealing Turnoffs for Men and Women (New List for 2023)

Men and women can have different turn-offs. Nobody can exactly make a list of the things about turn-off for women. However, some behaviors explicitly tell us what turn offs women.

Top turn-offs for women

Most women will say that poor hygiene or poor grooming habits are the one of the top things they dislike.

Although, there's a lot more. Women will look for men who can be great at raising kids.

Here are major turn-offs for women.

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If you constantly ignore her and do not pay attention to what she says or likes. Then it is one of the biggest turn-offs for women.

Women don't like their husbands/boyfriends constantly staying busy with their phones, but they want your attention.

Being a showoff: 

You'll make her feel like a gold-digger if you constantly brag about your achievements and money.

It's okay to be proud of your accomplishments but don't always brag about this and make others feel inferior to you.

Sexist remarks: 

Making sexist remarks is a massive disrespect for women.

If you say words like "a women's place are in the home," or "women should not wear this or that."

Then it will reflect the wrong impression of you in front of her. 

Gazing at other women: 

If you blatantly stare or flirt with other women in front of her.

Then you are indeed making a big mistake as no woman wants her man to flirt with other women.

You are moving too fast or have unclear intentions: 

If you are making her have sex with you at the initial stage of a relationship.

Or have unclear intentions like one day you can't live without her but the other day you didn't answer her calls.

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Not keep yourself well-groomed: 

Women like men who take care of their hygiene, smell nice and look presentable. Suppose you do not brush your teeth or do not cut your nails regularly.

So to avoid this, at least shower daily or wear de-wrinkled clothes.

Not having any belief in your own abilities (self-confidence): 

If you are a person who doesn't have faith in your own potential or always devalues yourself. You are making her turn off if you think yourself inferior to others.

Little nervousness is okay but thinking you are useless is not.


If your relationship stands on lies or dishonesty, it's a big turn-off for girls. 

A healthy relationship can only be based on trust and honesty among partners.

So always try not to lie in front of her.

Being too sensitive: 

If you are overly sensitive and get offended by everything.

You need to understand that women like stable men and not man likes who take everything personally and get hurt by them.

Too much lethargy or unreliable:

If you are a man with no goals or ambitions, always let destiny decide your fate. Every woman wants a man who does what he says, not what he says he will do.

Being lethargic for one day or two is okay but not having a dream is an altogether different.

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List of common turn-offs for men

You might have known about the common turn-off for women, but what about things that turn men off?


Men want intelligent women but not arrogant ones. Some ladies need to understand that arrogance is not confidence.

Like you don't want a man to raise a voice on you; men also don't want that women raise voices on them.

Being disrespectful: 

If you are an intelligent woman and make more money than your husband, don't ever try to disrespect him.

Men want intelligent women with whom they can discuss intellectual things but are not disrespectful.

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You are trying too hard or faking it:

If you think you can pretend and start liking things, you don't want to make your partner feel happy.

Then you need to understand that faking will not work in the long run.

So don't ever fake and acknowledge the authenticity.


Men tolerate the dramas of their girlfriends to some extent.

But if these dramas continue over and over, it's a major turn-off for men.

Doesn't care about hygiene: 

It is one thing that turns both men and women off.

Men want a woman who will take care of them, but if she could take care of herself.

Then how will she take care of him?

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Scorpio's biggest turn-offs:

  • Wishy-Washiness or not clear mind.
  • Betrayal.
  • Avoidance.
  • Wandering Eyes.
  • Dishonesty.
  • Clinginess.

Capricorn’s biggest turn-offs:

  • Wasteful behavior or attitude.
  • Over-impulsive behavior
  • Unreliability
  • Over-sensitive behavior
  • Lethargic person

Common questions

Questions and answers about turn-offs:

What does the zodiac "cancer man" consider to be a turn-off?

Here are turn offs for the Cancer zodiac sign in your life:

  • Being aloof and detached from partners.
  • Flirting or giving other people attention.
  • Giving backhanded remarks.
  • Having uncooperative partners
  • Overly objective people.

What do zociac aquarius signs time to be a turn off?

Here are turn offs for the aquarius in your life:

  • Having indifference with their partners.
  • Having general conformity.
  • Encertainty.
  • Undermining their achievements.
  • Having forced emotional intimacy.

What does the zodiac Taurus find to be a turn off?

Here are common turn-off's for the Taurus in your life:

  • Being pushy.
  • Being demanding and dominating.
  • Forcing them into certain actions.
  • Forcing them to say certain words.

What are Sagittarius turn-offs?

Here are turn-offs for the Sagittarius in your life:

  • Having a boring future outlook.
  • Not investing in yourself.
  • Generally boring people.
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