60 Seinfeld Trivia Questions and Answers (Hard/Easy) 2023

Are you the biggest Seinfeld fan? Take this Seinfeld trivia quiz and see if you can beat your friends. These Seinfeld trivia questions and answers are both hard and easy. Making it perfect for any game night with friends, family, colleagues, or super fans.

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The best list of seinfeld trivia questions and answers.

How to Play

Here's how to play. Ensure that each player has a pencil and paper. Choose one player to become the "game head." This person is going to read the trivia questions to the group. When the trivia question is read to the group, each player should answer with their guesses.

For every correct answer, the player earns one point. At the end of either 25 or 50 questions, the player with the most correct answers wins the game or the round.

Enjoy Seinfeld trivia night!

Seinfeld Trivia Questions and Answers

Easy Questions

Trivia Question: What does Newman do as a job?

Answer: A postal worker.

Trivia Question: What's Jerry's apartment number?

Answer: 5A.

Trivia Question: Who is the other writer of the show aside from Jerry Seinfeld?

Answer: Larry David.

Trivia Question: Jerry's apartment door opens right up to which room?

Answer: Living room.

Trivia Question: Elaine Benes is played by which actress?

Answer: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Trivia Question: What's the friend of Kramer that is never seen throughout the show?

Answer: Kramer's friend Bob Sacamano.

Trivia Question: The "Soup Nazi" is known for saying what line?

Answer: No soup for you!

Trivia Question: What does George want to name his first born child?

Answer: "Seven," after Mickey Mantle.

Trivia Question: George Steinbrenner is which character's boss?

Answer: George's.

Trivia Question: What city does Seinfeld take place in?

Answer: New York City.

Trivia Question: What's the name of the Jerry's neighbor who always make a big entrance?

Answer: Cosmo Kramer.

Trivia Question: Who's the person who provided the original voice for George Steinbrenner?

Answer: Larry David.

Trivia Question: Elaine shows off her terrible dance moves to what song?

Answer: Shining Star.

Trivia Question: Who stole Kramer's idea for "The Beach" cologne?

Answer: Calvin Klein.

Trivia Question: What's the name of the publishing company where Elaine works in part of the series?

Answer: Pendant Publishing.

Trivia Question: What causes Elaine to laugh during the piano recital?

Answer: A Pez dispenser on her leg.

Trivia Question: Elaine stops to get what snacks before she arrives to see her boyfriend in the hospital?

Answer: Jujyfruits and popcorn.

Trivia Question: What line did Elaine say to the "soup nazi" when she found his recipes?

Answer: NEXT!

Trivia Question: George is played by which actor?

Answer: Jason Alexander.

Trivia Question: What's the name of the "hack" standup comedian that Jerry often runs into?

Answer: Kenny Bania.

Trivia Question: Jerry has an uncle that goes by what name?

Answer: Uncle Leo.

Trivia Question: Jerry's mother and father go by what names?

Answer: Morty and Helen.

Trivia Question: Whenever Jerry see's Newman, what is his famous tagline?

Answer: Hello, Newman.

Trivia Question: Jerry gets into a state of panic when he learns that Kramer doesn't wear what?

Answer: Undergarments.

Trivia Question: Jerry throws out a belt because it touched the edge of what?

Answer: A urinal.

Trivia Question: George stumbles over people in the comedy theater to be the first one of the building, because of what event?

Answer: A fire.

Trivia Question: What's the name of woman that Jerry dates who is in the closet business?

Answer: Maria.

Trivia Question: What famous baseball player asks Elaine out in front of Jerry?

Answer: Keith Hernandez.

Trivia Question: How much money does Jerry give Elaine as a birthday gift?

Answer: $182.

Trivia Question: True or false, Jerry and Elaine once dated.

Answer: True.

Hard Questions

Trivia Question: Why does Elaine break up with Carl?

Answer: She's smitten by the mover she meets.

Trivia Question: What's the name of the real restaurant located in New York City where the TV show visits?

Answer: Monk's Cafe.

Trivia Question: What's the name of the Seinfeld episode where Denise Richards makes a guest appearance?

Answer: "The Shoes."

Trivia Question: George has a girlfriend by the name of Susan, what's her last name?

Answer: Ross.

Trivia Question: In the show "The Marine Biologist" Jerry refers to a t-shirt as what?

Answer: Golden Boy.

Trivia Question: What's Elaine's sisters name?

Answer: Gail.

Trivia Question: Elaine grew up in what city and state?

Answer: Towson, Maryland.

Trivia Question: Elaine Benes was known for being a diehard baseball fan of which team?

Answer: The Baltimore Orioles.

Trivia Question: J. Peterman is known for creating which fashion line?

Answer: J. Peterman Catalog.

Trivia Question: Elaine Benes has a slow-witted boyfriend that goes by what name?

Answer: David Puddy.

Trivia Question: George has cousins that go by the name of what?

Answer: Shelly and Rhisa.

Trivia Question: What are George's parents names?

Answer: Estelle and Frank.

Trivia Question: Where did George first meet Jerry?

Answer: High school gym class.

Trivia Question: What's the name of the high school where George and Jerry attended?

Answer: John F. Kennedy High School.

Trivia Question: What's the name of the college where George and Jerry both attended?

Answers: Queens College.

Trivia Question: What celebrity does George date for a limited time?

Answer: Marisa Tomei.

Trivia Question: Carrie, one of George's girlfriends is related to which character in Seinfeld?

Answer: Mrs. Sokol.

Trivia Question: What's Elaine's favorite lunch meal?

Answer: A big salad.

Trivia Question: Though never revealed, what religion is George said to be?

Answer: Catholic.

Trivia Question: George's mother often pushed him to be more like which character?

Answer: Lloyd Braun.

Trivia Question: What's the name of the character who calls Jerry out for being an "anti-dentite?"

Answer: Tim Whatley.

Trivia Question: What character was first labeled as a "re-gifter?"

Answer: Tim Whatley.

Trivia Question: According to the show, where did Jerry grow up?

Answer: Massapequa, New York.

Trivia Question: What object does Jerry accidentally knock into the toilet bowl, making it impossible for him to kiss her?

Answer: A tooth brush.

Trivia Question: In the episode "The Robbery," what does Jerry call himself?

Answer: The "Master Packer."

Trivia Question: In the episode "The Contest," what does Jerry refer to himself as?

Answer: Lord of the manor.

Trivia Question: Jerry breaks up with a girl at the coffee shop because she refuses to taste what?

Answer: A pie.

Trivia Question: In "The Bizarro Jerry," he breaks up with a girlfriend because of what reason?

Answer: Having man hands.

Trivia Question: Courtney Cox makes an appearance in what episode title?

Answer: The Wife.

Trivia Question: What does Jerry buy his father after achieving success?

Answer: A Cadillac Fleetwood.

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