Top Snake Puns (Don't Have a Hissy Fit in 2023)

Looking for snake puns? If you're looking for a hiss-terical way to add some fun to your next party or get-together, look no further than snake puns! These clever wordplay jokes are sure to slither their way into your heart and leave you laughing.

Below are a list of some good and some TERRIBLE snake puns. You'll be shaking your head in no time!

snake puns

Valentine's Day Snake Puns

1. Don't be a snake in the grass this Valentine's Day!

2. Don't let love bite you like a snake!

3. Don't be cold-hearted this Valentine's Day!

4. Don't be a snake in the relationship!

5. Don't let love slither away!

6. A snake in a relationship is never a good thing!

7. Don't let love bite you in the end!

8. Don't be a heartless snake this Valentine's Day!

9. Don't let love poison your heart!

10. Don't let love turn you into a snake!

Snake Pun Captions

If you're looking for a laugh, these snake pun captions are sure to do the trick! From clever one-liners to punny puns, these captions will have you coiling with laughter.

1. Slither into my DMs

2. I'm a snake charmer

3. I'm always a snake in the grass

4. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty

5. If you want a snake, be prepared to get hissed at.

6. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I'll hiss if they come near me.

7. I'm not a snake charmer, but I can charm a snake.

8. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I'm not comfortable around them.

9. I'm not a snake oil salesman, but I can sell you a snake.

10. I'm not a snake in the grass, but I can be sneaky.

11. I'm not a cold-blooded snake, but I can be heartless.

12. I'm not a snake in the grass, but I can be a snake in the water.

13. I'm not a snake in the grass, but I can be a snake in the trees.

14. I'm not a snake in the grass, but I can be a snake in the sand.

15. I'm hissing with excitement!

16. My hiss-tory

snake puns

Funny Snake Puns

Whether you're looking for a laugh or searching for the perfect Instagram caption, these funny snake puns are sure to hiss-terically delight you.

1.Why did the snake go to the doctor? Because he was feeling a little bit hissy!

2. I'm hissing with laughter!

3. That's one snake in the grass I don't mind!

4. He's a garter snake, but he's not my type.

5. I don't care if he's a boa constrictor, get off me!

6. I'm not sure what kind of snake he is, but he's a real charmer.

7. I'm trying to quit smoking, but I'm afraid I'll end up a snake in the grass.

8. Why did the snake go to the party? Because he was a party animal!

9. Why did the snake get fired from his job? Because he was always hissing at the customers!

10. This snake is so slippery, I can't even keep a grip on it! 

11. This snake is so slimy, I can barely stand to touch it! 

12. This snake is so wriggly, it's hard to keep track of it!

13. If you want to make a snake laugh, tell it a hiss-story.

14. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I'm a little intimidated by their hiss-story.

15. I'm not sure what kind of snake it was, but it was one hissy fit.

16. What do you call a witty snake? Hissssssterical

17. What do you call a snake that is 3.14m long? A π (Pi)- thon

18. What is the favorite subject of a snake?- Hiss - tory!

19. What is the best way to make a baby snake cry? Remove its rattle!

20. What’s the best way to make a snake laugh? With a hiss-sterical pun!

21. What's a snake's favorite game? Snake, Rattle, and Roll!

22. Why don't snakes play poker? Because they're not very good at bluffing!

23. What's a snake's favorite type of music? Reggae!

24. What do you call a snake that's 10 feet long? A mile snake!

25. What's a snake's favorite type of food? Sushi!

snake puns

Snake Pun One-Liners (for captions)

Given below are some of our favorite snake pun one-liners

1. I'm not happy unless I'm hissing.

2. I'm always snake bit.

3. I have a forked tongue.

4. I'm a viper.

5. I'm a snake in the grass.

6. I'm a cold-blooded reptile.

7. I'm a slippery customer.

8. I'm a snake in the sand.

9. I'm a slimy creature.

10. I'm a slippery eel.

11. I'm a slithering reptile.

12. I'm a sneaky snake.

13. Everyone makes mistakes, even snakes

14. I'm not going to hiss at you, but I don't like you.

15. I don't mind lending a helping snake

16. Snakes are amazing creatures... especially when they're not around me!

17. I'm not sure what's more dangerous: a snake or a pun.

18. i'm not sure what's more threatening: a snake or a punster with a deadly serious expression.

How to tell a funny snake pun

Here is a simple way to tell a funny pun.

Look for good timing

Timing a pun is what's going to make it great. Are you in a car wash? Think about a pun that has to deal with water. Or on a first date? Try to break the ice and build a connection with a short joke.

Don't take it too seriously

A relaxed and easy going delivery is going to make the pun funny. Some people will enjoy it, while others might not. It's up to them! A good laugh is great medicine.

Memorize a few

Always have a few puns in your back pocket. Look for ideal moments. Remember, timing is everything when it comes to funny jokes!

Don't look to be the center of attention

Telling a funny pun can be a great way for introverted people to come out of their shell and display their personality. Although, it's best to avoid trying to be the center of attention. Avoid telling your pun too loudly. Or trying to interrupt an active conversation just to show off your humor.

Where to use funny snake puns

Puns can be a great way to make someone feel good. Use them in the following formats:

  • On social media captions (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok).
  • On thank-you cards, birthday cards, "get well" cards, Valentine's Day cards, and more.
  • Randomly, when the moment strikes.
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