Top Disney Boy Names (150+ for Your Little One in 2023)

If you're looking to name your new little addition, then Disney boy names might come to mind if you're a super fan. These Disney TV shows and movies had an impact on us growing up. And becoming parents. It's no wonder we want to have a little Disney-inspired name. Or maybe you're just looking to see all the characters of the hit series.

Either way, this list is going to help! Take a look!

disney boy names

Disney boy names

Each character has a distinctive name that might be anything from common to spectacular. Some of the male names from Disney movies from a decade ago still sound wonderful and new. They are adorable and appealing, which helps to make them memorable and meaningful.

Disney boy names for a dog

Bolt (Bolt): John Travolta portrayed the German Shepherd with the same name in the 2008 film of the same name. The Anglo-Saxon surname Bolt derives from the word bold, which means "little farm," and refers to the family's previous residence on a small farm.

Copper: The juvenile Basset Hound named Copper from "The Fox and the Hound" develops an unlikely bond with Todd, a fox Todd is supposed to be hunting. The Latin term "Cyprium aes," which means a metal from Cyprus, was the source of the Old English name "coper," from which the English name "copper" was derived.

Dodger: Oliver & Company, a 1988 film that is a contemporary retelling of Oliver Twist with animals as the characters, stars Dodger, a streetwise Jack Russell terrier.

Dug (Up): The comic dog is known for using a special high-tech translating collar to communicate his ideas and is easily sidetracked by SQUIRREL!

Francis: A dramatic bulldog from Oliver & Company, Francis. He enjoys seeing plays by Shakespeare and has a soft spot for the theatre.

Lucky: Lucky is one of the cute and active dogs in the film 101 Dalmatians.

Patch: Patch (101 Dalmatians) was a cute Dalmatian puppy who had an overactive appetite.

Percy: Pocahontas's beloved pug, Percy (Pocahontas), is a brazen and spoilt dog who belongs to the evil General Ratcliffe.

Pongo (101 Dalmatians): Perdita's charming dalmatian husband in the beloved movie.

Tito (Oliver and Company): A comic Chihuahua with a crush on Georgette the poodle and a sharp wit.

Tramp (Lady and the Tramp): This grey Schnauzer-mix dog was a member of the renowned and beloved romantic couple.

disney boy names

Disney inspired names

Andy: The toy-owner in Toy Story. The nickname Andy, which is of Greek origin and meaning "manly," is given to Andrew.

Arlo: The juvenile dinosaur from The Good Dinosaur is named Arlo. Arlo is a name from Anglo-Saxon that means "army, troop."

Bruce: The shark from Finding Nemo who is a vegetarian. The name is derived "from the brushwood thicket" and is of English origin.

Buzz: The Toy Story superhero Space Ranger. Originating in America, it means "settlement in the woods."

Calhoun: Sergent Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph goes by the moniker of Calhoun. 'From the narrow forest' is the meaning of the Irish name.

Carl: Old Carl from the animated film Up. Meaning of this name is 'Free man,' and of Germanic ancestry.

Dash: In The Incredibles, Dash is the middle child. Originating in English, the meaning of this name is "to run rapidly."

Eric: The Little Mermaid's prince is named Eric. The meaning of this Old Norse name is "the ruler of all."

Felix: In Wreck-It Ralph, Felix is the young boy. A name from Latin that means "glad" and "lucky."

Finn: In Cars 2, Finn Missile is the British spy. The name is Irish in origin and means "fair" or "white."

Flynn: In Tangled, Flynn is Rapunzel's potential love interest. 'Son of the Red-Haired One' is the meaning of the Irish name.

Gaston: The villain in The Beauty and the Beast is Gaston. This name has French origin and the meaning of this name is "the guest."

Krishroff: In the movie Frozen, Kristoff is the tough mountain guy. The meaning of the Scandinavian baby name Kristoff is "bearer of Christ."

Sebastian: Sebastian is the mermaid's little friend's crab. Sebastianus is a Latin name that means "from Sebaste."

Sullivan/Sully: The fabled fright-maker of Monsters University is Sullivan/Sully. It is a surname from Ireland that means "one-eyed" or "hawk-eyed."

Marlin: Nemo's devoted father in the movie Finding Nemo. Marlin is a name with the English meaning "dweller at the famous land."

Micky: Mickey Mouse, the most recognisable Disney character of all. Michael's name is spelled differently as Mickey. Its meaning is "who resembles God?" and it has both English and Hebrew roots. ’.

Wilde: Nick, the con artist from Zootopia, goes by the last name Wilde. 'Wild' in origin and of Irish descent.

Woody: The cowboy from the Toy Story films is named Woody. The name is American in origin and means "from the homes in the woods."

disney boy names

Disney character boy names

Bernard: This one has a strong connection to The Rescuers from the 1970s. Bernard is the primary mouse, it's true. The name Bernard, which is used for boys, has German and French roots and means "powerful" or "brave bear."

Baloo: Fans of The Jungle Book will recognise Baloo as the endearing bear who performs the timeless song "The Bare Necessities." The name Baloo has a long Norman history and means bear.

Buzz: Buzz Lightyear, the iconic spaceman from Toy Story, is Buzz. "Pleasant sense of drunkenness" is the meaning of the given name.

Chip: He is a beloved chipmunk from the Chip and Dale cartoon series. The meaning of the name Chip, which is typically given to boys and has English origins, is Diminutive Form Of Charles.

Christopher: Winnie the Pooh's charming son. The meaning of the English name Christopher is "bearer of Christ."

Donald: Yes, Donald is the well-known duck. Scottish in origin, the name Donald for boys means "proud chief."

Huey: He is one of Donald Duck's three endearing nephews, Huey. German in origin, the name Huey is mainly given to boys and meaning Bright In Mind And Spirit.

Iago: He's Aladdin's loud-mouthed parrot. Spanish is the origin of the name Iago. Iago is defined as "a supplanter" or "one who follows."

Jack: The Disney universe is filled with lots of Jacks. Several preferred? Jack-Jack Parr from The Incredibles, Monterey Jack from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, and Pirate Jack Sparrow.

Jafar: Jafar is the infamous antagonist from Aladdin.

Michael: In the original Peter Pan, the smallest of the Darling kids.

Mickey: As in the mouse, Mickey. Classic.

Miguel: Coco's endearing lead character

Naveen: In The Princess and the Frog, he plays the role of the prince who transforms into a frog.

Olaf: It's quite difficult to dislike this Frozen snowman, Olaf. Olaf is also the Nordic word for "treasure."

Oswald: The elder brother of Mickey Mouse is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This is genuine old Disney.

Peter: The boy who never grew up is Peter.

As in Robin Hood. In the same sense as "take from the rich and give to the poor."

Roger: A few Rogers make the rounds at Disney. best picks? In 101 Dalmatians, Roger Radcliffe, the puppy-lover, is described. And of course Roger Rabbit.

Sam: This is Loony Toon's Yosemite Sam, for serious fans of vintage Disney.

Simba: Simba, the young lion who becomes a king.

disney boy names

Good Disney boy names

Danny: Danny is the name of the Great Dane in "101 Dalmatians" as well as the small black lamb from "So Dear To My Heart."

David: David is a character in "Lilo and Stitch" and is another classic name meaning "beloved."

Deacon: The Swamp Folk from "The Rescuers" include Deacon.

Demetrius: This is a fictional character from "Hercules," and it has Greek origins.

The name Dennis appears in a number of Disney productions, including "House of Mouse."

Dewey: Dewey Without Dewey from the Donald Duck series, of course, no list of Disney characters would be complete.

Drew: The name Drew, which means "strong and manly," has maintained its popularity over the past few years.

Duncan: A supporting character in "Wreck-It Ralph" is named Duncan.

Dylan: Another consistently popular name for young boys is Dylan, which is also the name of one of the pups in "101 Dalmatians."

Earl: Earl, a character in multiple Disney shows, has the charming and sophisticated name Earl, which means "fighter" or "nobleman."

Edgar: The villain in the movie "Aristocats" is Edgar Balthazar.

Edward: The name Edward, which is the title character's name in the Disney film "Enchanted," has routinely ranked highly on baby name lists.

Eli: In the film "The Princess and the Frog," Eli is a prosperous sugar baron.

Elliot: The dragon in the 1977 classic "Pete's Dragon" is named Elliot.

Fenton: One of the ducks in "Duck Tales" has the uncommon-sounding name Fenton.

Finnick: The name Finnick, which is a supporting personality in the movie "Zootopia," will undoubtedly make your son stand out.

Flint: The name Flint is that of a minor personality from "Monsters Inc.," yet it sounds lovely and natural for any little guy.

Frances: Frances is the name of a bulldog from the 1988 movie "Oliver & Company."

Frank: In the classic film "The Rescuers Down Under," Frank is a green lizard.

Fred: Fred, a significant character in "Big Hero 6," is a traditional name that means "Peaceful Ruler." Fred is also short for Fredrick.

Magical Disney-inspired boy names

Gus: Gus is the adorable little mouse friend of Cinderella, and we think it would make a fantastic baby name! Gus is a nickname for Octavius and Augustus. The meaning of Augustus is "excellent" or "venerable".

Chip: The Disney Universe is home to two iconic Chips. The first is one of Mrs. Potts' teacup offspring in Beauty and the Beast, while the other is one of the two cheeky chipmunk brothers, Chip and Dale.

Philip/Phillip: The valiant and gallant Prince Phillip of Sleeping Beauty saves Aurora by sharing their first kiss. The name Philip, which still enjoys popularity all over the world, is derived from the Greek Philippos, which means "lover of horses."

Jaq: Jaq is a popular mouse friend to Cinderella who goes by the name Jaq (short for Jacques in French). Jaq, who is well-known for his brilliance and relationship with Gus, is devoted to and protective of those he cares about. Jacques is a name descended from Jacob, a Hebrew name that means "supplanting, grasping by the heel."

Pascal: The chameleon Pascal is arguably the best character in Tangled. He is Rapunzel's brave, devoted, and hilarious sidekick, and he frequently causes us to laugh aloud. The French mathematician Blaise Pascal, who helped develop the first mechanical calculator, also goes by the last name of Pascal.

Shang: Mulan is the protagonist of her own tale, but Shang Li, her captain and eventual crush, still has a special place in our hearts. Shang, which means "to soar" in Chinese, describes what this character does when faced with difficulty and peril.

Remy: Ratatouille's Remy the mouse is living proof that wonderful things may come in unexpected packages. Remy is a charming and elegant baby name that suggests exceptional talent.

Nemo: Nemo is one of Disney's most adored heroes. Nemo is a sweet, shy character.

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