Funny Gamertags (Epic List for Xbox, PS4, Girls, Guys in 2023)

If you are a gamer, you'd already be aware of the importance of funny Gamertags. Choosing the right Gamertag is essential for building your presence in the online Xbox (or any other gaming) community. Having a cool and unique Gamertag also helps you gain some respect and admiration among your fellow gamers.

However, finding the right Gamertag that is unique and matches your vibe isn't easy. Most of the time the Gamertag you want is already taken by another user. And then begins the unending process of finding a unique Gamertag that is cool, funny, and appealing. If you are an Xbox gamer and are trying to find the perfect funny Gamertag that will help you stand out, you have reached the right place.

In case you are new to the fascinating world of virtual gaming and don't know much about Gamertags, don't worry because we have you covered. In this article, we will tell everything about Gamertags along with suggesting you some terrific funny Gamertags.

xbox gamertags

Xbox Gamertags

Before we start suggesting some of our top funny Gamertags, let's first understand what Gmertags actually are. If you are a new virtual game player, you will have to set up a profile to get started. By setting up your profile, you let the system know more about yourself and what kinds of games you can play.

One of the basic requirements of setting up an Xbox profile is choosing a Gamertag. A Gamertag is nothing but your virtual alter ego in the Xbox world. It includes your avatar, a cool, funny, or unique name, and some other information to represent you while you are playing a game.

Other players in the gaming community will be able to see that you have joined a game with the help of your Gamertag. So, it is important to choose a memorable and catchy Gamertag that will set you apart from the rest of the players. Further, having a Gamertag is necessary if you want to play

However, as we said, finding the perfect Xbox Gamertag can be complicated and time-consuming. You need to find a Gamertag that isn't already taken and is quite fun and quirky. Sounds tough? Fortunately, we have just what you need.

To make it simpler for you, we have curated a list of some unique and cool Xbox Gamertags that will make you instantly popular in the gaming community. Check out our suggestions below:

Top 20 Xbox Gamertags

  1. Peracute
  2. CurryComb
  3. Gummiferous
  4. ShadyBullet
  5. FortunateSir
  6. HappyZombie
  7. TheDarkKnight
  8. TheGood Soldier
  9. MrWhiskers
  10. TheNightOwl
  11. BigBull
  12. Papa Bear
  13. Bloodstone
  14. MissileMan
  15. GoldenBullets
  16. KingofBullets
  17. LoneSoldier
  18. UnstoppableTrooper
  19. NoMercy
  20. King of Swag

The best thing about Xbox Gamertags is that you can change it whenever you want to. If you like a name right now but aren't sure that you want to keep it for a long while, then don't worry. You don't have to make any long-term commitments. You can change your Gamertag at any moment.

Note: However, remember that Xbox only allows you to change your Gamertag once for free. After that, you will have to pay some additional money every time you want to change your Gamertag.

funny gamertags

Best Funny Gamertags

While there are all sorts of Gamertags available out there, nothing can beat the popularity of funny Gamertags. Funny Gamertags help you bring your cool and sarcastic side to the table and create a distinct aura around your virtual gaming profile.

However, due to their massive popularity, it is quite difficult to find the Gamertag of your choice. But don't worry because we have some excellent funny Gamertag options for you. While choosing your Gamertag, always remember to go for something short and sweet. This will ensure that your fellow games can easily remember you and don't take you to be someone else.

In case you go for a longer Gamertag, no matter how funny it is, people will have difficulty remembering it and writing it down.

Further, choose a name that is easy to spell. Again, you need to ensure that other people in the virtual gaming community are able to spell your name correctly. And that they do not end up mentioning someone else with a similar name to yours. A good way to do that is by choosing a name that doesn't have too many "X" or multiple numbers or symbols.

With that said, let's have a look at some super cool and hilarious Gamertags. These Gamertags will make you stand out in the gaming community and help in reflecting your sparkling and happy personality.

Top 15 Funny Gamertags

  1. DejaBoo
  2. StaceyDown
  3. AttractiveBoot
  4. SatanicShocker
  5. InsidiousFiddler
  6. CyberFudgeDragon
  7. RelentlessBeef
  8. HarryDotter
  9. StickyWicket
  10. HuckyDucky
  11. MuscleCramp
  12. Dusty Beaver
  13. SunnySideDown
  14. Bongsta
  15. Potamus
  16. Mr.Beard
  17. CoolShooter
  18. SilverToads
  19. ComicWolf
  20. LaughingBuilder
inappropriate gamertags

Slightly Inappropriate Gamertags

Virtual gaming is all amount having fun and building a close bond with your fellow gamers - who can become your good friends. So, using slightly inappropriate Gamertags which are not offensive but are a bit playful and flirtatious can be fun.

However, while choosing such a Gamertag, you need to be careful not to hurt anybody's feelings. There is a thin line between being playful and slightly inappropriate and choosing an offensive and tasteless name. Remember, funny is incredibly subjective, and what might be hilarious to you can be insulting to others.

So, you must be careful when picking a slightly inappropriate Gamertag for yourself. Make sure to not pick anything that has abusive wordings and is directly hurtful to a specific set of people or religion.

With that said, lets' have a long at some of our favorite slightly inappropriate Gamertags that will be perfect for you.

Top 15 slightly inappropriate Gamertags

  1. Neon Balls
  2. Rusty Shaft
  3. UnbreakableBalls
  4. TurboTeabag
  5. IronCowgirl
  6. StickyDingleBerry
  7. BreakneckShocker
  8. Golden Cowgirl
  9. LargeSock
  10. SeductiveHero
  11. DixonButts
  12. Blow Jab
  13. SlayzAll
  14. ChubbyLovin
  15. Tank_N_Spank
  16. Sleazy Ranger
  17. WittyandTitty
  18. HuntingHotBoys
  19. HuntingHotGirls
  20. TheWildPusher
COD gamertags

Funny Call of Duty Gamertags

Call of Duty also known as COD is all the rage among gamers. It is one of the most popular games that millions of players play daily. Due to such high popularity, coming up with an attractive and funny Gamertag for Call of Duty is not easy.

Dometimes, even after spending hours and hours of brainstorming, you cannot come up with a catchy and funny Gamertag for Call of Duty. Sounds relatable? We totally get you! And that is why we have curated this list of top fifteen terrific Gamertags to help you create a unique virtual gaming personality and present yourself to your fellow gamers nicely.

All of these Gamertags are suitable for the action-packed universe of Call of Duty. These Gamertags are not only hilarious, but they will also fit your personality perfectly. So, read on to see the best and most funny Call of Duty Gamertags.

Top 15 funny Call of Duty Gamertags

  1. Playful Panda
  2. BeardedYeti
  3. ChubbyBear
  4. MasterScrubber
  5. DarkStallion
  6. The Win is Mine
  7. RocknRollz
  8. HunkyDory
  9. DutyCalls
  10. ProfessionalSleeper
  11. VoodoBoy
  12. RoyalPanda
  13. UndefeatedAvenger
  14. GodofChilling
  15. SavageSlayer
  16. MoonChild
  17. TheKingCruizer
  18. ManofBronze
  19. SerialChiller
  20. SarcasticKingKong
girl gamertags

Funny Girl Gamertags

While the gaming world is still quite male dominant, female gamers are becoming more and more common. And this is something truly heartening and impressive. As a female gamer, you need to have a Gamertag that is feminine and catchy to set you apart from your fellow make gamers.

Make sure that the Gamertag you choose is easy to remember and spell. It will enable your fellow players to easily spot you during an Xbox multiplayer game.

There are a large variety of Gamertag options available for girl gamers. You can choose cute Gamertags, attractive Gamertags, stylish Gamertags, and so much more. However, if you take our opinion, going for funny girl Gamertags is always a great choice. This is because funny Gamertags make you instantly noticeable in the gaming world while helping you create a cheerful virtual personality.

So, if you are a female gamer and want to find some funny Gamertags for yourself, then we have you covered. We are going to list down the top twenty funniest girls' Gamertags that will help you kickstart your gaming journey in the best way possible. Read on!

Top 15 funny Girl Gamertags

  1. MamaBear
  2. LazyMary
  3. PurrfectBeauty
  4. QueenofSarcasm
  5. TwinkleToes
  6. BerryGood
  7. Marry Poppins
  8. Missile Woman
  9. MisFit
  10. LibertyLux
  11. TrollPrincess
  12. CouchPotato
  13. NotYourGirl
  14. TidyCat
  15. TheLazyDiva
  16. PlayingAndSlaying
  17. MissMoustache
  18. Soo Cheesy
  19. Funny Brook
  20. WhiskeyOmlette
PS4 gamertags

Super Funny PS4 Gamertags

Are you a PS4 fan? If yes, then you will already be aware of how challenging it is to come up with a suitable PS4 Gamertag. With so many people playing PS4, finding something truly unique is tough. And so, it is important to pick up a cool and funny PS4 Gamertag as soon as you spot one.

In case you really like a PS4 Gamertag, but it is already taken by another user, try adding some numbers, underscores, or additional alphabets to it. It will make it unique and increase the chances of it being available for you to use.

In case it doesn't work out in your favor, don't worry because we have some more funny PS4 Gamertag options for you that we are sure you will love. All these Gamertags are quite unique, and we checked their availability at the time of writing this piece.

In case they aren't available by the time you are trying to use them, try adding some number after the Gamertag, and you will be good to go! So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our top twenty super funny PS4 Gamertag selections and take your pick!

Top 20 super funny PS4 Gamertags

  1. ChandlerSling
  2. PS4SignOut
  3. SneakyToes
  4. CucumberKatelyn
  5. MasterAnnoying
  6. LiverCool
  7. NoisyGooseberry
  8. Hazelnut
  9. CharminglyFat
  10. PartnerTroubled
  11. QuirkyGloomy
  12. CommentBadger
  13. Radish Roll
  14. Dragon Muscular
  15. EmbarrassedFighter
  16. Scavenger101
  17. Mr.Melon
  18. SerialToller
  19. TheOriginalSherna
  20. ChefBismuth
fortnite gamertags

Hilarious and Funny Fornite Gamertags

Just like Call of Duty, Fortnite is another super popular game that is played by millions of people online. If you are playing to get started with Fortnite, you need to have an attractive Gamertag for yourself. It will be your avatar's official name that your fellow gamers will use to recognize you in the Fortnite universe.

Just like Gamertags for all other popular games, finding the right Fortnite Gamertag isn't easy. Because of its unending craze, Fortnite is witnessing hundreds of new users every other day. These users take most of the available funny and hilarious Gamertags, gaming it difficult for you to find one for yourself.

To help you get rid of this problem, we have compiled a list of the most hilarious and funny Gamertags that will be perfect for your Fortnite profile. So, if you have gotten tired of scouring the internet for the right Gamertag, your search ends here.

Scroll down to see our list of twenty incredibly hilarious and funny Fortnite Gmaertags that scream perfection!

Top 20 hilarious and funny Fornite Gamertags

  1. BillShip
  2. Sky Funk
  3. TheFashionista
  4. Woodocom
  5. SpunkyPeak
  6. UnitThug
  7. SpoiledNozy
  8. Avianca
  9. DollyPop
  10. EpicZest
  11. SkateYoung
  12. SmugVampire
  13. Twistem
  14. ThunderBelt
  15. GoBack2Hell
  16. LazyAdmiral
  17. HungryCaptain
  18. ProfessionalDodger
  19. ProbablyBonkers
  20. Fortnite4Lyf
gamertags for girls

Funny Gamertags for Girls

Today, girls make up the majority of gamers on various platforms. This is truly impressive as gaming was considered a fully male-dominated arena for a long while. Since this is the modern age and girls are taking an equal part in everything, we are witnessing an influx of girl gamers on almost every platform.

Are you looking for the funniest Gamertag for girls? If yes, then we have just what you need! Whether you want to play Xbox Live, Call of Duty, or Fortnite, you need to have a catchy Gamertag to get started. While this sounds simple enough, trust us, it isn't!

As a girl gamer, finding the right and most funny Gamertag for yourself isn't a cakewalk. With so many female gamers entering the gaming world, coming across a truly unique name is rare. While coming across a distinctive name is rare, it isn't that impossible. And to make it even easier for you, we are going to help you out.

Below, we have mentioned our top twenty funny Gamertags for girls that will help you start your aging journey perfectly. All of these Gamertags are quite unique and hilarious.

Top 20 funny Gamertags for girls

  1. SmellyCat
  2. TacoBelle
  3. CherryonTop
  4. MamaBear
  5. BellyPanda
  6. CutieCrux
  7. CoverDaily
  8. Santee
  9. YoungBee
  10. MissBeetle
  11. Maybe Cheating
  12. SleepingNinja
  13. MissFrosty
  14. ButterBarbie
  15. SparklyTiara
  16. MissMadMaddy
  17. MissTroublemaker
  18. HappilyChaotic
  19. GamerGirl4Life
  20. TrulyFuzzy

Hilarious Gamertags for Boys

While girls can have a hard time finding the right Gamertag for themselves, it is a whole different story for boys. Since the gaming world is already full of male gamers, most of the distinctive names are already taken.

Finding unique and hilarious Gamertag has become as difficult as finding a unique Instagram username. However, that doesn't mean you cannot come up with some great ideas. You most definitely can.

If humor is something close to your heart and that defines your personality, we can help you out with your Gamertag selection. We have discovered and created some distinct and supremely hilarious Gamertags for all the boy gamers who are planning to start their gaming journey.

Whether you are about to create an Xbox profile or start playing Call of Duty, our Gamertag selection will be perfect for any and every gaming platform. In fact, you can also use it as your social media username.

So, don't wait for long. Sscroll down and take your big before someone else chooses the Gamertag you love!

Top 20 hilarious Gamertags for boys

  1. Snuggler
  2. Party Ninja
  3. TicTacToe
  4. Peppermint
  5. KingSlayerSenior
  6. Mr.Dexter
  7. Disco Master
  8. HellFire
  9. GunMaster101
  10. SuperRanger
  11. HungryJoey
  12. FunnyLord
  13. PoopingPanda
  14. TrivialMatter
  15. SmellyShoes
  16. LazyBum
  17. SuperPotterhead
  18. Cupcake Fighter
  19. CrustyPizza
  20. LonelyTomato
cool gamertags

Cool Gamertags

Today, almost everyone in the gaming world is in the search of a cool Gamertag. With so many players out there, it is important to stand out and make your profile truly special and memorable. And what better way to do that than by having an uber cool and impressive Gamertag?

If you type "cool Gamertags" in the Google search box, you will naturally be presented with thousands of Gamertag options. And while having a variety of choices is good, it gets pretty exhausting to select one Gamertag from a list having thousands of suggestions.

Fortunately, we did all the hard work for you. To make the process of selecting Gamertags simpler, we have curated a list of our top fifteen most cool Gamertags for your virtual gaming profile. If you want to make a grand entrance into the world of online gaming, these Gamertags will be perfect for it.

So, scroll down and take a look at put suggestions. We are sure you will find something that will match your personality to a tee.

Top 20 cool Gamertags

  1. FearlessFighter
  2. FireGuy101
  3. SoldierOnDuty
  4. FearlessAssassin
  5. UnstoppableMachineGun
  6. LordofWars
  7. Bold Starboy
  8. DragonHunter
  9. PlayerofFire
  10. 360DegreeLeader
  11. KingofMystics
  12. MysteriousHunter
  13. LordofClans
  14. CourageousNinja
  15. BraveandBold101
  16. WildHunter
  17. UndefeatedPhoenix
  18. BoldSpirit
  19. LordofDark
  20. CyprustheUnstoppable
unique gamertags

Unique and Funny Gamertag Ideas

As we keep saying in this article, coming across a truly unique Gamertag isn't easy. In this modern age of the Internet, finding something that has never been used before is nearly impossible. And the same is true for Gamertags. However, you can make a Gamertag unique by adding your own features and elements to it.

In this section, we will mention our top twenty unique and funny Gamertag ideas. You can use them as it is or customize them according to your liking.

All of the Gamertags mentioned before are simple, short, and sweet. They are designed in this way so that your fellow gamers will not only be impressed with you but will be able to remember you easily. In case you want to use another Gamertag, remember to keep it simple as well.

As the more complicated your Gamertag is, the more difficult it will be for people to remember you. So, remember, no matter what Gamertag or username you select, always keep it easy and short. With this explained, let's have a quick look at our top twenty picks for the best and most funny Gamertag ideas for yourself:

Top 20 unique and funny Gamertag ideas:

  1. SharpScissors
  2. Naughty Bull
  3. I Know too Much
  4. FunnyGoblin
  5. PurplePopsicle
  6. QueenofWolfStreet
  7. SaltySnack
  8. TooGoodtoIgnore
  9. PsychoPlayer
  10. UndefeatedSlayer
  11. MonkeySmash
  12. ChocoNut
  13. NutBerry
  14. Berrylicious
  15. SmoothandFast
  16. LightningBolt
  17. MasterBlaster101
  18. Mr.Nightmare
  19. MasterCadet
  20. HydroPistol

Random Funny Gamertag Ideas

If you do not have any specific choices and just want a random and funny Gamertag to get started, then this section is for you. Finding the best random funny Gamertags can be confusing. After all, there are just so many options available out there!

As a gamer, if you want to name yourself after your personality or goals, that can be a pretty smart idea. Random funny Gamertags are the best. It is because they not only help you stand out they also impress your opponent and win their respect. All game lovers want to have a unique, random, and funny Gamertag that will make them truly special.

To help you get started, we will list down our top twenty random funny Gamertag ideas that will help you stand out. All of these ideas are created by us keeping the prerequisites of the gaming world in mind. However, you are free to add your unique touch to them and make them your own.

All of these Gamertags will take your online gaming personality a notch higher and enhance your gaming experience. They are gender neutral and can be used by boys and girls alike. So, let's have a look at our favorite twenty random and funny Gamertag ideas:

Top 20 random and funny Gamertag ideas:

  1. Red Lantern
  2. Professional Fighter
  3. Passionate Assassin
  4. King of Swing
  5. Tucking Tucker
  6. KungFu Fighter
  7. ChubbyAssassin
  8. Hawkson
  9. WindMaker
  10. MajeStick
  11. NetProm
  12. FrockNFrills
  13. Bubblejam
  14. JollyMolly
  15. ScoobyDreamy
  16. DoodleDotComm
  17. LimeStone
  18. BunnyVod
  19. HotChocolate
  20. DorkyNite

Tips for creating funny Gamertags

Your profile is the very first thing anyone will notice in the gaming world. And so, you need to ensure that it is impressive, funny, and memorable. While you can pick any of the Gamertag from the above-mentioned lists, it is completely okay if you want to create one of your own.

In case you want to design your own Gamertag, we have some valuable tips that can help you out. Make sure to remember them while creating your Gamertag and we are sure you will be able to come up with something very unique and special.

1. Follow your instinct

One of the best ways to come up with a unique and funny Gamertag is by following your instincts. If a Gamertag clicks with you and matches your vibe, don't think too much about it. Just follow your instincts and roll with it. In case it is already taken (which is a major possibility) you can always use numbers for your benefit.

2. Stay true to your personality

If there is one that makes you stand out from the crowd, it is your personality. Nobody can duplicate your personality, it is yours and yours alone. Thus, when creating a Gamertag, make sure to consider all the important aspects of your personality. Consider your favorite color, movie character, food, etc., and you will get a unique idea for your Gamertag.

3. As much as possible, stay away from special characters

One of the most important tips for creating a Gamertag is always to stay away from special characters. This is because they are difficult to remember, and they make your Gamertag very complex.

4. Short and simple for the win!

Always try to keep your Gamertag simple to remember and type. If your fellow gamers can't type your Gamertag with ease, then it is of no use. You need a Gamertag that is short and sweet, and that can easily show up during a game.

5. Don't use offensive terms

While it is okay to be a bit playful and use slightly inappropriate Gamertags, always know where to draw the line. Always remember never to use any obscene or offensive term that might be hurtful to others. Make sure always to be respectful to your fellow gamers and have a funny and friendly name!

Summing up

So there you have it - some of the funniest Gamertags that you can use for yourself in the virtual gaming world. We hope you found this piece helpful and that we were able to help you find your next perfect Gamertag.

Make sure to go through this list once again and explore all the options. While our list contains some amazing Gamertag options that we believe to be truly unique and funny, it is not exhaustive. There are multiple other Gamertags that you can find online that will match your personality. So, we recommend you do thorough research and then choose a Gamertag that makes the most sense to you.

In case you aren't very sure about your choice but need to Gamertag urgently, we suggest you pick one right now and then change it later. Since Gamertag can be changed a few times (in Xbox, you can change it once for free), you don't need to think too much about it. However, make sure to find how many times the gaming platform you are using allows you to change your Gamertag for free. After that, make your choice carefully.

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