Top Rainy Day Date Ideas (New for Couples in 2023)

Need rainy day date ideas? Are you stuck? Rainy days can ruin your hair and a meticulously planned date. Keep a backup plan handy when your best-laid plan is washed off by a sudden shower and dampens your romantic mood. You need not be a rocket scientist to enjoy your time together with an out-of-the-box experience. If you still cannot think of anything, this article has you covered!

It takes all kinds of couples to make this world. Not everyone enjoys the same things. Having the same flavors on the menu for every taste bud would be boring. Some couples like to keep it quiet and relaxing, some enjoy intelligent chats, and a sporty couple may find an activity-filled day most enriching. 

Here's a list of rainy-day date ideas that will keep you inspired to amp up the mood and get ready for plan B.

rainy day date ideas

Rainy day date ideas for foodies

Do you like to eat and cook your meals too? If you do, you and your sweetheart can use these ideas to spice up a romantic evening.

  • Cook a romantic dinner together
  • Bake some cookies at home
  • Plan an indoor picnic
  • Get into a food challenge and cook for each other
  • Cook light and watch a movie together
  • Have fun with a blind taste test

Rainy day date idea for the intellectual

Here’s something for the nerdy couple who enjoy spending quality time together using their brains. Keep each other company and let your intellectual vibes draw you closer with these rainy day date ideas.

  • Visit a concert or a comedy show
  • Go to the library together. Enjoy reading for hours discussing your pick
  • Go to a trivia night 
  • Volunteer for community work together
  • Play truth or dare
  • Attend a reading or author signing event at a local bookstore.
  • Play interesting board games - add your own rules to make it wacky
  • Walk down your memory lane. Take out those school yearbooks and crack up some jokes
  • Solve puzzles and riddles together
rainy date date ideas

Rainy date ideas for the artistic minds

Do you share interests in arts and crafts? Your passion can bring you closer and make your rainy day date memorable. Plan something that will keep you under a roof but give you plenty of opportunity to explore each other's creative knack.

  • Visit an art gallery
  • Register for an art workshop
  • Do some crafting together. Make cards, try scrapbooking, or get your hands dirty with some messy DIYs
  • Join a pottery workshop
  • Go museum hopping
  • Read your favorite poetry to each other
  • Paint each other’s portrait
  • Paint rocks, make jewelry, soaps, candles, anything that 
  • Knit or sew costumes for each other
  • Arrange a fun karaoke night
rainy day date ideas

Rainy day date ideas for the outdoorsy and energetic couple

Are you that couple who does not like to be cooped up at home? If you don’t mind splashing in some puddles and getting your boots wet, go somewhere where you can enjoy your day together without getting soaked.

  • Visit the roller skating rink
  • Hitch a ride on a horse-drawn carriage 
  • Go to the bowling alley 
  • Dress up and go dancing. It can be Salsa, tango, ballroom, or anything that you like
  • Go for an indoor swimming session
  • Go for indoor rock climbing
  • Enjoy games at a pool arcade
  • Turn the two-player mode on and play video games
  • Take a workout class together
  • Create an indoor scavenger hunt
  • Grab the umbrellas and walk in the rain
  • Hop into your car and go for a romantic drive
  • Splash some water in an indoor swimming pool
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Play darts at home or at your favorite bar
  • Visit the aquarium
  • Plan a casino night
  • Reawaken your inner child! Build a tent inside the house and pretend to go camping
  • Enjoy a DIY photoshoot with props, lighting, and fun backgrounds
rainy day date ideas

Relaxing rainy day date ideas for the couple who love to chill!

If you and your honey like to laze around, and enjoy each other's company without sweating it out, you may love to try out some of these ideas. 

  • Indulge in a couple’s massage
  • Book a glass cottage amidst nature, light the candles, cozy up, and enjoy the view and the company
  • Arrange an at-home wine tasting 
  • Get wet indoors. Take a bubble bath 
  • Get cozy on the couch and watch some old classics or your mutual favorite movie
  • If you have a fireplace, build a fire and create a romantic ambiance
  • Find a brewery/winery close to home and take a beer/wine tasting tour
  • Drink coffee at a quaint, quiet cafe
  • Do some bird watching from the balcony
  • Relax in the hot tub with some chilled beer
  • Do yoga, Tai chi, and meditation together
  • Plan a musical night with your favorite soundtracks
  • Enjoy a couple foot massage and help relax your partner
  • Play poker

If nothing else works, dive into the binge culture. Jump right into a movie marathon! Watch movies or shows you have put on hold for a long time. When you pick a romantic comedy, action, thriller, or horror, keep the preference of both partners in mind. 

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