Top Southern Boy Names (250+ Manly, Tough, and Cool for 2023)

Are you looking for southern boy names? Naming your baby boy is not easy when you have so many options.  Are you inspired by the hospitality, hardworking nature, courtesy, and charming country mannerisms of the Southern folks? Considering a name from the rugged countryside? It would be a good idea to look at some traditional southern boy names for your newborn. 

Also, did you know parents in the southern regions of America often pass down their family names to their children? That tradition often results in children with double names. 

Here’s a list of traditional, bohemian, unique, country-sounding, and trendy southern boy names. Read along and select what you like for your bundle of joy!

southern boy names

Common southern baby boy names with meanings

Austin: Great, majestic, and magnificent

Beau: Beautiful

Buck: Deer, cowboy

Calvin: The little, bald one

Curtis: Polite

Davis: Beloved

Duke: Leader

Edmund: Prosperity

Frederick: Peaceful ruler

Harris: Home ruler

Harper: Harp player

James: Supplanter

Jones: God is gracious

Nash: Ash tree

Parker: Park keeper

Reed: Red-haired

Todd: Fox

Tucker: All-heart

Quinn: Counsel 

Walker: Fuller of cloth

southern boy names

Southern country boy names with meanings

Billy: Protection

Bo: To live

Brooks: One who lives near a stream 

Clyde: Friendly

Colt: Frisky young horse

Dallas: Meadow dwelling

Dalton: From the valley

Davis: Son of David

Elliot: Brave and true

Grover: Grove dweller

Hank: Home ruler

Hayes: Hedged area

Henry: Ruler of the home

Huck: Bog

Hunter: The one who hunts

Finn: White or fair

Jasper: Bringer of treasure

Jefferson: Son of Jeffrey 

Liam: Valiant protector

Leon: Lion

Logan: Little hallow

Lowell: Young wolf

Otis: Wealth

Samuel: God has heard

Sawyer: Woodcutter

Wells: Spring

Wesley: Western meadow

southern boy names

Unique southern boy names with meanings

Ashton: Ash tree

Camden: Winding valley

Jed: Loved by god

Kaine: Little battler 

Keaton: Hawk’s town

Landry: Landowner

Micah: Like god

Nathaniel: Gift of god

Vaughn: Small, little

Vernon: Place of alders

Wesley: Western meadow

Wyatt: Brave and strong

Southern boy dog names with meanings

Archie: Bold, brave

Bandit: Thief

Blaze: Fire

Buster: Playful

Canyon: Ravine

Chester: Camp of soldiers

Cliff: By the mountain

Cole: Black, charcoal

Delta: River mouth

Dill: Form of Dylan

Dusty: Brave warrior

Fern: Dwelling among ferns

Frank: Free

Gravy: Inspired by food

Hawk: Falcon

Julep: Youthful

Junior: Younger

Levi: United

Jo: God is gracious

Kent: Edge

Lasso: Rope, noose

Piper: Pipe player

Ranger: Protector of forest

Raven: Crow, dark haired

Rufus: Red-haired

Silver: Like metal silver

Skye: Cloud island

Spur: A cowboy

Tate: Cheerful

Toby: Tobias, God is good

Twitty: Peevish

Ziggy: Victorious protector

Old southern boy names with meanings

Abner: Father of light

Albert: Nobel

Alden: Wise friend

Archibald: Genuine

Atticus: From Attica

Bertrand: Magnificent crow

Bushrod: Heart’s desire

Callahan: Bright headed

Cooper: Barrel maker

Curtis: Well bred

Emmett: Universal

Ernest: Serious

Eugene: Well born

Everett: Brave

Finch: Bird 

Fenton: Marsh settlement

Flemming: From the valley

Floyd: Gray-haired

Franklin: Freeland holder

Fulton: Village field

Gatlin: Companion

Garth: Garden keeper

Hayes: Hedged area

Holden: Hollow valley

Jessie: He sees, God’s gift

Luther: Soldier of people

Maverick: Independent minded

Mercer: Merchant

Owen: Youthful

Rawlins: Son of wise wolf

Tierney: Lord

Truman: Loyal one

Walter: Commander of army

Yates: Dweller by a gate

Cute southern boy names with meanings

Alvin: Magical friend

Beckett: Beehive

Bobby: Bright, famed

Bodie: Shelter

Buddy: Friend

Cash: Hallow

Chase: To hunt

Donald: Great chief

Ewan: Born from ewe tree

Grady: Illustrious

Greer: Watchful

Guthrie: Windy place

Hollis: Holly tree

Kit: Pure, carrier of Christ

Neil: Passionate

Nolan: Champion

Theo: Brave people

Remy: Oarsman

Ricky: Brave and powerful

Roscoe: Deer forest

Roy: Red

Oakley: Oak meadow

Orson: Bear

Scout: To listen

Sonny: Son

Wilder: Untamed

West: Western stream

Timeless southern boy names with meanings

Aaron: Strong 

Alfred: Sage

Ambrose: Immortal

Benjamin: Son of right hand

Brock: Youthful stag

Clinton: Hilltop town

Cody: Helpful

Connor: Full of desire

Cyrus: Sun

Drew: Wise

Elijah: Yahweh is my God

Field: Open land

Ford: River crossing

Fredrick: Peaceful ruler

Gilbert: Bright promise

Gunner: Warrior

Lincoln: Lake

Marshal: Keeper of horses

Marcus: Polite

Martin: Warlike

Nolan: Champion

Porter: Gatekeeper

Prescott: Priest’s cottage

Ridge: Elevated mountain

Royce: Son of king

Skip: Captain of the boat

Spencer: Butler

Tanner: Leather worker

Thatcher: One who thatches roof

Wade: To go

Rustic southern boy names with meanings

Austin: Magnificent

Bryce: Speckled

Clarence: Bright, clear

Clint: Rocky cliff

Colton: Coal town

Dale: Valley

Darcey: Dark

Deacon: Messenger

Declan: Man of prayer

Dixon: Son of Richard

George: Earth worker

Price: Prize

Preston: Priest’s town

Sherman: Shear man

Sutton: Southern settlement

Tobias: God is good

Tex: From Texas

Truett: Speaker of truth

Tyler: Tile maker

Virgil: Flourishing

Wagner: Wagon maker

Wilbur: Brilliant

Wren: Songbird

Tough southern boy names with meanings

Absalom: Father of peace

Albion: White land

Alonzo: Noble

Ewell: winter solstice

Jebediah: Beloved friend

Jeremiah: Appointed by god

Lymen: Meadow dweller

Cornelius: Horn 

Moxley: Mound hill

Pierre: Rock

Shiloh: Abundance

Rhett: To speak

Thaddeus: Praise

Ulysses: Wathful

Manly southern boy names with meanings

Abraham: Father of many

Bradley: Broad meadow

Butch: Manly

Harley: Hare’s meadow

Harrison: Son of Harry

Irving: Fresh water

Judson: Praised

Ryker: Rich

Steele: Strong as metal

Sullivan: Dark-eyed one

Travis: To cross

Zachariah: God remembers

Zeke: God strengthens

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