Top White Lies Party Ideas (Small Lies? Yeah Right in 2023)

If you’ve never been part of a white lie party, you might be thinking about what a white lie party is. But whether you’re celebrating a fresher’s party, farewell party, birthday, or bachelor party, you’ll love white lie as a theme for your party.

This article will show what it means to have a white lies party. How to play a white lies party game and some funny ideas of white lies for girls and guys.

white lies party

What is a white lies party?

The idea of a white lie party or white T-shirt party is about seeing little lies everywhere you look.

If you have been invited to a white lie-themed party, you must buy one white T-shirt and write one little lie on it.

But remember to write a harmless or cute lie on your T-shirt. The purpose of this white lie party is not to reveal something big or insult someone but to have fun with your friends by knowing them a little better.

The idea of a white lie party started as a TikTok trend and became famous later.

white lies party

How to play the "white lies" party game

If you are thinking of having a white lies party, then first invite your friends and explain the rules of the white lies party game. Also, you must ensure that everyone wears a white T-shirt with white lie written on it.

This white lie can be anything that doesn’t harm or insult another person at a party. You can write this white lie on your T-shirt with some permanent black marker or can even paint it with some black paint.

Remember that a good white lie does not embarrass others or make fun of yourself in a sarcastic manner.

This white lie can be anything from the cute little one like I don’t snore to something revealing like I don’t want to date you. Then you need to give a chance to everyone by turn to tell their story of a white lie to everyone.

Choose something as white lie that recalls the best embarrassing story of yourself because the more embarrassing, the more hilarious.

white lies party

White lie party ideas for girls

Although the boys can also use these ideas as white lies on their T-shirts, the below-given ideas are something that suits the girls best.

  • Don’t worry! I will be ready in 5 minutes.
  • I absolutely didn’t see the stop sign.
  • My phone died! so I wasn’t able to reply to your text
  • I’m not that kind of girl.
  • I am drinking alc#hol for the first time in my life.
  • Your hair is really looking great. 
  • I only date boys who are older than my age.
  • I am never late.
  • I’m as sober as a judge.
  • You really sing well.
  • I really want to date you.
  • I don’t like attention.
  • I am really not a drama queen.
  • Sorry but I totally forgot we were meeting up.
  • I never stalked you.
white lies party

Funny white lies party ideas

With these ideas, you will have a lot of fun and enjoyment at the party:

  • Make everyone write their lies on a piece of paper, put them in a glass bowl, and then roll it out. Then make everyone draw a piece from that bowl and make them guess which one is whom. Or you can ask everyone to submit their white lies beforehand, then give everyone one lie of others and make them guess which lie is whom. Whoever successfully guesses which lie belongs to whom wins the game.
  • You can also play a “white lie truth or dare game” in which everyone will write their white lie with truth or dare on a named chit. Then one will draw a chit from the jar and have to answer a truth or do the dare.
  • You can play a “best story wins” game or a white lie-themed game where you will white lie on a specific thing, for instance, about an ex-partner.
  • Adding dirty themes and ideas can also make your white lie party naughty. Where people will write things like I’m a v#rgin, or I’ve never had a one-night stand on their T-shirts.

White lie party ideas for guys

Below are the best white lie party ideas for guys with which you guys will be pretty much able to attract the attention of everyone at the party.

  • I never vomited after being drunk.
  • You’re such a good singer.
  • Bro, I need some cash. I’ll pay you back tomorrow.
  • I don’t smoke.
  • I’ve never peed in a swimming pool.
  • I am joking.
  • I never had a hangover in my life.
  • I promise I’ll call you tomorrow.
  • I say “NO” to dr#gs.
  • Traffic police have never fined me.
  • I’m not that drunk.
  • Best party I have ever had.
  • I’ve never lied to my parents about my girlfriends.
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