Fun Car Jokes (120+ to LOL in 2023)

There's nothing funnier than a good car joke. Whether you're driving your car, or stuck in traffic, these jokes will have you rolling. So next time you're on the road, make sure to keep your sense of humor with you.

If you're looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out some of these funny car jokes. They're sure to put a smile on your face!

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Funny car jokes to tell (adults and kids)

Q: What remains when dinosaurs destroy their cars?

A: T-Rex Wrecks!

Q: Finally decided to help out a fellow hitchhiker

A: He was complimenting my driving skills!


My girlfriend is taking healthy food habits too seriously these days

Because of this, I cannot even drive properly...

She has taken the (carb)orator out of my car!


Q: Man: "Darling, Our neighbor Mr. Tom is again cleaning his car with his daughter!"

A: Woman: "Ask him to leave that poor kid alone & use a cleaning cloth instead!"

Q: I could only score 95% in my driver's exam

A: The last person was quite resilient & was able to move aside quickly after taking a few hits!

Q: What car does Yoda drive?

A: A Star Wars Special Edition Toyoda Corolla

Q: Why was Mr. Froggy unable to locate his parked car?

A: His car had been toad!


As a cranky 70-year-old woman, I usually get quite hot-headed during traffic conflicts

Today, I started arguing with a man who was driving horribly,

Upon getting a closer look at his face, I got scared & let him overtake me

Turns out, it was - Bruce Jenner!


Q: Here's what to do if you're unable to locate a space to park your car

A: Lower the speaker volume to improve sight!

Q: People ask me - when will things get better? When will we have honest politicians?

A: I say - This day will come when Ferrari decides to reduce the price of their cars!

Q: Why would a criminal want to buy a self-driving car?

A: So that he can blame his car for the death of his victim!

Q: My self-driving Artificially Intelligent (AI) car was mocked by our local shopkeeper last week

A: Unfortunately, he was taken out last night by my Tesla!

Q: What differentiates a BMW from a golf ball?

A: The golf ball can be driven for more than 100 meters!

Q: I accidentally hit someone with my Dodge Challenger

A: I burst out laughing when I heard that he was the local dodgeball champion!

Q: Why should you ask F1 drivers for dating tips?

A: He can notice a red flag from a mile away!

Q: Why is it that a car stops functioning once a tire is replaced?

A: They have retired!

Q: I hit a Lamborghini accidentally

A: I gave him a copy of my bank passbook to prevent him from calling me regarding compensation!

Q: How can you prove that a car originates from Switzerland?

A: It always stays neutral!

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Q: My newly purchased Subaru Ascent fell over the cliff.

A: It went from Subaru to a (Scuba)Ru!

Q: I purchased gas for only $2.95 at dinner

A: Sadly, it was from Burger King!

Q: Why is it that bikes cannot do pull-ups?

A: They are two tired!

Q: One day, a German decided to launch an electric car

A: He called it, Volts-wagen

Q: What differentiates a Mercedes & from a bunch of old newspapers?

A: Me not having a Mercedes in my garage!

Q: A large van carrying a mixture of fruits crashed on the busy road

A: It caused a huge traffic-JAM!

car jokes

Q: Why is it that hen coops have two doors?

A: You wouldn't call them coops if they had four doors, you'd call them - hen sedans.

Q: Which three-lettered word starts with GAS?

A: A car

Q: Which car is preferred by all dodgeball players?

A: A Dodge car!

Q: What was said to the car by the cyclone?

A: Mind if I take you out for a spin?

Q: Which is Mr. Froggo's favorite car?

A: A Volkswagen Beetle!

Q: Which car did Jesus use to drive?

A: He drove a Honda Accord - as he said in the bible itself, "No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord" 

Q: I was beginning to think that my date is great...

A: Till I heard that she drives a Toyota Prius!

Q: What differentiates a Bugatti from a hedgehog?

A: A hedgehog has its pricks on it, not inside it!

Q: What is a chicken's favorite car?

A: A Mini Coop-er

Q: I wanted to purchase a Tesla this year

A: But found its price to be too shocking!

Q: Why did the wooden car fail to reach its destination?

A: It wooden move an inch!

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How to tell a good car joke

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Pick a unique joke

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