Funny Monkey Jokes (100+ for Kids, Adults, and More in 2023)

Looking for hilarious monkey jokes to share? Monkeys are wonderfully funny animals. Monkeys provide a lot of comic value because they are so close to humans in their actions and thoughts. The fact that humans sometimes act like monkeys makes monkey jokes that much more fun. In the current era, when social media is flooded with memes, images of random people caught in embarrassing poses similar to those of a random monkey go viral quickly.

This is just one form of comedy that makes people laugh. On the other hand, monkey jokes are a classic way of getting in some laughter. What makes it even better is that these jokes can be categorized into various categories, which will be suitable for different sections of the audience. Whether you like knock-knock jokes or sea monkey jokes, there is something for everyone.

monkey jokes

Best monkey jokes

In the pool of hundreds of monkey jokes, some of them are just the best. These jokes make everyone laugh, no matter their age, and are good even after being repeatedly used. These jokes are used by multiple generations and never seem to get old. Some of the top monkey jokes of all time are:

Q: What do you do if you want to catch a monkey?

A: Climb on a tree and act like a banana.

Q: What fast food joint do monkeys like the best?

A: Burger Kong

Q: If a monkey went to Hogwarts, who will be its favorite professor?

A: Professor Severus SnAPE.

Q: Why do monkeys go to work everyday?

A: To take care of monkey business.

Q: What is a Monkey’s favorite beverage?

A: A cup of ChimpanTEA.

Q: What does Dora call Boots when he achieves his goals?

A: A Chimpion.

Q: What kind of key is used to open a banana?

A: A Mon-KEY.

monkey jokes

Monkey jokes for kids

Monkey jokes can be a little unsuitable for kids at times. You may wonder how that is possible? The fact is that some people can make adult jokes or dark jokes about anything, and monkeys are no exception. Some of the top jokes appropriate for kids include:

Q: What do you do to make toast when in a jungle?

A: To put it under a Grilla.

Q: What do you call a monkey who is super angry?

A: Furious George!

Q: What is something you cannot see and smells like bananas?

A: monkey farts.

Q: What Christmas carols do monkeys like the most?

A: Jungle bells, jungle bells, jungle all the way.

Q: What does a monkey wear while it cooks?

A: an APE-ron.

Q: What is a monkey’s favorite dessert?

A: A banana-split.

Q: What do you call a monkey who eats Pringles?

A: A chip-monk.

monkey jokes

Monkey jokes for adults

There are a lot of monkey jokes for adults to enjoy. These include complex jokes, as well as the silliest of jokes out there, Some of the best jokes made on monkeys and suitable for an adult audience, include:

Q: What did the monkey say to his new banana?

A: You are so appeeling!

Q: What do you call a monkey who has a minefield?

A: A Baboom

Q: Who does a monkey stand-up comedian joke about?

A: Humans.

Q: What do you call a baby monkey who acts exactly like its father?

A: A chimp off the old block.

Q: Did you hear about the boring jungle party?

A: Someone forgot to bring the chimps and dip.

Q: Where does Boots the monkey get all his gossip from?

A: The Ape Vine.

Q: What did the hungry monkey say to the waiter?

A: Quickly get me a banana before it splits!

Sea monkey jokes

Sea monkeys are basically a type of shrimp. However, from first glance, these are super funny-looking animals. No wonder there are so many jokes made around them. Some of the best sea monkey jokes of all time are:

Q: What do you get when you cross a shrimp with an ape?

A: A Sea Monkey.

Q: Why do monkeys dislike sea monkeys?

A: Because sea monkeys are too salty.

Q: What do you call a monkey that wished to be a fish?

A: A sea monkey

Knock knock monkey jokes

Did you know there are a lot of knock knock jokes about monkeys? Knock knock jokes are not just meant for inanimate objects. Anything funny can be turned into a knock knock joke and well, monkeys are super hilarious.

Some of the top jokes in this category are:


Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Monkey who?

Monkey see. Monkey do.


Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Gorilla who?

Gorilla burger, I brought the buns!


Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Gorilla who?

Gorilla your dreams.


Knock knock

Who’s there?


Gorilla who?

Gorilla me a steak, I’m hungry.


The internet is filled with hundreds of monkey jokes. These are our favorites and will make you the best monkey jokes teller wherever you go. Monkey jokes don’t need to be super complex to be funny. A simple joke tickles more people, and the ones mentioned above will have everyone in stitches.

How to tell a good monkey joke

Here's how to tell a good joke.

Look for good timing

Timing is everything. Don't try to interrupt a conversation. Or speak too loudly to a group of people. Look for a quiet time when the mood needs a laugh.

Pick a unique joke

A joke that everyone has already heard before isn't going to make an impact. Instead, look for a joke that will bring a smile to someone's face because they haven't heard it before.

Don't take it too seriously

Telling a joke is a great way to break the ice. Use it for a first date, for making new connections, or when meeting new people/colleagues. Don't take it too seriously. It will make it more challenging to deliver the joke with a strong impact.

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