Fun Short Jokes (Funny and Easy to Remember in 2023)

There are many so different types of short jokes. From those that take a lot of preparation and a strong attention span. To those that you can throw out quickly without thinking. Short jokes have the main advantage of being simple to repeat off the top of your head.

The jokes listed below are ideal for using the next time you're hanging out with your pals, trying to get a date, or entertaining your child. 

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Short jokes for adults

Q. What is a sleeping bull known as?

A. A bulldozer.

Q. Why do melons get married?

A. They cantaloupe.

Q. How can a tissue be made to dance?

A. You put a little boogie in it.

Q. Why was the picture jailed?

A. Because it was framed.

Q. The infant strawberry cried, but why?

A. His mom and dad were in a jam.

short jokes

Q. Why did the scarecrow receive recognition?

A. He was excellent in his field.

Q. Which jewellery styles do rabbits prefer to wear?

A. 14 carrot gold. 

Q. What do polar bears do with their cash?

A. In a snowbank.

Q. What do you call a company that produces decent goods?

A. A satis-factory. 

Q. What did the sand hear from the ocean?

A. It did nothing but wave.

short jokes

Q. Why wasn't the sailor able to master the alphabet?

A. At C, he kept getting lost.

Q. What do attorneys put on for court?

A. Lawsuits.

Q. What book do cows enjoy reading the most?

A. Cattle-logs.

Q. What do you name a camera that is unpredictable?

A. A sloppy Canon.

Q. Why is it that a nose can't be 12 inches long?

A. It would then be a foot.

short jokes

Q. Why is grass such a threat?

A. It is covered in blades.

Q. How is a cracked pumpkin fixed?

A. With a pumpkin patch.

Q. Why does Peter Pan fly all the time?

A. He Neverlands. 

Q. What do you name a bear without teeth?

A. A gummy bear.

Q. What makes spiders so clever?

A. On the web, they can find anything.

Q. The ghost was exhausted, but why?

A. He labored in graveyard shifts.

Q. Where can a duck get lipstick?

A. She simply adds it to her bill.

Q. What was the witch's favourite academic subject?

A. Spelling.

Q. What do you call a person who has neither a nose nor a body?

A. Nobody knows.

Q. What is a priest who afterwards becomes a lawyer known as?

A. A father-in-law. 

Q. Why do cows have feet instead of hooves?

A. They lactose.

Q. What results when breeding a vampire and a snowman?

A. Frostbite.

Q. What draws Waldo to wearing exclusively striped shirts?

A. He is afraid of being spotted. 

Q. What results from breeding a pig with a cactus?

A. A porky pine.

Q. How do you spot a sick vampire?

A. See if he is coffin. 

Q. Why do pancakes win baseball games every time?

A. The best batter is theirs.

Q. Why was it impossible for the couple to wed in the library?

A. It was all booked up.

Q. What does a young computer say to his dad?

A. Data.

Q. Why is hosting a party at a haunted house so affordable?

A. All the boos come from the spirits.

Funny short jokes for adults

Q. What is the password for Forrest Gump?

A. 1Forrest1. 

Q. Why did the M&M attend classes?

A. His goal was to become a Smartie.

Q. What are bears known as that have no ears? A. B.

Q. What's slippery and a foot long?

A. The slipper!

Q. Why are snails eaten in France?

A. Fast food isn't their favorite!

Q. What is red and changes direction?

A. An elevator with a tomato!

Q. What is brown and sticky?

A. A Stick. 

Boiling water can rest in peace. 

You'll mist up!

Q. How do you host an outer space gathering?

A. You, Planet

Q. Want to hear a joke about construction?

A. I'm still working on that one, so never mind.

Q. Why do scientists not believe in atoms?

A. Mostly because they are everything!

Russian dolls annoy me. They are very self-centered!

Q. Is talking cheap?

A. Have you ever spoken with an attorney?

Q. What caused the gym to close?

A. It didn't work out. 

Short birthday jokes for adults

Q. What was the elephant's birthday wish?

A. A trunk stuffed with presents.

Q. What do you tell your goldfish when it celebrates its birthday?

A. Have a fin-tastic day.

Q. When is a birthday cake similar to a golf ball?

A. After cutting it.

Q. When presented a birthday cake, what did the teddy bear say?

A. Thank you, but I'm full.

Q. What kind of cake would you get a coffee enthusiast on their birthday?

A. A chocolate latte.

Q. What rises but never descends?

A: Your age. 

According to statistics, people who have the most birthdays also live the longest.

Q. What happened on the witch's birthday?

A: She is a speller.

Q. How was the fish's birthday celebration? A. It went swimmingly. 

Q. What was the ocean's birthday speech?

A. It did nothing but wave.

Q. Did you hear the risk associated with birthdays? 

A. Yes, having too much can be fatal.

Q. Why did the birthday girl hammer a hole through her cake? 

A. Mostly due to the pound cake.

Q. Why was the student's birthday when he ate his homework? 

A. Since the instructor stated it was simple.

Q. What song is played during a snowman's birthday celebration? 

A. Freeze a cheery good guy.

Q. What was the ice cream's response to the cake? 

A. I consider you to be cool.

Clean short jokes for adults

Q. What do x-rays used by dentists go by?

A. Tooth pics. 

Q. Did you know that the first restaurant ever to open on the moon?

A. There was excellent food but little atmosphere.

Q. Would you like to hear a joke about construction?

A. Sorry, it's still in the works.

Q. How do clouds dress in shorts?

A. Thunderpants

Q. I held a competition with ten puns to determine which would prevail.

A. No pun in ten did.

Q. Why are they referred to as the "dark ages"?

A. Due to the large number of knights.

Q. What gets drier as it dries out more?

A. A towel.

Q. Why are koalas not categorized as bears?

A. They lack the necessary koala-fications.

Q. Do you know the reason elephants are seldom seen hidden in trees?

A. Mostly because they excel at it.

A horse enters a bar.

Why the lengthy face, asks the bartender.

Q. How did the hipster get mouth burned?

A. Before it had cooled, he consumed his pizza.

Short people jokes

You have so little room that you could comfortably sleep on a pillow.

Being the same height, clothing size and shoe size you were in the sixth grade for the rest of your life.

More often than not, people will embrace your head.

When you kiss, the other person must either kneel or approach you on tiptoe.

I wish you a ladder for the next phase of your life.

You are so little that when you sit on a stool, your legs can swing.

You must feel as though you are skydiving as you down the stairs.

You might reach under your mattress while standing because of how little you are.

Because they are so close to the earth, midgets frequently become upset quickly and their rage does not easily subside.

Being little has its perks, one of which is always being at the front of the camera.

You exemplify what it is to be grounded.

I've heard that due to their proximity to the ground, midgets can listen to what the ancestors are saying.

I suppose you don't have to bend to tie your shoelaces because you are so short.

Q. Why do midgets find it difficult to raise a family? 

A. Due to their difficulties in putting dishes on the table.

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