Unique Scavenger Hunt Ideas (Kids, Adults, Outdoor, and Office for 2023)

Looking for the very best scavenger hunt ideas? Scavenger hunts are extremely fun! And a great way to build relationships with friends, family, neighbors, and more.

Party games are always fun. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a party organized on your 12th birthday or an annual office event, party games are constant. In fact, they make such gatherings more fun, and act like an ice-breaker of sorts.

Scavenger Hunt is one such party game that is played all around the world. Sure, the name for it might be different in different parts of the world.

However, the concept of this game is something that is widely popular. Moreover, it’s quite easy to understand and doesn’t really require any equipment. So, it can be played spontaneously, without any preparation beforehand.

scavenger hunt ideas

How to Play a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is perhaps the simplest of all party games. This game essentially includes three elements – a clue list, things/activities to collect or do, and a timer.

Players are asked to figure out clues and riddles, collect most of something or do most of some activity within a specified period of time.

The team or individual who can collect the most things within that specified period of time wins.

It's a game that can be played by people of all age groups. You don’t necessarily have to be a child to play this game. Some iterations of this game can also serve as amazing ice-breakers.

Moreover, there is not much equipment required to set up a game of scavenger hunt.

In fact, with some versions of this game, you won’t even need things to collect. You can ask people to perform certain activities or even play virtually.

For instance, you can ask them to take certain kinds of photos and the person with the most photos, wins. It’s a very popular game that caters to everyone and all the players as well as the bystanders will feel included.

scavenger hunt ideas

How to Play a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt can be played over a video call. After the pandemic, a lot of our activities shifted to the digital world.

Entire offices began functioning digitally, without having their employees coming in physical contact with each other.

Even fun activities such as scavenger hunts had to adapt to this change. There are many ways in which you can organize a scavenger hunt digitally.

All you’ll need to do is have your players all connected with you on a video call with their cameras and audio on. There, you can instruct them and give them clues. They can collect the required stuff and show proof over video.

It’s a pretty simple concept that can be altered in really creative ways. In the article below, you’ll find a whole section dedicated to various virtual scavenger hunt ideas.

scavenger hunt ideas

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

The following are some thematically-curated Scavenger hunt ideas that will inspire you to come up with your own version of the game.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Outdoor scavenger hunt ideas!

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt can include items that can easily be found in one’s backyard.

This can include certain tools and items such as bugs, leaves, certain types of flowers, and whatnot.

Take a good look at your backyard and make a list of things that are not common, but can easily be found by anyone playing your backyard scavenger hunt.

Things to do

Alternatively, you can have a scavenger hunt of things to do.

For instance, you can have a list of activities such as plant a seed or mow the backyard. This would be an unorthodox scavenger hunt, but it can work really well with teenagers.

Moreover, you can also get some productive work done while playing.

scavenger hunt ideas

Kids Scavenger Hunt Ideas

There are many ways you can play a kids scavenger hunt. For example, you can make kids look for things in the playground.

All you need to do is make a list of things that kids would love to find.

This list will probably depend upon the immediate surroundings. As you are playing with kids, you wouldn’t want them to wander off too far.

If you are in a playground, you can ask them to collect certain types of leaves or toys.

The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas for kiddie scavenger hunts:

The Chocolate Scavenger Hunt

For this, all you need to do is place some chocolates or candies all around the house.

And then, you can ask the kids to search for them. The kid with the most chocolates win.

You can decide what prize you give to them.

We’ll recommend that it should related to the chocolatey theme of the scavenger hunt. A chocolate hamper, maybe?

Lovable Things Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt for the things the kids love. You can have a list of clues such as – something that makes me feel happy or something in my favorite shape.

This will be a more subjective scavenger hunt. And you will also get to know a lot about your kids.

This is more of a creative scavenger hunt that will let the creativity flow in the kids.

scavenger hunt ideas

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Virtual scavenger hunts for team building and for friends who live long distances (great for grandparents!).

Virtual Scavenger Hunt on a Zoom call

As mentioned before, the world largely shifted to the digital platform for quite a few everyday functions during the peak of the pandemic.

One idea for a virtual scavenger hunt is to organize a video call with all the participants and observers. The idea is to ask them to collect everyday things from their surroundings and show them on the camera.

For instance, you can ask for selfies with children, pets, or a pillow. The idea is to include things that can easily be found in and around people’s homes.

The Geeky Scavenger Hunt

Another way to conduct a game of virtual scavenger hunt could be to ask players to collect elements from the web. In other words, you can ask players to find certain clips on the web, or pictures.

For instance, you can have a clue card that reads: “Find 3 pictures of Tom Cruise the first Mission Impossible shoot.”

Of course, this is a very niche idea that will only work for players who are really comfortable with browsing the web and navigating their system in general.

Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Birthday party scavenger hunt ideas!

The Photo Hunt

This Scavenger hunt idea will not only keep the kids engaged, but also create memories to be cherished for later.

You can make chits with types of photos to be taken.

For example, you can have a clue like “take a photo with your favorite person in the room” or “take a photo with greenery in the background”.

Of course, as this scavenger hunt includes the use of camera or a cellphone, it’s more suitable for kids older than 10-12 years of age.

However, adults can accompany kids and take their photos as well.

The Candy Hunt

It’s impossible to have a birthday party without candies. The idea here is to have a variety of candies made available all over the venue.

It’s important that should be a lot of variety, as you’ll be designing the clues based on the brand names of the candies.

For example, you can have riddles, the answer to which can be the names of the candies. And the players will have to figure out the riddle and then collect that candy.

Whoever collects a certain number of candies before the timer runs out wins!

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Easter Eggs is an amazing concept to include in scavenger hunts. All you need to do is set the clues in line with the theme of Easter.

The items to be hunted can be generic or related to the holidays.

However, the clues and the whole aesthetic of the hunt has to be in-line with the holiday.

Here are some fun Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

The Poem Scavenger Hunt

In this idea, you can write a poem that will contain all the clues to the items that are to be collected.

This poem can be thematically connected to the holiday of Easter. Moreover, you can make the poem as long as you can.

It’s up to your creative self as to how you may want to include the items in it.

Literal Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

If you want to be literal, then you can place dummy easter eggs all around your neighborhood and ask players to collect them.

In fact, scavenger hunt as a concept has its roots associated with the holiday of Easter.

Easter might be the perfect time to gather up some folks and organize a scavenger hunt.

easter scavenger hunt ideas

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

Document Scavenger Hunt

This idea is more suited to adult players. You can ask the players to collect certain type of documents or office material. This would work best if you are in an office setting.

However, you can also ask them to write certain samples or create some documents if you’re not in an office.

Of course, this would take some time. But as this is a scavenger hunt for adults, this can be a fun thing to do.

 A Never Have I Ever Scavenger Hunt

The idea here is to mix the games of Never Have I Ever and Scavenger Hunt.

Here, people will be asked to pair up and play three to four rounds of Never Have I Ever.

The list of things to do will be created based on the things that have never been done by both of the players.

When all the teams will have a list of things they’ve never done, they’ll then be asked to do all those things.

scavenger hunt ideas

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Halloween scavenger hunt ideas!

Pumpkin Hunt

Place items in Pumpkins all over the neighborhood, and ask kids to collect them! This is a pretty simple idea that will keep kids engaged for the evening.

Moreover, the neighborhood will be safer than usual, as people would be expecting kids frolicking about in the streets.

halloween scavenger hunt ideas

Funny Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Funny scavenger hunt ideas!

Video and Photo Scavenger Hunt

A video scavenger hunt can be very fun, if you’re with a close group of friends. You can make a list of funny things to do, and you can ask the players to record themselves while doing them.

For example, you can have them do 1-minute of really embarrassing break-dance. The ideas to embarrass your friends are endless.

This list will be better if it’s personalized. In other words, include things that your friends really hate to do.

For instance, if someone hates a certain singer, ask them to do a Karaoke song from that very artist’s album.

Game clues:

  • Picking your nose with a stranger.

A Scavenger Hunt of Jokes

This scavenger hunt will include players collecting jokes or one-liners from other people, or even coming up with them themselves.

For instance, if they pick a chit that reads “Dad”, they have to find a joke or a one-liner that includes the word “Dad”.

The only rule that you should add is that the participants are not allowed to use any devices to find these jokes. Confiscate all the devices beforehand, so there’s no scope for cheating.

The players, however, can ask for help from bystanders or other people in the room/building/house.

The Prank Hunt

This idea can be a bit daring, and not a lot of people would be up for it. It’s more suited for college friends out on a vacation.

This scavenger hunt will include players pulling pranks on friends/acquaintances and even strangers.

The list will include some harmless stuff such as “ask a stranger for their autograph”. This idea can be pretty solid, if executed perfectly.

Game clues:

  • A selfie with someone walking down the street.
  • The sock of a random stranger.
  • The phone number of a random guy or girl.
scavenger hunt ideas

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Bachelorette scavenger hunt ideas!

Marriage Memories Hunt

Ask the players to collect marriage memories from all the married people present at the bachelorette. This will not only be fun but also help people uncover stories. These stories may be embarrassing, insightful, or anything really. The point is that this scavenger hunt can be a really great ice-breaker if people at the party do not really know each other very well.

Clue ideas:

  • The restaurant where they had their first date.

The Make-Up Hunt

Ask the players to collect certain make-up items such as lipsticks, blush, powders, and whatnot. At a bachelorette party, these items will be very easily available.

You can make a long list with the clues. It can be really fun for everyone, and it’ll also spark conversation between people over the topic of brands that they prefer.

Clue ideas:

  • I'm red and small and fit in your purse.
  • I'm going to go on your eyes but not in them.
scavenger hunt ideas

Office Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunt ideas for the office!

Office Item Hunt

This scavenger hunt will include generic items that can easily be found in an office setting. The list can include things like A4 sheets, pens, markers, mousepads, personal memorabilia, and whatnot. This is the perfect idea for organizing a little scavenger hunt on a Fun Friday. It won’t take much of the employees’ time and you can organize it pretty quickly.

The Quiz Hunt

More often than not, you will not find much material to actually orchestrate a proper scavenger hunt. So, why not hunt abstractions? A quiz hunt is a cross between a scavenger hunt and a personal quiz. You can ask people to find out things about their co-workers.

For example, you can ask them to find out their hobbies, interests, quirks, and pet-peeves. It’s a simple idea that can really get the conversations going and also enhance team-bonding.

City/Town Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A City/Town Scavenger hunt can be amazing because you have the whole town or city as your playground. This kind of scavenger hunt is only suitable for adults, as you will not want your kids wandering about in the city unprotected.

Here are some fun ideas for a city/town scavenger hunt:

The Hunt of Landmarks

In this scavenger hunt, you can create riddles that lead to significant landmarks in the city or town. These could be historical landmarks, haunted places, iconic restaurants or café. It can be any place that is quite famous among the residents of that particular town or city.

This type of scavenger hunt will take some time and manpower to organize.

outside scavenger hunt ideas

Boyfriend and Girlfriend Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunt ideas for couples!

Photos with Various Couples

This photo hunt will include the couples playing to click photos with different couples they come across in their surroundings.

This will work best if it’s played in a park or a vacation spot, as they’ll find a lot of couples there.

The couple with the most photos wins the game.

Find Each Other’s Favorite Things!

The list in this scavenger hunt game will include favorite things.

For instance, you can ask a person to collect things that are favorites of their significant other. “Anything of the favorite color of your partner” or “your partner’s favorite snack”.

The person that collects the most things wins.

scavenger hunt ideas

Other scavenger hunt ideas

If you're still stuck, here are some other ideas that you can make up all on your own!

  • Neighborhood scavenger hunt — Get the whole neighborhood together for something fun!
  • Treasure hunt — Make a map with clues and have fun!
  • Holiday theme scavenger hunts — Change the scavenger hunt to include any holiday. And create your own holiday themed clues.
  • Adult scavenger hunt — For parties or friends. Make the hunt ideas something exciting!
  • Office and team building scavenger hunts — Think of hunt ideas that activate critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.

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