Fun Space Jokes (120+ for Adults and Kids in 2023)

Looking for funny space jokes? Parents are continuously on the hunt for new and interesting methods to promote their children's creativity and passion for all matters of math and science. STEM products, activities, and education became a significant focal point in early development in recent years.

If your child is already fascinated with asteroids and deep space, what can be greater than a fantastic space pun? Jokes are great tools to brighten their day.

You could tell your kids about the good old days when Pluto was still regarded as a planet, in conjunction with astronaut jokes or solar system puns.

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funny space jokes

Best space jokes

1. Why will Mickey Mouse travel to space?

To locate Pluto.

2. I'm holding a space party.

Can you assist me in planet?

3. Why did the sun not attend college?

Because it has a million degrees already!

4. Where do keyboards have dinner?

The arrow keys.

5. Why would the astronaut terminate her relationship with her boyfriend?

Because she needs some space.

6. Why are you unable to tell people about space?

Because it's completely out of this planet!

7. Why couldn't

the astronaut put her helmet on?

Because she lacked sufficient room.

8. What is the favorite chocolate of an astronaut?

It's a mars bar.

9. Where might an astronaut dock his or her spacecraft?

Inside a parking meteor.

10. Which was the earliest animal in space?

The cow who leaped over the moon.

11. How would an astronaut greet his ex in space?


12. Why did people dislike the cafeteria on the moon?

As there was no ambiance.

13. What do you name a comet coated in bacon?

A meateor.

14. What did the extraterrestrial say to the lawn?

"Take me to your weeder!"

15. Why are astronauts not hungry after they reach space?

They had a tremendous launch.

16. Why does the cow travel to space?

To see the Milky Way.

17. Why don't aliens eat clowns?

Because they have an odd flavor!

funny space jokes

Space jokes for kids

Q: What do aliens do to keep their trousers up?

A: They wear an asteroid belt.

Q: Why are aliens unable to practice golf in space?

A: There are several black holes.

Q: What caused the extraterrestrial to hurl a steak towards the comet?

A: He likes it to be meaty-or.

Q. Which was the earliest deer to venture into space?

A. Buck Roger (Male deer are referred to as bucks.)

Q. What would the space alien tell the cat?

A: Please take me to the litter.

Q. What would aliens use to construct moon walls?

A. The moonbeam.

Q: How do ET and Aliens pay for their coffee?

A: Using Starbucks.

Q; On hot days, what do Martians prefer to drink?

A: The cold glass of Gravi-TEA.

Q: Why would aliens capture a wizard when their ship malfunctioned?

A: They required the services of a flying sorcerer.

Q: What would you reply to a three-headed space monster?

A: Good day. Good day. Good day.

Q: What prompted the dwarf star to attend school?

A: To shine brighter.

Q: What kinds of bizarre bugs may be found on the moon?

A: Luna tick

Q: Why don't extraterrestrials kiss circus clowns?

A: They taste awfully funny.

Q: What exactly is a light-year?

A: The same as in a normal year, but with low calories.

funny space jokes

Funny space jokes

1. How do you tell whenever the moon has had enough to eat?

When it is completely full.

2. What do planets enjoy reading?

Books on comets.

3. Planets sing what sort of music?


4. What made the cow enter the spaceship?

It desired to view the moooooooon.

5. Why would the rocket scientist abandon a project?

He didn't have a comet-ment.

6. Saturn has the finest title in our planetary system.

It has a pleasant ring to it.

7. Why haven't aliens visited our solar system?

They look at the reviews and found just one star.

8. How well does our planetary system stand up?

With a belt of asteroids.

9. I'm now reading an anti-gravity book.

It's difficult to put down.

10. Why wasn't the Dog Star amused by the joke?

It was a little too Sirius.

11. What can you do should you happen to come upon a green alien?

Wait till it's fully ripe!

12. What do aliens that use the metric system have to say?

"Please take me to the litre."

13. When the extraterrestrial ran out of room, what did he say?

"I'm completely disoriented!"

14. What did Mars have to say to Saturn?

"Give me a ring someday."

15. Knock, knock, knock.

Is anyone there? Solar. Who is Solar? Solar, are you going to come up with a better joke?

funny space jokes

Outer space jokes

1. How do you keep clean space?

You observe a meteor shower.

2. What do celebrities say when they apologize to each other?

"I'm starry-eyed."

3. What would you do if you wish to start a space battle?

"Brother, comet me! ”

4. Why couldn't the celebrity concentrate?

He continued wandering off into space.

5. Which celebrities always wear sunglasses in space?

Stars from the movies

6. What would you gain in an intergalactic talent contest?

A prize as a constellation.

7. You're always star-ring issues.

8. Why did the celebrity choose to take a break?

It required some space.

Space "dad jokes"

Q. What did aliens wear in the '70s?

A. Solar Flares

Q. What do you call one Tom in space?

A. Atom

Q. I met the man on the moon once

A. He was a total lunatic

Q. Why did the astronaut get a parking ticket?

A. He forgot to fill the meteor

Q. Who cooks at parties on the moon?

A. The craterer

Q. Where do astronauts swim in space?

A. Galax-sea

Corny space jokes

1. When I grow up, I wish to be an astronaut. My mother believes I have great expectations.

2. Only astronauts know how to maintain their jobs after getting fired.

3. A set of twins chose to pursue risky occupations. One of them became an astronaut. The other went on to become a skydiver. He was more grounded.

4. Einstein published his hypothesis about space, and that was about time!

5. This car is being returned to the dealership. "Cargo space?" I inquired of the salesman. " He answered sure, but the car never even got off the launchpad.

6. My boyfriend asked me to leave my NASA job to join him, but I couldn't. I require my personal space.

Space jokes for adults

Q: What is the favorite chocolate of a spaceman?

A: It's a marsbar!

Q: What could be an astronaut's preferred keyboard key?

A: The popular space bar!

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