Unique Unanswerable Questions (80+ for Friends and Work in 2023)

Our curious nature and always wanting to discover more is something that makes us human. In the course of human history, we have come up with many questions. Some have been resolved, and some are still waiting to be resolved. But there are someone questions that I think will remain unanswered until human ceases to exist.

In this article, we will look at some of the questions that are still unanswered, and we only hope that one day these questions will be resolved.

unanswerable questions

Best unanswerable questions

Which came first –orange as a fruit or orange as a color?

If we get to learn some lesson from every mistake we made. Then why fear to make another mistake?

What is the meaning and purpose of time?

If you say that this thing is indescribable, than don’t you think that you actually described it.

What do deaf people hear when they think anything?

Do blind people dream?

Where do the librarians put bible in libraries? In fiction or non-fiction section?

If everyone thinks that life is unfair, doesn’t it make life fair?

unanswerable questions

Unanswerable questions for girls

Do soul mates thing really exist?

What do French people call French kisses in France?

If you had fun while you were wasting time then did you really waste your time?

Are eyebrows part of facial hair?

If you hate haters. Then don’t you think that you are also a hater? Now, do you start hating yourself?

Unanswerable questions for guys

What is the purpose of humanity?

 If we should always follow rules no matter what, then why do have a special case for such rules?

If you advise someone to ‘be a leader and not a follower’, then don’t they actually become a follower by following your advice?

If the early bird gets the worm, then why do good things always come to those who wait?

When your temperature goes up. Why do they say that you have a cold?

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Unanswerable questions for kids

Did we discover mathematics, or we invented it?

How will someone grow a seedless fruit?

If we really evolved from monkeys there why monkeys are still here?

Why February has only 28 days when other months have 30 or 31 days? Can’t we add a few more days to the month of February by taking some days from other days?

Does a staircase go down or up?

If Gods are the one who invented humans, then who created God?

Unanswerable philosophical questions

Below are some unanswerable questions that will make you think and widen your perspective and mental horizon.

When did time actually begin?

Where does your thought go when it’s forgotten?

 Do we really enjoy free will, or is everything destined to happen?

Is there any ‘god’?

Does freedom exist?

Is it humanly possible to know what is good and what is evil?

Do you have a choice, or is everything controlled by some external force?

Does this universe have an end or it will keep going?              

Funny unanswerable questions

Do dentists treat their own dental issues, or do they visit other dentists?

Why is there a need to include the word ‘dictionary’ in the dictionary?

Do bald people get dandruff?

Where do the lost socks actually go?

Is a fly can be considered a fly if it can’t actually fly?

Unanswerable questions about life

Is there any life after death?

How long will people remember you after you die?

What is life's purpose if we all die in the end?

To what extent have you been able to control the course of your life that has taken place?

What age should be considered old enough to die?

Why are you here at this moment in your life?

Are you destined to be here, or did you arrive at this point in your life because you willed it?

Why do all creatures on this planet have to die?

Are we actually living or dying slowly?

Weird unanswerable questions

Don’t you become the waiter when you wait for the waiter to come back with your order?

Suppose God sneezed; what would you say?

Why goofy is considered a person and Pluto a pet when both are dogs?

If a vampire bites a zombie, does the vampire become a zombie, or zombie become a vampire?

Don’t you think that in the word ‘queue’ the other four letters are useless except Q?

Random unanswerable questions

Did we invent science or did science invent us?

Why do we call it "human nature" when we don't really live in nature any more?

Is it weird to think that we all have brains but don't know how they work?

Why don't we understand how we got onto this Earth?

Is it possible that we are living in a simulation?

Is it possible that the Bible was never real and someone just wrote it?

Could our history books be wrong?

Hard unanswerable questions

What would happen if we knew when were going to pass away?

Would humans want to know the future or want to forget it?

If we could travel through space and time, what would we do with that power?

If we could change history, what parts of history would we change?

Without a biggest regret, would we ever improve as humans?

Physics answerable questions

Is it possible that gravity doesn't exist?

When we throw something in the air is it going down or going up?

Why does the God particle have to exist?

If we knew what created the bing bang, do you think we would try to do it again?

If we could alter the way that human's think, do you think we would try it?

Is the Higgs-Boson machine a good or bad thing for our universe?

Why does it feel like we are not struggling against gravity when we move?


Although the questions mentioned above are still unanswered or hard to resolve, this doesn’t mean we do not strive to solve these questions. On the contrary, we need to continuously strive to resolve these questions because this is what makes us human.

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