Top Leprechaun Names (180+ for Boys, Girls, and More in 2023)

Are you looking for funny leprechaun names? The leprechaun tale is a well-known piece of Irish folklore. They are currently well-known for being cobblers, in addition to their historical reputation as a part of the fairy family.

The legends of these creatures first appeared in the eighth century, as Celtic folklore concerning diminutive aquatic creatures began to spread. Leprechauns are rumored to live in underground caverns or hollow tree trunks to conceal themselves from the outside world.

As they are thought to be only two to three feet tall, their name, "luchorpán," which means "little body," fits them perfectly. 

Their name is frequently related to the word "shoemaker," "leath bhrogan." They have gold pots because of their line of work. Give away all you want, but keep your cash and your temper. Don't break your shin on a chair that is not in your way, are other catchphrases attributed to leprechauns.

You can touch a leprechaun if you ever capture one, but don't let your eyes leave it, or it will inevitably flee away. Do you have trouble coming up with new names for your Leprechaun character since your preconceived notions limit you?

leprechaun names

Best leprechaun names

Hayley Haugh

Butas Drutas

Teagan Hough

Tessa Nuits

Brooke O’Lowry

Lorry Jorry

Holly Nerney

Unique and funny leprechaun names and their meanings

Stingy O’Shaughnessy- This is one of the most well-liked leprechaun names that alludes to a personality trait of lack of curiosity

Stinky O'Shamrock - A funny and famous leprechaun name.

Stump O’Lyin - One of the typical Irish names for leprechauns based on trees.

Thunderous McTurnips - Suitable moniker for vengeful, threatening leprechauns.

Tim O'Taters - This is a charming moniker that would fit any leprechaun.

Tiny Twinkletoes - A sweet nickname for your little dancing leprechaun.

Tweedle O'Fire - A singing-loving character with a leprechaun name.

Twindle O'Mar - A good example of an uncommon and interesting leprechaun name.

Twitchy Rainbowchaser - An appropriate moniker for a jittery leprechaun.

Other unique leprechaun names

Rachel Callaghan

Troban Nubby

Róise O’Foley

Rosey Barr

Alannah Byrne

Hannah Gips Monta

leprechaun names

Generally funny leprechaun names

Hollie Roarty

Botany Boats

Bridget Dorgan

Lepre Kaun Chaunny

Kathleen Keating

Chinny Kolop

Paige MacNaughton

Funny leprechaun names and their meanings

Whispers McSullied - This name would be appropriate for a bashful, soft-spoken leprechaun.

Wee O'Shea - Another adorable name for your little leprechaun. 

Weebit Cabbageleaf - Another well-liked leprechaun name derived from their diminutive stature.

Wooly O'Mammoth - One of the funny leprechaun names for your perplexing leprechaun.

Teeny O'Looney - A well-liked leprechaun name for your little leprechaun.

Other funny leprechaun names

Loks Trobo

Mary Fagan

Bozim Yazzy

Stella Keane

Poland Lepre

Aoibh Allen

Bazbee Trams

Fíadh MacTraynor

Koko Kiel

Aisling O’Leary

Caztar Jump

Eleanor MacDarcy

irish leprechaun names

Irish leprechaun names (potentially real)








Real leprechaun names and their meanings

Leary Donovan- It means "keeper of calves," and is a fitting name for a leprechaun who enjoys taking care of animals.

Mannix Fitzpatrick- It means "monk who is devoted to Saint Patrick," and is appropriate for a leprechaun who is devout in his faith.

Quinn O'Shea- This name means "smart and large." This is a name for a leprechaun who is big and wise.

Rian Magee- It means "small bold ruler," and is a fitting name for a diminutive and valiant leprechaun.

Leprechaun names for kids


Corned Beef Pot O'Gold






Daffodil McDoodles

Boy leprechaun names

Caoimhe Lob O’Murphy

Clive Babinox

Zara Sab MacEvenny

Setty Nuts

Maeve Hackett

Maiji Mohito

Lola O’Kelly

Bunt Yazi Oppty

Madison Dak Roche

Vigil Basop

Zofia Carey

Boy leprechaun names and their meanings

Alby Sweeney - It will fit your leprechaun, who is kind, innocent, and pleasant.

Cairbre MacKenna - Your leprechaun has an unique but cool name: one who rides in a fire sprung chariot.

Conall Sheehan - It translates to "powerful and tranquil wolf," and is a perfect name for a powerful and peaceful leprechaun.

Culkin O'Dwyer - It means "educated," and is fitting for a leprechaun who is wise and esteemed by others.

Fergus Byrne - It derives from the raven and means "a raven full of activity."

Flannery O'Callaghan - This name means "brave and brilliant headed," and is a fitting moniker for a courageous thinker.

Cute boy leprechaun names

Tubby Tani Rum

Isabel O’Byrne

Gooey Goose

Nessa O’Sheehan

Nuloo Hugito

Róisín MacGorman

Anita Rol Baxter

Aurora Bit O’Neill

Nial Horan

Cute leprechaun names

Lepre Minty

Abigail MacDonogh

Mutty Nostril

Juliette Downing

Dawn Diggy

Teagan Murtagh

Snow Man

Jasmine O’Brien

Bummy Bear

Ciara O’Doral

Treek Prick

Alice Keevan

Keen Lean

Clodagh Kerrisk

Honey Bozey

Other kids leprechaun names

Tessa O’Moran

Korran Lasic

Eva Caffrey

Riva Montril

Nicole O’Mara

Yaznee Nugs

Maia O’Casey

Carey Pits

Esme Roarty

Nips Daily

Isobel Bodkin

Drahma Brizzy

Ariana Doheny

Moheny Monon

Lola Egan

Earr Yazzy

Kara Riv Hynes

Logan Haul

Ada O’Dea

Hugo Triza

Isabel O’Lynn

Kolopa Buns

Aisling O’Daly

Plane Trek

Female leprechaun names and their meanings

Fiona Foley- It translates to "fair plunderer," is the name of a leprechaun who seizes another person's possessions by force.

Moira O'Doherty- This name means "rebellious and painful woman" and is a good choice for a leprechaun whose rebellious spirit distresses others around her.

Nora Maher- This name means "honorable and majestic" and fits a person who is honorable and dignified.

Sorcha Kavanagh- This name means "beautiful and radiant" and is appropriate for a festive female leprechaun.

Girl leprechaun names

Technically, no evidence of female leprechauns exists, according to "A History of Irish Fairies." This does not preclude you from having fun with your character, though.

Ultimately, something can still be employed as a character even if no record exists. Consider using some of the names on this list for your female leprechaun characters.

Bitas Koppil

Ivy MacQuillan

Mac Runty

Hailey MacDonogh

Donnor Tarr Connor

Aurora O’Finn

Fingy Clinas

Kayleigh O’Gowan

Tarop Lokost

Emma MacTraynor

Dazy Daisy

Girl leprechaun names and their meanings

Biddy McLoughlin - This name means "strong and mighty Viking," and is appropriate for the leprechaun character you're creating. It portrays their tenacity and toughness.

Bree Flynn - One of the popular Irish names that wonderfully describes your leprechaun. This name means "greater power that is vividly red in color." Prior to the 20th century, leprechauns were red in color.

Brianna McGrath - One of the most popular female leprechaun names. This name means "noble son of grace," and is for your leprechaun who is sincere and honorable.

Ciara Casy - One of the well-known leprechaun names for a Gothic-looking leprechaun girl who is aware of her surroundings. This name means "a vigilant little girl."

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