Top Druid Names (800+ Ideas for Babies or Characters in 2023)

What is a druid? What are druid names? A selectable character class in the venerable fantasy role-playing game "Dungeons & Dragons" is called a druid. They have special animal morphing abilities. And can cast magical spells upon humans or animals.

druid names

When looking to name your druid character, human, or pet—consider this epic list of ideas:

Male druid names and their meanings

1. Adriel. Hebrew roots can be found in this name. Its meaning is "Helper of God."

2. Aiche. African roots may be seen in this name. It denotes "beauty."

3. Amergin. Irish people gave birth to this name. 'Born of the song' is what it implies.

4. Balfor. The term for "pasture" or "grass," which has a Gaelic origin, was given.

5. Ballar. This Gaelic baby name means "noisy" or "boasting," depending on the context.

6. Cathbad. The meaning stands from branched Irish origins that explain "Chief druid in the court of King Conchobar."

7. Dubhtach. This Celtic-inspired name is a translation of the word "black."

8. Emrys. Welsh people gave birth to this name. Immortal is what it signifies.

9. Gael. Irish people gave birth to this name. "A Gaelic person" is what it implies.

10. Lochru. This name's genesis is fictitious. The phrase signifies "a druid seer."

11. Myrrdin. The meaning of this Welsh name is "sea kind."

12. Taliesin. The meaning of this Welsh name is "radiant brow."

Female druid names and their meanings:

1. Amaris. This name is of Hebrew ancestry. Its meaning is "God's promise."

2. Aoife. Irish people used to go by this moniker. It is a synonym for "beauty" or "radiance."

3. Bryrona. The name is of English ancestry. It denotes origins from barns.

4. Brenonna. The origin of this name is Gaelic. Its meaning is "noble, powerful, and righteous."

5. Camma. The Etruscans gave rise to this name. "Attendee to a religious ceremony" is what it implies.

6. Celestina. The meaning of this French name is "heavenly."

7. Chossach. The meaning of this Gaelic name is "a druidess."

8. Druidia. This name has a Celtic origin and means "knower of the oak tree" or "a female druid name."

9. Dryade. This name's Greek origins translate to "tree."

10.Faustina. Latin gave rise to its name. Its meaning is "lucky."

11. Fidelma. Irish people used to go by this moniker that means loyal.

12. Gaine. This name's origins are Norman. It refers to "a shrewd or clever individual."

13. Ganna. The meaning of this Egyptian-derived name is "heaven or paradise."

14. Krisfina. This Italian-derived name means "God will grow."

15. Kyrie. The meaning of this Greek-derived name is "the Lord."

16. Marable. Latin in origin, this name's meanings include "marvelous," "amazing," and "outstanding."

17. Milcah. This name is of Hebrew ancestry. It denotes a "queen."

18. Noorie. This name's roots are in Arabic. It is a "light" word.

19. Oriana. This Latin-derived name has the meaning "golden" or "bright."

20. Osburne. The meaning of this Norse name is "divine bear."

21. Salali. This name has Native American ancestry. The word is a squirrel.

22. Sin. The meaning of this Hebrew name is "bush."

23. Shadi. Happiness is the meaning of this Persian-derived name.

24. Sallyanne. The meaning of this name, which is of Hebrew ancestry, is "blossoming princess."

25. Tlachtga. "Hill of Ward" is the meaning of the Celtic-derived name.

26. Valmoira. Greek ancestry, "powerful destiny," is the meaning of this name.

27. Veleda. This Teutonic name means "inspired intelligence," according to the dictionary.

28. Wynna. The Welsh meaning of this name is "fair."

Night Elf Druid Names and their Meanings:

1. Aoife means stunning beauty.

2. Arana means rock or rock-like.

3. Ayra means of the wind or belongs to the wind.

4. Banshee means a womanly spirit who wails and howls to warn of impending death or danger.

5. Cara means beloved.

6. Carmela means a garden.

7. Cliona means shapely.

8. Eri means vigilant.

9. Fidelma means loyal or faithful.

10.Ganna means paradise of heaven.

11. Glinda means a witch of the South in OZ.

12. Kamilia means pure or purity.

13. Lulu means a pearl or pearl-like.

14. Polydora means someone who brings many gifts.

15. Titania is an auspicious name for the monarch of the fairies.

16.Una is a personification of beauty or truth.

17. Valeda means something that inspires intelligence.

18. Yeshana means courage or bravery.

19. Driscol is usually the interpreter.

20. Cleary means learned or a knowledgable person.

Funny druid names:

1. Metrobully

2. Teddiurso

3. Ficusbrufweiner

4. Kittyperi

5. Homnogenizee

6. Poohmorph

7. Ticktalk

8. Meowmist

9. Clawandorder

10. Fuzzybeer

11. Poofimatree

12. Yojibear

13. Shumblechops

14. Treehugjer

15. Wuzzupdruid

16. Oxclamation

17. Fuzzy Wuzzy

18. Owlcaponee

19. Postnavigation

20. Shumblechops

21. Krisbanise Magsatra

22. Bearackobama

23. Corndrew

24. Porkzilla

World of Warcraft druid names:

1. Anenga leads the druids of Stormshield.

2. Beccana Edune may be found in Ashenvale in the House of Edune.

3. Clestine of the Harvest found in Gilneas, Mount Hyjal, and Stormwind City.

4. Corvine Moonrise the name of a Druid who guides the Auberdine Refugee Camp in Darkshore.

5. Dareth, a druid trainer at Ironforge's entrance in Dun Morogh

6. Denatharion, a druid instructor at Darnassus.

7. Eivi Nightfeather If the raid wants assistance from Hodir, it must release the captive druid.

8. Golhine the Hooded A druid trainer in Felwood.

9. Gaivan ShadewalkerAt Ashenvale, there is a mission giver named this.

10. Kal a druid trainer in Dolanaar, Teldrassil.

11. Lyros Swiftwind a druid instructor from Felwood.

12. Maldryn a druid trainer in Stormwind City's Lion's Rest.

13. Mardant Strongoak a druid trainer from Teldrassil.

14. Mathrengyl BearwalkerDarnassus's druid trainer.

15. Melador Valestrider A potential combatant for the Horde in the faction Champion Battles.

16. Vassandra Stormclaw is a druid trainer.

17. Gart Mistrunner At Mulgore, a druid trainer.

18. Hanah Moonscrest from Dalaran.

19. Harene Plainwalker Silvermoon City's druid trainer.

Clever druid names

1. Nirline

2. Curwnde

3. Ayrnayne

4. Endalsama

5. Mirknil

6. Calmalinde

7. Estaalda

8. Alwaaena

9. Larenhthius

10. Laraethan

11. Chamaerith

12. Thramaen

13. Arina

14. Cumafire

15. Neruuen

16. Cineth

17. Jaeraere

18. Aelsoniuth

19. Saelinire

20. Spellire

Dungeons and Dragons Druid Names:

1. Thafaeth

2. Myiruthac

3. Yaqorel

4. Pramricnus

5. Vipud

6. Klordasaalluk

7. Dreaxenthith

8. Athtash

9. Cluummuxic

10. Damphith

11. Empheal

12. Clorthintherdec

13. Epandergur

14. Clecheacmol

15. Myirnak

16. Xisyries

17. Zofqwen

18. Ofaeth

19. Gurcoria

20. Morjhan

21. Dafaeth

22. Ophikaryn

23. Irlyyries

24. Yrmeila

25. Orizys

Elven Druid Names and their Meanings:

A name labeled "elven" denotes a connection to an elf.

  1. Amastacia The word for "starflower."
  2. Celebrimbor is a made-up character in "Lord of the Rings."
  3. Dobby is a character from the well-known "Harry Potter" film series.
  4. The name Galanodel means "moon whisper."
  5. In "The Lord of the Rings," Haldir was charged with guarding Lothlorien's boundaries.
  6. Joran is Arabic for "river or water location."
  7. Omarie is among the names of the dark elves.
  8. Shazorwyn The name means "Noble warrior."
  9. Thranduil The Hobbit's flawed hero.
  10. Xiloscient is named after a gold petal.
  11. Windrunner is a common name retrieved from Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft.

Druid Names from Legends and Myths:

  1. The Greek name Acheron, which means "River of grief or anguish," Acheron, the name of an evil druid, is a place in the underworld where ghosts must pass to erase their memory of past lives.
  2. Aed of Irish Origin is a legendary name for a druid from the Irish tradition. It means "ruler of the underworld."
  3. Boreus, which is Greek for "north wind." Given the druid's unique affinity for nature, it is a lovely legendary moniker for them.
  4. Cypress is a "versatile" and "long-lived" tree of Greek origin. It is a brand-new style of fictitious druid name.
  5. Dike is a fictitious druid name that is short, sweet, and magical; it has Greek origins and means "justice."
  6. Echo derives from the Greek mythical story of a nymph and means "sound," a popular and resonant name for a druid.
  7. Erebus, of Greek origin and means "the underworld" or "the region of the dead," is one of the most menacing and sinister-sounding unisex names for a druid.
  8. Iapetus is a Latin word that means "to pierce" or "to injure." It is a lovely name from mythology and is fitting for a druid warrior.
  9. Lir, which is Irish for "ruler of the sea." Since druids have a strong affinity for water, it is a lovely name.
  10. The Greek word Nikephoros, "to carry a bear," is the perfect druid name, particularly for those who can turn into bears or have companions.
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