50 Rock and Roll Trivia Questions and Answers (2023)

Think you know everything about rock and roll? Test your knowledge of music and the rock and roll genre with these rock and roll trivia questions. Get friends, family, colleagues, or spouses together and play this fun trivia quiz!

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The best list of rock and roll trivia questions and answers.

How to Play

To play rock and roll trivia, get friends together in a group and print out the questions at the bottom of this article. Choose one player to be the "game head." This is the person who is going to read the trivia questions to the group.

Each player should have a piece of paper and a pencil. When the trivia question gets asked, the player should write their answers down. At the end of 20 to 50 questions, the player with the most correct answers wins. Each correct answer is worth one point.

This game can be played through group text messages, too! Have fun playing!

Rock and Roll Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia Question: What band had the hit single, "Teen Spirit?"

Answer: Nirvana.

Trivia Question: Who was the lead singer of The Beatles?

Answer: Paul McCartney.

Trivia Question: Who was the lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin?

Answer: Jimmy Page.

Trivia Question: What English rock band brought hysteria to the United States?

Answer: The Beatles.

Trivia Question: "Wouldn't it be nice" is a song from which rock band?

Answer: The Beach Boys.

Trivia Question: What ethnicity was singer Fredd#e Mercury?

Answer: Indian.

Trivia Question: Phil Lynott was the bass guitar player for which band?

Answer: Thin Lizzy.

Trivia Question: Which musical group started the grunge and alternative rock genre?

Answer: Nirvana.

Trivia Question: Who was the lead vocalist for Led Zeppelin?

Answer: Robert Plant.

Trivia Question: "In bloom" is a notable song for which musical group?

Answer: Nirvana.

Trivia Question: John Paul Jones is a musician from which musical group?

Answer: Led Zeppelin.

Trivia Question: How many albums did G#ns N' Roses have?

Answer: 6.

Trivia Question: Which music group sang "Under the Boardwalk?"

Answer: The Drifters.

Trivia Question: Elvis Presley was the king of rock and roll and classic rock. How did he d#e?

Answer: A heart attack on the toilet.

Trivia Question: Kurt Cobain was the singer of the classic rock group Nirvana, how did he d#e?

Answer: By taking his own life.

Trivia Question: Where is the rock and roll hall of fame located?

Answer: Cleveland, Ohio.

Trivia Question: "All Things Must Pass" is a song by which Beatles artist?

Answer: George Harrison.

Trivia Question: "Bohemian Rhapsody" is a song by which musical group?

Answer: Queen.

Trivia Question: Purple Haze is an album by which musical group?

Answer: Jimi Hendrix.

Trivia Question: Ozzy Osbourne was the lead singer of which band?

Answer: Black Sabbath.

Trivia Question: The most popular album by Pink Floyd was what?

Answer: The Dark Side of the Moon.

Trivia Question: Axl Rose is the stage name of what musician?

Answer: William Bruce Rose.

Trivia Question: How many albums did Elton John release?

Answer: 30 studio albums.

Trivia Question: A heavy metal band member wrote a book about his conversion to Christianity in 2007. Which band was this from?

Answer: Korn.

Trivia Question: What did Axl Rose once do as a day job?

Answer: Smoking cigarettes.

Trivia Question: Where did Bono receive his nickname?

Answer: From a hearing-aid store.

Trivia Question: Jimmy Page got in trouble for dating a girl that was what age?

Answer: 14 years old.

Trivia Question: "Wild Thing" writer Chip Taylor is related to which Hollywood star?

Answer: Angelina Jolie.

Trivia Question: Where did Lynyrd Skynyrd get their name?

Answer: From their high school teacher.

Trivia Question: Who did Eric Clapton write the song "Layla" for?

Answer: George Harrison's wife.

Trivia Question: Who was the first band ever to advertise a new album on a billboard?

Answer: The Doors.

Trivia Question: How many shots of vodka did John Bonham drink before he passed away?

Answer: 40 shots of liquor.

Trivia Question: Who gave Led Zeppelin their name?

Answer: Keith Moon from The Who.

Trivia Question: True or false, each member of Nirvana was kicked out of the Nevermind release party?

Answer: True.

Trivia Question: Prince's "Purple Rain" is an allegory for which song?

Answer: Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix.

Trivia Question: What is Elton John's real name?

Answer: Reginald Kenneth Dwight.

Trivia Question: How much was Paul McCartney paid for performing at the 2012 London Olympics?

Answer: $1.57.

Trivia Question: Before he named himself Bob Dylan, Robert Allen Zimmerman went by what name?

Answer: Elson Gunn.

Trivia Question: What was the original name of the Beatles' White Album?

Answer: A doll's house.

Trivia Question: How many songs did Elvis write?

Answer: None.

Trivia Question: How many songs did Elvis perform and record?

Answer: More than 600.

Trivia Question: Jimi Hendrix wrote "Purple Haze" after having a dream about doing what?

Answer: Walking under the sea.

Trivia Question: Which rock band has the longest-running fan club for its rock and roll music?

Answer: Queen.

Trivia Question: Before Neil Young joined Crosby, Stills, and Nash, which group did he try to join?

Answer: The Beatles and Eric Clapton.

Trivia Question: How many instruments did Brian Jones, the co-founder of "The Rolling Stones" be proficient at?

Answer: Over 60 musical instruments.

Trivia Question: "Highway 61 Revisited" was named after what American highway?

Answer: Route 61.

Trivia Question: "Rock the Casbah" was written after the banning of rock music in which country?

Answer: Iran.

Trivia Question: The Beatles hold the record for the most Rolling Stone covers. How many covers is it?

Answer: More than 30.

Trivia Question: The Rolling Stones' tongue logo was inspired by the Indian Hindu goddess of what?

Answer: Kali the Destroyer.

Trivia Question: "Black Dog" was named after what event occurred for the musicians?

Answer: A labrador walked into the music studio.

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